Life Simulator 3 Guide – Tips, Tricks & Cheats For Beginners

Life Simulator 3 is a life simulation game on Android by Play drop where you design your own character in virtual reality and experience various events throughout the course of their life

Life Simulator

Life Simulator 3 is a simple and addictive game available for Android developed by Play drop. The game lets you make your character, guide them to a specific career path, meet people and marry, have kids, and keep the prosperity, health, and happiness! If you are just beginning to play the game and looking for help, then you’re on the right path. Its Life Simulator 3 guide covers the essential aspects that the game offers. We also have posted several Life Simulator 3 tips, cheats, and strategies that could interest you. Therefore, without further delay now, let’s get to the main section.

Simulator 3 Guide: Life Simulator 3, Guides, and tips:

The game starts by creating your own character. When you are a teenager, you may have parents who exile you within a couple of months or years, and you’ll have to live by yourself. It’s Life Simulator 3, every second, and a day is passed in the screen’s upper-right corner. Be aware of the date to view the life’s timeline.

First, you must begin working part-time jobs and get yourself educated. Learning to be educated is the only way to secure high-paying jobs. Additionally, there are specific courses that you be required to take a class to be able to drive. For instance, If you plan to drive, you’ll require a driving license.

You require nutritional health, wealth, shelter, and food to live to live—the essential needs. If you’re a stable income or a lucrative job, you can start relationships, get married and have children and lead a lavish life. We will go over everything in detail and discover all of the Life Simulator 3 tips, techniques, and strategies:

Decide A Particular Career

On the menu at the top, you will find the second tab. This is the section for employment where you can search for all sorts of jobs. Life Simulator 3 game features many jobs. There’s a particular prerequisite to be employed, like if you want to be an architect, you must have five years of experience as a construction manager. To be an experienced construction supervisor, you must have two years of construction experience.

To fulfill this, you’ll need to have a minimum of one year of construction experience. To be eligible for an employment as a construction trainee, you must have dishwasher experience(6 months). To get an upper-level position, it is best to start by working in an entry-level position. In this instance, you’re an architect.

  • Dishwasher 6 Months
  • Construction Trainee 1 Year
  • Construction Worker 2 Years
  • Assistant Manager(Construction) – 5 Years

Then you can become an architect.

So the first step we suggest is to pick a high-level job you would like to perform later in your career and start gaining experience based on the job. In the above scenario, you’ll start as a Dishwasher first, then Construction Trainee, worker manager, and architect.

In certain professions which require an education or a certificate. For Example – Psychology, Sailing, Sea Survival, etc. The third tab on the menu at the top is the education tab, where you can sign up for specific levels. For certain classes, you may need to leave your current job.

Begin Making money ASAP.

The process of studying at university or in college is expensive. If you intend to develop the person, it is better to make some money by working in entry-level positions. If your balance is low, then you won’t be capable of surviving for very long. Start earning money from the moment you can begin to earn

Find out How to Get Followers

If you’re looking to be a YouTuber on Life Simulator 3, you must be social. Hit the Like button at the upper-right corner or menu. You can then spend your money to have a social gathering. Additionally, if you’re hoping to meet someone to date or someone who you want to begin a relationship with, ensure you socialize.

You’ll continue to gain followers as you earn money and progress in the game. Another of the best methods of gaining followers is to adopt the pet of your choice. On the menu in the footer, click on the shop tab and then pets. From there, you can adopt or buy pets: Bunny, Cat, Dog, Duck, Fox, and so on. By raising the prestige level, you will be able to unlock new pets, such as penguins, bears, tigers, and dragons.

They can cost a lot of money, So be cautious.

Find out How to Get Married

First, socialize. It would be best if you waited until you met someone . The game will inform you when you meet anyone – it’s totally random. Click on the tab for relationships within the footer menu; there, you can see the status of the relationship; whether it’s, you can choose to be single or in a relationship.

When you meet someone you like and wish to tie the knot with her, you’ll need to ask her to marry you. To begin, you must increase the love power by giving gifts, or interacting. You can measure the strength of your partner on that menu. If your partner agrees, you can tap the wedding button to get married . And then try to have the birth of a baby.

Get Followers

If the person you propose to says no and you are not sure, wait to talk regularly and continue to propose after a couple of weeks.
Rent House, Get Food
To maintain your health, you require a balanced lifestyle and shelter. Click on the tab for shopping, and food, and finally pay for the food plans. It’s a must if your parents decide to take you out of their home.
Another option is to lease an apartment. Click on the property tab of the footer menu, and click there. You can purchase or rent the property. You’ll need to pay a lot if you wish to buy a house. Renting could be a good alternative in the beginning. But, you have to be in a good financial position before you can be approved to rent. Thus, start your job first.
Take Control of Your Financials
Click on your piggy-bank tab on the top menu. From there, you can view your incomings as well as outgoings. Reduce unnecessary expenses to make a profit or decrease loss. If, for instance, you have a pet, then you could sell your pet; shop -> pets my pets, tap the pet, and offer it for adoption.

Visit Hospital For Recuperating Health

If you’re in poor health, get to the hospital and spend money to get back to health. Go to the heart tab of the menu at the footer -> go to the hospital.

Keep An Alert On Current the Latest Events

Random events affect life stats like happiness and social, family good, evil, etc. Responding to these events could assist you in improving your life statistics. You can tap the Life Stats button in the home tab to look over the statistics.

In addition to these statistics, You must also stay active – go to the gym frequently to increase your fitness. Visit the heart tab, then scroll to the bottom and then the regular membership. You can cancel at any time.

Also, be sure to take advantage of the particular reward when you watch the video ad.

Get the Free Booster

Within Life Simulator 3, you can accelerate your time and earn more by watching video ads. Click on the home tab on the menu at the top and then, below, the label for job experience. There are two options to watch ads for a boost in income or to accelerate the time.

Learn How to Become a Serial Investor

You require a bachelor’s degree in business with a minimum of 100K cash and 30 minutes of logic. Statistics on Logic: Logic can be improved by going to the library. Go to the tab for shopping -> under the section for other things. The internet’s most popular dating websites include library memberships, sports club memberships, acting classes, concerts, and other gigs. Make use of library memberships to boost your logic monthly.

100K cash is available through a job. Business Degree: select the education tab master degree courses and then business join.

That’s the entirety of this article on Life Simulator 3 guide, tricks, tips, and strategies for newbies. This post has been updated since January 28 in, 2020.


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