Last Shelter Survival: APC Durability, Troops March, Load

  • Today’s Last Shelter Survival article will explain everything you need to know about battles, including APC, durability and troop capacity.

Last Shelter Survival APC & APC Durability: –

  • It is crucial to understand the battle mechanics of Last Shelter Survival. It is important to understand the basics and all strategies involved in battle formation. It may be difficult for new players to grasp the basics of the game. The tutorial does not explain everything. This guide will help you to understand all the details of Last Shelter Survival Battle. Let’s not waste time, and get to the main content:
    • APC
    • APC Durability
    • Restore APC Durability
    • Wrench
    • Battle
    • Troop Capacity
    • Troop Load
    • Formation
    • APC 


  • APC, or Armored Personnel Carrier, is the transport medium units and heroes use to march to different targets. You can use APC to attack zombies, raid zombies, attack other players, or gather resources. APC is required for all of these activities. At the start of the game, you get one (1) APC. You can also get more by reaching base level (13), and building the barrack (2nd unit of barrack facility).
  • There are some things you should know about APC.
    • What is APC Durability?
    • How to restore APC durability
  • Let’s answer both of these questions:

    What is APC durability in Last Shelter Survival

    You can use the APC for different purposes, such as gathering resources or attacking enemies. The durability of APC decreases. It is the cost of each march. As an example, suppose you send units to march. A certain amount of durability is charged as a consumption price.

  • You can choose a target and then check the APC formation screen for the consumption cost. The durability cost is displayed near the spanner icon.
  • How can you restore APC durability in Last Shelter Survival

    The game automatically restores the APC durability. You get (10) durability point per hour. According to our information, you receive (1) durability point every eight minutes.

    What if you need to instantly restore it?

    You can repair your APC durability by sending it forcefully if you’re low. It will need to be repaired with wrenches. Repairing an APC will result in an increase in cost.

    • Tip: You can speed up the ACP’s durability and recovery by looking into the technology known as repair team

    How do you get Wrench in Last Shelter Survival

 Shelter Survival

  • The wrench can be used to repair your APC. It’s expensive so you will need to pay real money for it. Tap the diamonds bar in the upper-right corner of your screen to go to the gift shop. Check out the gift shop to see the available packages. The deals change every day so you might find the package that contains wrenches. You can view different packages by tapping the menu option in the upper-right corner. P.S – It’s rare.

  • Last Shelter Survival Battles – Troop Capacity, Troop Load

    These stats can be viewed in the formation screen. The troop capacity number shows how many troops you can send to the march. This limit cannot be exceeded.

    The troop load number shows how many resources an army has from the target point to its base. Let’s say, for example, you want to collect lumber from the lumber mill on the map. The lumber mill resource point, however, has 800K lumber. The APC load is 7K. You would therefore not be allowed to collect more than 7K lumber.

  • How can you increase troop capacity for Last Shelter Survival?

    There are many ways to increase troop strength:

    • Upgrade Barracks: Increasing the maximum march cap by upgrading barracks
    • Choose Hero wisely – Some heroes increase the maximum march cap through their skills. This Last Shelter Survival Heroes guide will teach you everything you need to know about heroes.

    How can we increase troop strength?

    • You get more load points for every troop you send to the front.
    • To increase troop load, assign a hero with the ability to do so
    • Technology for improving research load in the institute

Last Shelter Survival Formation Set-Up: –

Last Shelter Survival Formation

  • There are three slots available for troops and heroes. Troops and heroes fighting from the front are the troops and those in the second slot, while the troops and heroes fighting behind the units from the front are the heroes. Finally, the heroes and troopers in the third slot fight from behind the units/last.

    • There are therefore three lines/rows: front, middle, and back.

      There are three types: Vehicle, Fighters, or Shooters. Vehicle factory can be used to train or obtain vehicles, fighters from fighter camp and shooters at the shooting range.

      You will need to determine the task and set up the formation.

      • You should go with the vehicles if you want to gather resources. Their speed is very high. You can also choose your heroes based upon the task.
      • Place fighters in the front row and vehicles in the middle. Shooters are in the back row. Because the units that are placed in the first row fight from the front, tanks should be used. Shooters can deal damage from a distance, so it is better to put them in row 5.
      • If you are looking for a defensive formation, then go with all fighters
  • You can use different team setups to accomplish different tasks. Fighters – good at soaking damage, Vehicles – fast & can load more resources, shooters – good at dealing damage.

    You should also choose your heroes carefully

  • How do you train more troops at once?

    To train more troops and speed up training, upgrade the bunk facility. Research is also possible in the institution.

    How can you unlock troops of high rank?

    Upgrade the training centres to unlock next-tier troops: fighter camp, vehicle plant, shooting factory.

    This would make it the Last Shelter Survival Battle. You can find more information at our old post: –

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