Konosuba Fantastic Days Banners(February 2022)

This Konosuba Fantastic Days Banners Schedule offers an updated schedule of banners featured and restricted-time character recruitment information.


Konosuba Fantastic Days Banners(February 2022)⇓

Gacha banners, also known as recruitment banners, are updated monthly with the latest featured units. In this article on Konosuba Fantastic Days Banners Schedule, You will find the information about the live banners as well as their highlighted units. If this is your first time playing, be sure to read this guide: Konosuba Fantastic Days Tier List and Reroll Guidelines., Coupon Code. Let’s not waste time and look over the details of the banners that include:

Konosuba Fantastic Days Banners|

  • Christmas Banner
  • Winter Banner
  • Hot Spring Banner
  • Halloween Banner
  • Bunnies Banner
  • Exciting Swimsuit Adventure
  • Summer Banner 2
  • Summer Banner
  • Premium Banner
  • Other
  • Celebration of Release

Christmas Banner

The banner includes Christmas Eve Wiz, Darkness Secret Present, and Iris Play Santa. You can look it up on the


This banner represents Dust(Super Sledder), and Rin(Winter Wonderland). You can look up the the tiers here.

Hot Spring Banner

The banner combines AQUA Hot Spring Heaven, Darkness Hot Water, and Kazuma Don’t Mind Me. You can look up the Tier list here…

Halloween Banner

The banner is adorned with AQUA Pumpkin cuisine, Yunyun Friendly Halloween, and Iris Mischievous Princess. You can look up the the tiers here…

Bunnies Banner(Live)

This banner is a tribute to Cecily Cottontail Cleric Mitsurugi’s dreamy dealer. You can look up the the tiers here.

Exciting Swimsuit Adventure

This banner combines Megumin Beachgoer 3 Star, Aqua Sparkling Seas 4 Star, and Wiz Water Blast 4 Star. We have added tiers to our list of these characters. You can view the Tier listing here.

Summer Banner 2

The summer banner includes Darkness(True Knight) and YunYun(Beachcomber) characters. If you’re looking to learn the levels, then take a look at this article.

Summer Banner

The summer banner includes Melissa(Elegance) and Rin(Sun-Soaked), the characters. If you’re interested in knowing each of these characters’ ranking in the tier, go through this Tier list.

Melissa(Elegance) is an elite unit with four stars that utilizes the Dagger weapon. Midnight Edge’s super ability causes normal PHY DMG to one opponent and a dramatic reduction in the PHY DEF. Blade Edge is another skill that Melissa Elegance is a master of and can cause PHY DMG fire to x1 enemy. It also decreases enemies’ PHY ATK. Melissa Elegance also has a PHY AoE DMG and a self-generated PHY ATK increase.

Rin(Sun-Soaked) is another unit with a 4-star rating that utilizes staff weapons. Her ability to create winds magic DMG to all enemies. The fireball skill causes the fire-magic DMG to one enemy, and reduces the defense of magic. Another fireball skill accomplishes precisely the same thing, but it does increase the magic of your own.

The Release Celebration

The banner for the release celebration is a representation of the Megumin Explosive and Kazuma Shut In No More units. If you’re interested in knowing the Tier ratings, look over this listing of tiers.

Megumin Explosive create magic DMG Single and AoE. Kazuma Shut-In-In-No-more causes DMG Water PHY to all enemies and Water DMG magic to X1 enemies.

Premium Banner

The Premium banner includes Aqua(Nature’s beauty) and Darkness(Total Ecstasy). If you’re interested in knowing these characters’ ratings for tiers, look over this Tier list.

Aqua Nature’s beauty can DMg and aid allies by restoring their HP and increasing the PHY ATK. Darkness Total Ecstasy increases enemy ATK, with the possibility of moderate recovery. It also performs AoE PHY DMG. It also boosts PHY DEF for all allies.

That’s the entire point of this article on the Konosuba Fantastic Days Banners Schedule.


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