Knighthood Tier List (Hero) – Best Heroes Guide

Have you started playing Knighthood and wondered who the most powerful hero is? Check out the Knighthood Tier List that includes the top heroes to work with the knight


Using up the XP scrolls and Tomes to upgrade the lower-tier or unimportant Knighthood Heroes is not a good idea. It would help if you built the most superior heroes in the order you could grow at the speed you want to. If you’re new to the game, be aware that more than 50 heroes are available in the game, and not all heroes can be helpful to. It is, therefore, better to focus on the top heroes. We recommend studying the Knighthood tutorial for new players. Let’s look at Knighthood Tier List Best Heroes Guide for those who are new to the game.

Knighthood Tier List Best Heroes: –

  • Titania – Mage Hero – S+ Tier
  • Balendu – Mage – S+ Tier
  • Vordrai – Mage – S+ Tier
  • Isstara – Hunter – S+ Tier
  • Erinn – Warrior – S+ Tier
  • Aeron – Rare Hero – S Tier
  • Alder – Mage – S Tier
  • Lance – Unique – S Tier
  • Logan – Legendary – S Tier
  • Ericson – Legendary – S Tier

These are the top-tier heroes of Knighthood. Knighthood game. They are S (or S+ heroes are the best of the game. However, it’s challenging to obtain them in the beginning. Let’s take a look at the brief details of the top-tier heroes listed in the above S+/SRank Knighthood Tier List.

Titania – Mage

Titania – Mage

  • Valiant – Mage
  • One of the top healers
  • Strength – replenishes armour and health with the help of techniques like the FEY Gift as well as Lunar Light

Balendu – Mage

Balendu – Mage

    • Lawful Mage
    • Healing & DMG
    • Strength is a way to restore strength or health. It distributes DMG throughout enemies using Meteor ability

Cordray – Mage

Vordrai – Mage

    • Maniacal Mage
    • Burn DMG + AoE
    • Strength – deals damage to opponents in front with the possibility of inflicting burn. It also distributes DMG over the enemies using the Blood Magic Ability

      Isstara – Hunter

Isstara – Hunter

    • Champion Hunter
    • DMG, Freezing Enemy, AoE DMG
    • Strength, The Strength ATK, Inflicts damage on opponents with the potential to block them

Erinn – Warrior

Erinn – Warrior

  • Maverick Warrior
  • DMG, Expose effect , makes enemies take more injuries
  • Strength – ATK and distributes the damage among all enemies and has the potential to unleash an the impact of exposure

Aeron – Hunter

    • Dark Hunter
    • Strength; AoE DMG, poison effect, acid effect

Alder – Mage

    • Logical Mage
    • Strength – targets enemies in front using thunder-clap skills with the possibility of inflicting the Unfocus effect. With the Rage skill, which refers to Hail of Thorns, and Alder disperses damage to all enemies(ignores armour)

Lance – Warrior

    • Basic Skills Basic Skill DMG towards your target(ignores armour)
    • Rage Skill – recovers health and armour and has a chance to apply shield or protect effect

Logan – Warrior

    • Basic Skill – Lifesteal
    • Rage Skill – AoE, weaken the effect

Ericson – Warrior

    • Basic Skills Basic Skill DMG to the enemy soldiers on the frontline
    • Rage Skill AoE DMG with freeze effect
  • Now, let’s move on and look over this list.

Knighthood Hero Tier List A Tier: –

    • Tristan – Rare
    • Lanasa – Legendary
    • Titania – Rare
    • Keera – Unique
    • Ankara – Rare
    • Doctor Flox – Unique
    • Helmar – Common
    • Tokara – Rare
    • Lukin – Legendary
    • Deaf – Epic
    • Herne – Legendary
    • Delphinia – Epic
    • Rhiannon – Epic
  • They’re also quite good and can assist you during the mid-late phase of your game.

Knighthood Tier List B Tier: –

    • Wormwood – Rare
    • Dvalin – Epic
    • Tara – Rare
    • Grax – Epic
    • Krusa – Rare
    • Grimm – Epic
  • They are ok and could be helpful in the middle of the game. In the end, they may become useless.

Knighthood Tier List C Tier: –

    • Outis – Rare
    • Griz – Legendary
    • Lars – Epic
    • Millicent – Legendary
    • Neuro – Epic
    • Pentatonix – Epic
    • Rosalin – Common
    • Alfred – Epic
    • Zalam – Rare
    • Zoe – Rare

Not the worst – it might be helpful in particular phases.

D Tier: –

  • Ash – Common
  • Galbraith – Rare
  • Blaine – Rare
  • Fahari – Rare
  • Gwen – Rare
  • Lanasa – Legendary
  • Outis – Common
  • Serra – Rare
  • Sola – Common
  • Macleod – Unique

The bottom tier.

Not on the list, The following are not included: Not in the list:

  • Neko – Rare
  • Cladis – Rare
  • Viktor – Epic
  • Ursula – Epic

List Of Heroes In Knighthood Game

You can browse through the complete list of heroes by pressing the Knight button and heading to the hero tab of the codex. You will be able to get all the hero’s information.

That’s the whole point of this post about the Knighthood Tier List featuring the most admired heroes.


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