Kick-Flight: Best Kickers Characters Guide For Beginners

With numerous characters to pick from within Kick-Flight, with so many characters to choose from in Kick-Flight game, it isn’t easy to choose the right one. Check out our Kick-Flight principal characters for kickers.


The Kick-Flight Kickers best characters guide is designed to help beginners pick the right one. Therefore, without further delay, we’ll get to the main article.

Different types of kickers that can be found in the Kick-Flight games. Types of Kickers in Kick-Flight game: –

  1. Speed
  2. Tank
  3. Support
  4. Attack

You can go towards the Kicker menu within the game. Choose the player. On the left-hand side of their avatar, you can see the character. An asterisk represents speed-type characters. Tank characters sport the shield symbol. Characters of the Attack type have an attack symbol. Support-type characters include a Hexagon symbol.

Characters who have the speed attribute are speedy in their moving speed. Tank characters are highly survivors; however, they do not deal with a lot of damage. Good DPS characterizes attackers; however, their survival rate isn’t the best. Support characters assist allies during the fight.

Kickers’ List: –

Tsubame Speed

Special skill Special Skill Burst Glide Speed of movement increases by 20 percent. The opponents will be knocked up and may suffer small injuries.

The Kicker Skill Sonic Rush – Inflicts medium Slash damage to an adversary in the front. Reduces the damage of the enemy , and also increases the amount of damage

Ability – Accel charge – Dash gauge heals by 50 percent when HP is less than 50%. The ability is passive. ability

The best discs for Tsubame – Type discs to increase speed

Ruriha – Support

  • Special Skills Special Skill Cure Light Stage – Heal all Allies
  • Kicker Skill – Quickly steps backward from recoil while dealing tiny paralysis to an opponent in the front
  • Ability – Damage suffered is decreased by 40% when the heal sort disc skills are utilized.
  • The most effective discs for Ruriha – Healing discs that can help allies

Coco Guamrail – Tank

Special skill Coco Swing Tornado Creates a massive tornado to attract opponents and smashes them to the ground in a massive way, causing huge destruction.

The Kicker skill – Stun Dive and jumps ahead and launches a slam-ranged attack. Inflicts moderate damage to enemies in the vicinity.

Ability – Damage inflicted by an attacking enemy is decreased by 40$

For greater damage, the best discs are for Coco Guamrail – AoE ATK and Trap discs.

Kite – Attack

Special Talent Throwing Star – A mysterious infinite-style attack that deals one devastating frontal blow

Skills of Kicker – The Art of Illusion – Creates a substitute from scratch and then warps forward

Ability – Perform flawless evasion to get rid of cooldowns for the Art of Illusion

Best discs for Kite AoE ATK type discs for greater damage

Colbert – Support

Special Skill: Deploys drone that emits smokescreen to all allies, rendering them invulnerable to attack

Kicker Skill: Deploy a drone that is activated upon contact with enemies and can block their the enemy’s skills

Ability – Duration of the effect of the trap type disc increases

  • The best discs are for Owlbert – – TRAP discs since she has a great time using these discs.

Pitophy – Attack

Special Skills – Launches 12 small damaged missiles that are guided to cause damage ahead.

Kicker Skill – Runs forward just a few feet from recoil and deals little damage to the enemy in the background.

Ability – Damage dealt increases by 15% every time you knock an opponent down, but it decreases after you die.

The best discs for Pitophy Long-ranged attack discs. His survival rate/HP is very low, and it’s best to stay away from adversaries and strike from a distance. We would suggest making use of long-ranged attacks discs

Jay Speed

Special Skills – Disguises battle and map information for the team that is in conflict

The Kicker Skill is removed on the minimap and is inaccessible

Ability – When killed, it sets off a huge damage bomb trap that knocks out the nearest adversaries

The best discs for Jay Warp discs that can quickly get towards the starting point

Yuan – Attack

Special Skill: Temporary automatic high-speed motion with three attack speed increases

Nunchaku’s Kicker Skill – Nunchaku inflicts an injury to one opponent in front, and then forcibly attunes them to your

Ability to increase normal attack by 10% each time it is hit

The Best Discs for Yuan Close-Range ATK Disks

Diatrius – Tank

Special Skill – Creates an area of gravity on the map, preventing the team of opponents from flying

Kicker Skill – Punches a nearby adversary, inflicting minor injuries and knocking them out

Capacity – When HP is below 30 percent, HP recovers 3% every 2 seconds

The Best Discs are for Diatrius ATK and Buff Discs ATK, as well as Buff Discs

Buzzy Big-Tank

  • Special Skills – Crew Protection Installs a barrier that reduces the damage to all allies 100 percent
  • Kicker Skill – Creates a barrier to block long-range attacks by adversaries in front
  • Ability – On death activates a single barrier that prevents any damage from any of the teammates
  • Best discs for BuzzyBig ATK close range Buff, Move, and Close range ATK

How to Get Kickers in the Kick-Flight Football Game?

You require Kicker Scout Tickets to scout or purchase new Kickers. You can purchase these Scout Tickets by logging in rewards or a flight pass.

Visit the shop – Kicker and then Scout. You will receive a random Kicker.

random Kicker

How To Utilize the Kicker Skill During Kick-Flight

Every character in the game possesses this ability. You have to flick the character disc at the bottom centre of the game to activate the kicker ability.

How to use Special Skills

Under the disc of character, in the lower-left corner, Keep in mind the gauge of your special skill – it gets filled as you defeat opponents, move, and attack. When it’s full then, tap the glowing icons to activate the specific ability. Learn more about the characters in the preceding paragraph, and learn the character’s unique skills.

Kick-Flight Kick-Flight’s Top Kickers:

Tsubame Speed. He’s fast and can do decent damage.

Coco Gumralil Tank Her stats are decent. HP statistics and is capable of doing decent damage. Additionally, her unique skill is amazing.

Anna Starling – Speed; Her unique skill is the best of all the characters- it can hold the opponent’s entire team.

Yuyan Atack is A balanced character with decent damage and HP statistics.

Costumes and Gears:

If you select or scout an individual, it will give you a costume or gear. You can also earn additional points by completing challenges. Click on The Kicker Menu. Choose the character you want to play, then tap challenges, then choose the difficulty: basic, normal and extremely difficult. Completing the challenges will earn you jet coins, disc force and gears. Return to kicker’s menu, and select the option to make costume gear. Click the gear slot> activate or set the gears.

So this would be all in this post on Kick-Flight Best Kickers Characters Guide for beginners.


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