Into The Badlands Champions Guide, Tips, Cheats & Strategies

Into The Badlands, Champions is an all-new RPG developed for mobile developed by Reliance Big Entertainment(UK) Private Limited. We will take a look At The Badlands Champions’ guide for cheats, tips, and strategies.

When playing Into The Badlands Champions game, it is the player’s job to build his own army of the most strong characters to claim the land by defeating the foes and their boss. The most appealing thing about it is the game’s combat mechanics, which are simple to comprehend and master. Tap or swipe and double tapping are three of the most common combat moves to take down the foes. If you’re seeking some helpful suggestions or a complete guide to master the game, our current Into The Badlands Champions guide and Into The Badlands Champions will aid you in getting the game!

Into The Badlands Guide

Badlands Guide

= The Basics The Basics There are many different options accessible within the game. You will begin by playing the conquest mode, and as you advance in level, new game modes and other features like the scouting of events, events trading, PvP, and many more will be unlocked. In the conquest mode, you take over the territory one at a time. To take a territory, you’ll need to complete a set of challenges in which you battle foes. If you successfully capture the territory, you’ll be able to earn coins in time. When you are in the scouting mode, you can send characters to various areas and collect the chest. Inside the chest, you will obtain character pieces(required to unlock or upgrade). In the event mode, you can earn gold coins, COG keys, and chests.

Additionally, the highest rank holders will receive an exclusive reward. To change between these modes, click the campaign button on the left side of the menu. The section contains three tabs: conquest, scout, and events.

Let’s get to know more about combat!

=Combat/Healing/Revive –

As we said earlier, the combat system of Into The Badlands Champions game is relatively simple to comprehend. Simply tap to move the character around, swipe to attack quickly, then double-tap the opponent once you bring it to its knees. The only thing you have to do is avoid enemies over time and be sure to stay clear of enemies when they change color, such as red, yellow, or blue. You can determine the character’s health on the left-hand side of the display. Every enemy attack will bring lower HP, and you’ll have to heal them. If the person dies(0 HP), the player will have to revive the character to allow them to rejoin the in the next battle.

You’ll need to revive a potion priced at ten rubies to revive a character. For healing wounded characters, it is possible to use potions for health, which are available in the 75-250 gold coin range. Press the store button at the left side of the screen -> click on the item tab, and there you can purchase potions for gems and gold coins. As it’s challenging to acquire gems and gold coins and gems, it is always recommended to be careful. Beware of enemies’ attacks, stay away from their strikes, and do not let your character be killed at any cost.

How can I improve my performance in Into The Badlands Champions game?

You can win In Conquest mode and gain EXP(experience points). On the top of the lobby/main game screen, you will see your current level and how much EXP is required to get to your next stage. You can raise the player’s level to gain access to all functions within the game, like PvP, alliances and scouting, events, and many more. We’ve discussed this in our initial section. In PvP, you compete against players from across the globe for prizes. You can exchange those trophies to earn chests. As you collect more trophies, new heroes will be unlocked.

How can you earn gold gems and coins?

We can tell, based on our experiences this is not an exciting game, specifically for a player who is f2p. The gold rewards from territorial battles and battles are small. Gold coins are needed to upgrade your health and potions. The red gem is another high-value currency in Into The Badlands Champions game. Let’s examine the various ways to earn red and gold gems in the Into The Badlands Champions game. It’s as simple as:

=Gold Coins: –

  • Earn money from victory battles(Repeat the simple stage)
  • If you claim the territory, you will be rewarded with gold coins as time passes.
  • Earn chests by playing every game mode and earn gold coins from it.
  • View the video ad and double the revenue of the territory
  • Daily rewards(tap the diary icon on the top-right of your screen)
  • Territory chest/Event chest/Cog chest/Clipper chest/melee/trophies/longarms/sword/legendary/epic

⇒Red Gems: –

Red Gems

  • Go to the video advertisement – Visit the store, and you’ll find the advertisement offer. The video ad watch will earn you with a red gem.
  • Random reward(Chest, etc.)

This is this is the Into The Badlands Champions guide for beginners. Look at the Into The Badlands Champions tips, tricks, cheats, and strategies!

Into The Badlands Champions Tips & Tricks: –

Badlands Champions

1.) Master The Combat and Save Characters From Being Injured

The two most essential items to be aware of in battle are: protect your individuals from being hit by the enemy. Beware of enemies’ attacks, continue moving, and set a single target simultaneously. If your character is weak in HP, you should end the fight. If it is not, you’ll have to revive your character, which will cost you red gems.

2.) Heal Instantly or Wait?

If the character has been injured, you can help them heal using the health potion or join them in the squad so that their health will rise slowly. The health potion can instantly restore HP to the character when used, but you’ll be waiting for several hours for auto-healing. That’s why it’s essential to ensure that surfaces are saved in combat. If you lack gold coins, do not buy any health potion. It would help if you waited until they automatically replenished their HP.

3.) Send The Characters On Scouting

The Scouting feature is available after level 3, allowing players to send their participants on an adventure. Once the required time has passed, the characters will return with the chest. You can get characters or pieces of jewelry, gold coins, and more in that chest.

4.) Watch The Video Ads

Tap the claimed territory on the conquest mode -> look at the video advertisement to earn double the money. Sometimes you can heal your character by watching the video, tapping the heal button, and looking at the video advertisement. Visit the store to watch the video ad and purchase one ruby gem.

5.) Play PvP and Events Mode

In the Into The Badlands Champions game, Event mode and PvP Mode are both worth exploring. Through both of these modes, you can collect chests and collect character cards. Event mode is available at level 3, and PvP mode is available at level 4. To increase your rank, quickly gain victories in battle mode.

6.) Spend The Gems And Gold Coins Wisely

If you’re a f2p player, you must invest in precious gold coins and gemstones wisely. Do not use all the gold that is in health potions. This pressure will be needed in the future for character cards and their upgrade. Keep gems in the best chests available at the shop to get the top characters from Into The Badlands Champions.

These are the most fundamental Into The Badlands Champions tips for those who are just beginning. If you have additional suggestions to share, please leave a comment!


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