Idle Arms Dealer Tycoon Cheats: Guide, Tips & Tricks

Idle Arms Dealer Tycoon is an exciting mobile idle game in which you can trade firearms and earn money. Find out more about Idle Arms Dealer Tycoon cheats, a guide, and tips and tricks.
The developers behind Idle Wizard School have released their game. Idle Wizard School games recently released the game on the Google Play Store and iOS App Store. It is a game where players trade in firearms such as guns, melee weapons, tanks, assault rifles, etc. The most appealing thing is that people will be attracted to your shop regularly, and there is a simple strategy to attract them or make cash. All you have to do is to make improvements and grow the arms shop to earn more cash. If you’re starting to play this game, you should read this Idle Guide to Arms Dealers Walkthrough is going to show players the basics of the game. We also have provided several Idle Arms Dealer Tycoon cheats techniques, tips, and tricks that will delight you. Without further delay, take a look at the main information and learn how to become the best dealer in the arms tycoon game.

Idle Armes Dealer Tyroon Cheats, Walkthrough Guide:

The first step is to understand how you earn money and how to increase your earnings. Outside the shop, people are rushing through vehicles. They’ll enter the shop and browse for their preferred firearms. It’s not a planned purchase. It is not possible to force a client to buy a particular gun. They will be checking in through the gate of the shop. It is a security screening that all customers must go through before shopping for items. Security checks can take time, but you can upgrade the system and shorten the time. Raise the gate to ensure that customers can enter quickly and purchase desired items. Learn everything in depth and then go through the details in the Idle Arms Dealer Tycoon tips and tricks guide.

Renovate To Increase Business


It is necessary to renovate the shop to expand your business. The expansion unlocks new gun shops, and you’ll be able to offer the customer more options, from the most advanced weaponry system to military vehicles. In the first beginning of playing, you’ll have three shops within the area, including a small arms store, a melee weapons shop, and a gun store. When you renovate the shop for the arms dealer, you will be able to unlock additional options; explosive shop, vehicle shop, and explosive shop. Additionally, renovations can earn you more earnings from passive sources.

To make a renovation, you must have enough money in the upper-right corner of the screen of the game Tap the icon close to the (i) the quest mark. This opens the renovation window where you can see the exact amount you’ll require to expand the region.

Earn money from Side Shops


On the left-hand part of the territory(near the main road), There are four small, side-shops where you can buy cash every now and then.

Complete the Quests To Earn Diamonds

In the upper-right corner, (i) tap the quest mark, and then go through the primary tasks. There is a chance to collect a good amount of diamonds by taking on these tasks. This is the highest-value currency available in the Idle Arms Dealer Tycoon game.

Find Out More About The Cards and Statue

Statue Idle the Arms Dealer Tycoon Statue provides passive earning bonuses. To unlock a statue, you’ll need its fragments. Go to the shop by pressing the shop button on the lower right. In the store, you can buy the statue chest and get statue fragments.

Cards are of various types and offer brief boosts like earning an extra 10 minutes of boost. They are available through playing games or in the shops in which you can purchase chests of cards.

In the lower-left corner you can tap the button for backpack and you will be able to see the statues and cards you’ve received from Idle Arms Dealer Tycoon.

You can activate the Promotion

In the lower right corner, click thebutton to play the video advertisement and then activate the promotion to boost profits.

Make Improvements To The Parking Lot

More customers means more sales for firearms. The customers will not stop when the parking lot is crowded. It’s best to renovate the parking area, expand the parking spaces for cars and allow more customers to enter. You can tap the parking lot in front of the shop , and you’ll have the option of increasing the space or to advertise for more people to visit your shop.

Upgrade The Shop

Be sure that you upgrade or increase the level of all shops in the area. There are three main upgrades for each shop. the firearm upgrade will increase the amount of money earned per minute. Range – this can boost the amount of money you earn. Speed increases the amount of money you earn. Of all the three options, the range upgrade is the most effective – however, it is expensive.

Make use of Time To Cheat

If you’re not aware of this cheat, all you can do is alter the time on your mobile’s settings and then forward it to next couple of hours. You can then open the game and will receive the skipped hours’ earnings. We don’t suggest applying this cheating technique in excess.

These are our Idle Armes Dealer Tycoon tips, tricks, and guide for beginners. Comment below if you have any more tips.


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