Idle Master 3D Guide, Tips, Cheats & Strategies

Idle Master 3D is an Idle RPG by IdleJoy Inc. Explore the Idle Master 3D guide for tricks, cheats and strategies to get the most out of the game.

Idle Master

With Idle Master 3D, you form a group of heroes with different skills and roles. They will be able to slash players and enemies in both PvP and PvE game modes. Like other Idle RPGs, numerous heroes are available in the game to pick to form the most potent team. There are also several PvE game modes in which you earn in-game currency that you’ll need to fuel your heroes. If you are just beginning to play the game, you’ve come on the right track. The Idle Master 3D guide helps you learn the game’s basic rules. We also have provided various Idle Master 3D tips, strategies and cheats that can aid you in progressing quickly. Without further delay now, let’s get started!

Idle Master 3D Guide: –

You can put up to six players and one god to form the team. The team will battle opponents and grind gears, coins, stones for advancement, EXP, soul, and more during the active mode. You can create an additional team in the arena, where you can fight opponents for ranking and rewards. Learn everything you can about.

Idle Master 3D Heroes Guide: –

How To Get Heroes?

Within Idle Master 3D, you can obtain heroes through Summoning Circle. By playing the game, you’ll collect hero shards which can be used to summon your hero. You can go to your inventory, select fragments, and call if you own bits. On the Summoning Circle, you can utilize the summon keys to summon your hero. There are three kinds of summoning methods: basic, advanced and friendship. You can obtain 1-5 star heroes with the primary call and 3-5 star heroes with an advanced summons, or 2-5-star heroes through company summon.

This is how many of the drops occur:

  • Basic Summon Basic Summon 1-star(56 percent), 2-star(34%), 3-star(8.5%), 4-star(1.45 percent), 5-Star(Less than 1 percent)
  • Advanced Summon – 3-Star(73.4%), 4-Star(25%), 5-Star(1.6%)
  • Friendship Summon – 2-Star(56%), 3-Star(54%), 4-Star(13.2%), 5-Star(1.6%)

Types Of Heroes: –

  • Priest – Healers
  • Assassin – Melee DPS
  • Ranger – Ranged DPS
  • Mage – DPS & CC Skills
  • Warrior – Tank

In the hero’s profile, you can see the hero’s characteristics. A balanced hero team is a great idea.

Elements Of Heroes: –

  • Water(Blue)
  • Light(Yellow)
  • Wind(Green)
  • Fire(Red)
  • Earth(Brown)
  • Dark(Magenta)

The characters in Idle Master 3D belong to one of these elements. Each element is either strong or weak in the face of a particular component. If you use the vital part Idle master 3D heroes to fight the enemy using soft elements, you gain an advantage of 30 per cent DMG and a 15 per cent ACC bonus.

  • It is hard to stop Wind with fire.
  • The wind is mighty against Earth
  • Earth is powerful against Water
  • Water is strong and resistant to fire
  • Light and Dark are intense against each other. Light is both strong against one another.

So if you’re struggling to win at a specific stage, take advantage of the primary advantage.

Resource Instance: –

You can participate in the grind challenges requiring grinding EXP, Hero Shards, and Gold coins.

Temple Of Vow: –

In Roulette, The player, can use her wish coins to participate in the chance draw. Things such as Soul, Holystone, Gears, Shards, and Advance Stones are available from this roulette.

Arena: –

Take on other players for ranking and arena coins. You can redeem these coins at the shop in the arena for hero shards.

Bounty: –

Participate in bounty hunts with your heroes to get valuable rewards, such as diamonds. Choose the bounty, then select the heroes and begin.

Tower of Trail: –

Take on enemies on every floor to earn rewards such as souls, gears, advanced stones, and more. The difficulty level rises with each the floor.

Blacksmith: –

In this section, you can create gears. The duplicate gears could be used to make an improved quality gear—for instance, a 1-star bag to a 2-star.

Merger Crystal: –

Here, you can design the heroes.

This is the complete Idle Master 3D guide for novices. Let’s examine our most popular Idle Master 3D tips, cheats, and strategies.

Idle Master 3D Tips & Tricks: –

1.) Complete The Lord Quest To Get, Lord

You can acquire a Glorious Knight or the Lord and join him in the team for a boost in strength. All you have to do is finish all the quests in Lord Quests. At the bottom, select the Lord option in the menu on the right. Click the Lord Quests button on another screen to go through the quests. These are a few simple quests that you could quickly complete and earn the title of Lord. Therefore, meet them as soon as you can.

2.) Make The Heroes Stronger

Up them to boost the base attributes.

Increase the heroes’ ranks or advance them to reach the maximum level cap. You can also unlock all the essential attributes , and open the ability to learn a new game skill.

Get them upgraded gear of superior quality.

3.) Focus On Top Tier Heroes

There are many heroes in the game, and it can be difficult for new players to determine which are the best. The first step is to draw the most heroes you can using a key or diamonds. We suggest you concentrate on 5-star and 4-star heroes since they will assist you during the final game. However, 1-star and 2-star heroes are not the best. 3-star heroes are great for early games or mid-game.

You can look up the complete list of heroes on the heroes menu. Visit the hero screen, and it’s got two tabs. In the first tab, you can see the owned heroes. In the second tab, you can view the complete list of heroes featured on Idle Master 3D. Idle Master 3D game. You can sort them by elements by clicking the button for details on the right.

4.) Build A Balanced Team

    • Tank Tank Frontline(Two tanks at the front would be great)
    • DPS – Ranged DPS or Melee DPS(Two)
    • Priest – At the very least, one good healer
    • C – Mage(Hero with excellent skills you can utilize to stop your enemies)

5.) Join A Guild In Idle Master 3D

Guild coins can be earned when you sign in to the guild daily and spend the cash in the guild shop. Additionally, you can participate in the war between guilds, gain access to the tech tree and obtain buffs. There are many advantages to joining an active guild.

6.) Participate In The Events

Look for events that could reward you with valuable prizes.

These are the essential Idle Tips and techniques for those who are just beginning.


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