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Idle Makeover is an all-new Idle game available for Android and iOS from Lion Studios, where you do the transformation of characters and transform them into attractive ones.

Lion Studios, the publisher behind Forge Ahead, Hooked Inc., and many other casual games, has recently added a new app to its portfolio. It’s an all-new Idle game dubbed Idle Makeover. However, it is a game similar to Idle Human(same gameplay), with a distinct design, theme, and objective. In the game, you transform the characters: Owen, Amy, Willie, Shin, and more by transferring hair and Hair Cuts, Hair Style, and more. If you are beginning to start playing the game, you’re on the right track. The Idle Makeover guide explains the fundamentals of playing the game. Additionally, we’ve provided several Idle Makeover cheats, tips, and techniques. So , without further delay, we’ll dive right 

Idle Makeover

Idle Makeover Cheats, Tips & Tricks: –

In the Idle Makeover, the heart is the game’s primary currency you can use to alter characters by using options such as eye lasers, haircuts, trimmers, masks, and so on. A different currency in the game is gems, which you can use to get an instant promotion or boosters like 2-X Speed, 2x Spins, etc. In the upper-right corner of the game’s screen is an information bar that shows the amount of hearts or reactions you’re getting from the live crowd. You can use the hearts-on techniques for makeovers – based on your chosen method, and you will receive hearts. For instance, Eye Squint offers 12.5K hearts per second. You can increase these techniques to gain more hearts. You aim to finish the transformation of every character. The game begins with Owen and moves on to Amy first, followed by Willie, Shin, Starr, and then on(in coming updates, developers could introduce more characters). Players have to spend a specific amount of hearts to unlock the characters—for example , 500K for unlocking Amy. Learn everything in depth and look into every Idle Makeover cheat, tips and technique.

Try The Time Lapse Cheat

When playing the Idle Makeover, players earn hearts even when offline. Even if you’re not playing the game, you still earn hearts(level up the upgrade for offline earnings to earn more hearts for longer periods without the internet). To cheat, you must go to the settings on your mobile device and then forward the time forward to the next few hours(depending on the time limit for offline). For instance, if you have 1 hour to go, transfer the time by an hour. This can result in an income of one hour within a short time. We don’t suggest using it as it can ruin the experience!

Do The Upgrades

Press the upgrade button in the lower-right corner. From there are many improvements that will aid you in advancing quickly through Idle Makeover. For instance, offline income upgrades increase the amount of hearts you can earn offline. Offline time upgrades increase the limit of time you can spend offline. Other upgrades include makeover technique income, broadcast income, etc.

Tap The Horn To Get More Hearts

Just above the makeover screen, press the broadcasting horn on the left for more hearts. Tapping it will generate hearts manually. Additionally, you can earn more hearts through this task – by upgrading your broadcast earnings upgrade within your upgrade menu.

More Hearts

Do The Prestige

Click the trophy icon on the right-hand side of the screen to play. This will launch the menu for prestige. It will display the number of prestige points you have earned up to this point. For instance, resetting your score to 1.22x indicates that you’ve achieved 0.22x worth of prestige points. 1x is the default. The game grants you 0.01 prestige points for every three minutes of play. Continue playing to earn prestige points. Once you’ve earned enough prestige points, say the multiplier is 2x, or even 3x. Press on the button to increase your prestige to start with the next level. It’s your choice. Prestige resets the game’s progression and alters the game and the number of hearts. It also grants you an extra multiplier.

For example, before prestige, you earned 200K/second in a stage. Now, after you claim 2x multiplier or prestige points, you’ll earn 400K/second at the same level. Make the prestige only if you have a high multiplier value to get.
The game will not alter the value of the reputation points. For example , if you win two prestigious, you may not lose the reward you received from the first time prestige. The bonus can be added as the following bonuses for prestige.
What is the reason you should be a celebrity when playing Idle Makeover? As you advance through the game, you’ll require more hearts to makeover. The default multiplier will not benefit you. Also, it is advisable to take a look at and claim the increase in income through multiplier bonuses.

multiplier amount

Grab The Freebies In Idle Makeover

Then, on your screen, you’ll be able to see a TV that is flying. Tap on it and accept the deal by watching the Ad and then grabbing free hearts. Additionally, on the left-hand side of the game screen, you will see two boosters: 2x speed, and immediate promo. Finally, you can use the spinning wheel on the right side to collect diamonds/gems , or free boosters.

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