Masketeers: Idle Has Fallen Guide, Tips, Cheats & Strategies

The Musketeers Idle Has Fallen is an exciting idle game developed for mobile devices developed by Appxplore(iCandy). Check out the Musketeers: Idle Has Fallen guide, tips, cheats, and strategies


Marketers: Idle Has Fallen

Appxplore(iCandy), known for its stunning idle games like the Light of a Way, Crab War, Thor: War of Tapnarok, and more, has released a stunning idle game in which you’ll be fighting creatures of the night and terrifying bosses. The game allows you to go to 1,000 stages (or greater) within this one. When you reach certain milestones, you’ll be awarded with the highest quality masks, and game currency like dust, crystals, and other items. In terms of gameplay, you’ll advance by stage. In each stage of Musketeers: Idle Has Fallen, You will face one of the most deadly bosses – the fights with the wraith bosses are not unlike the usual fights. In normal battles, you have a long time to get rid of the wave. However, in boss fights, you must to win within the specified time.

Int becomes more difficult as you progress in your stage game. Musketeers play the role of characters that combat bosses and wraiths. They must increase their power by equipping masks, runes, and runes and upgrades, as well as creating talents, etc. In addition, Guardians are Wisps within the game that provide bonuses and buffs. When you have completed the 50th level, you’ll gain access to the relic feature. After that, you’ll receive Arcana. You utilize the game’s currency used in Musketeers to summon powerful Relics. The player can acquire Arcana by the process of transcending. The transced feature is activated after you have completed your 60th level. Once you have completed the levels, you’ll earn more Arcana.

“Transcend” functions “transcend” functions work like the prestige function. It will reset the progress and gives you Arcana. The two items we didn’t discuss at this point are runes or masks. Musketeers, or the main characters, have the option of equipping runes and masks. The runes and masks boost the characters. Masks give you a notable boost to stats which you can roll with DUST. “DUST” is another in-game currency available in the Musketeer’s world. It can be used to re-roll the mask’s stats or upgrade it. You can purchase DUST through the chests that are available at the shop. Runes are a good example of how they can help marketers increase their stats. If you have the same rune color – that match the color of the mask, Musketeers will gain the added stats.
Musketeers Idle Has Fallen utilizes an “ORB” system – usually, you tap on the screen to do more damage in similar kinds of games that are idle. However, in Musketeers: Idle Has Fallen, you’ll use the orb system to assist players in dealing more damage to ghosts. It is possible to create combinations and deal bonus damage. As you progress in the ranks of Musketeers, they will be able to create more chains of orbs, and cause huge damage. These characters or Musketeers also have unbeatable capabilities that should be utilized when you need to when confronted with a formidable Wraith boss. This is because it takes time to accumulate power or rage to boost the power of these characters.

If you are just beginning to participate in the sport, you’re on the right path. The Musketeers Idle Has Fallen guide provides the fundamentals of the game. We also have provided a variety of Musketeers: Idle Has Fallen tricks, cheats, and strategies you might like. Therefore, without further delay, take a look at the preliminary information.

Masketeers: Idle Has Fallen Guide, Tips, Cheats, Tricks & Strategies: –

In the game Musketeers: Idle Has Fallen, Your ultimate goal is to take down all the bosses and complete each stage. The stages become more difficult as time goes on. In the beginning, destroying the entire Wraith Squad is easy, and it’s a lot of fun, but it gets a bit more difficult with time. When on the battlefield, players can deploy at least four Musketeers currently. It appears that there are five characters in the game: Caine(Attacker), Pixie(Defender), Coro(Supporter), Falcon(Attacker) as well as Titan(Defender). Caine’s ULT ability transforms every orb to Caine Orbs and also increases the damage he can deal with. The PIXIE’s ULT skill boosts the chance of avoiding Allies, and their auto-attacks take 30% of the Sparks they can steal for a couple of seconds. Spark is the primary game currency you earn can earn by killing the Wraiths.
CORO’s ULT ability increases the speed of attack of allies. Falcon’s ULT skill can inflict AoE DMG through shooting waves of archers. Titan’s ULT skill causes AoE as well as Stun. The characters all have the power to be the best to cast once fully charged. We’ll go over everything in depth and discover all the Musketeers: Idle Has Fallen tips & techniques.

Chain The Orbs For Bonus Damage

Bonus Damage

Musketeers , or the main characters, can cause more harm to the ghouls when they strike each other’s orbs. In other words, create combinations. The best method of creating a combination is to tap the odd orb before eliminating it – the orb that will be in the same category of orbs. Visit the Musketeers menu, then tap on the mask of the character. Then, in the lower left corner, you can tap the orb icon to test the benefits of the combo. For instance, if you choose Pixie. If you combine 2 PIXIE Orbs, they deal 150 percent damage. When you link three PIXIE Orbs, it will deal 150% damage, plus it heals an ally up to thirty percent maximum HP. The buff increases when you chain more orbs.

The Orb skills are activated at a certain Masketeer’s level: Levels 2, 4, 9, and 16. In the Musketeers tab, you can purchase Spark to increase their level. Once they have reached these levels, they’ll be granted the ability to use orbs – which allows you to connect additional orbs and gain damage or buffs.

Learn About The Guardians

Guardians are different from Wisps, and Musketeers aren’t on the battleground. However, they all offer stat boosts for the player. You can upgrade them and receive blessings for an additional boost in stats. Each Guardian gives you a specific boost to stats to: —

  • Power Guardian – more DPS
  • Wealth Guardian More Spark
  • Vigor Guardian – More HP
  • Guardian of Fortune – more CRIT DMG

Go to the Guardian tab within the menu at the footer to view the entire Guardian Icons. Tap them to find out more information.

Spend The Talent Points In Musketeers: Idle Has Fallen

A character earns an ability point when they level up. It is possible to level them through spending spark. You can tap on their masks within the character menus to access the talents tree. In the talent tree, you’ll see a variety of talents that you can use the points. Each talent gives you a unique boost, bonus, or buff. For instance, spending money on Damage Boost ability increases the damage potential of a character. Check out the talent description before spending your talent points wisely. Certain talents can be beneficial. However, others may be unhelpful. For instance, If you want to increase the character’s DPS, invest in the damage boost ability by itself. It is more beneficial for attacking players.

Equip Runes Matching The Mask Color

Equip Runes Matching The Mask Color

Musketeers may wear one mask at a. Masks can add additional attributes to the individual character. Go to their profile on the main menu of characters. Tap the mask icon, then tap the mask, then in the subsequent screen, you’ll be able to examine all the masks an individual character owns. First , you need to verify the rarity. The higher the number of masks is, the more sub-stats it can provide. You’ll find the dice option beside the sub-stat when you tap on the mask. Tap it, and you’ll be able to roll the sub-stat. Each time you do this, you’ll get an unrelated sub-stat.
Regarding the color, every mask has colored boxes; red, blue, green, and more. The rune that you equip in the identical color can grant you the additional stat. For instance, if the mask is green in color and you choose to equip it with a green rune, it gives you more statistics. When playing Musketeers: Idle Has Fallen, it is possible to obtain masks and runes by opening the chests that are featured in the shop.

Chests of Musketeers in Idle Has Fallen drop masks as well as runes and dust. The wooden chest you get for free. It drops runes and masks. Two other chests available at the shop are a sacred chest and an imperial chest. You can purchase a high-end face mask in the chest of imperial, and high-quality masks from The sacred chest.

The chests are costing crystals. Crystal is a prized product to have in Musketeers: Idle Has Fallen. It can be obtained through completing specific stages, such as 21, 70, 70, 130, 220, and so on. On the upper-left side, you can tap the icon for location, and then you will be able to look up the rewards for milestones.

Hatch And Upgrade Wisps In Musketeers: Idle Has Fallen

Wisps are the main characters in Musketeers: Idle Has Fallen. Wisps provide stats passively for the player. They can be seen flying around the screen of the battlefield. At any given moment, you’ll have three Wisps on the field. From time to time, you can get Wisps orbs from the portal for orbs. They allow you to unleash your skills.

At a certain period, an underlying becomes accessible – you can hatch Wisps and receive more rewards.

Mask Wraith And Spark Wraith

Mask Wraith and Spark Wraith will appear in the battleground every now and then. Kill them to earn rewards. Mask Wraith drops mask. Spark Wraiths drop Spark.

Charms In Musketeers: Idle Has Fallen

Charms are unlocked at specific points. The first charm that you can get is Propseruma. This charm gives Sparks depending on development. There are ORBRUMA, VIGORUMA, HASTERUMA, REPELRUMA, and so on. All of them grant special buffs/boosts/bonuses. They are activated via the transcendence tab. It costs crystals. Don’t pay on these.

Get Arcana By Transcending

It is recommended to be able to transcend once you have enough Arcana to summon or upgrade relics for your next turn. Get rid of more stages and gain more Arcana.

Spend Aracana And Get Relics

Spend Aracana And Get Relics

Relics from Musketeers: Idle Has Fallen are permanent and provide an enormous boost in stats, and are they are unique. You can earn permanent rewards by finishing the relic sets. On the tab for relics, click the eye on the upper-left corner to view the set of relics.

Activate The Fortune Cat

In the upper-right corner, click the fortune cat. You can increase your earnings(Spark) by watching the Ad. You can utilize Spark to improve the performance of Musketeers.

That’s the entirety of this article in Musketeers: Idle Has Fallen guide and Musketeers: Idle Has Fallen tricks, strategies, and cheats for novices. If you have additional tips and techniques to share, please comment below.


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