Idle Army Base – Stars, Epic Upgrades Guide

Are you wondering what upgrades are the most epic within Idle Army Base? What are the steps to take to ensure that Idle Army Base starts with upgrading them or activating these upgrades? Check out the following article for Idle Army Base Stars, Epic Upgrades guide.

Idle Army Base

Stars (also known as the Star) are the best in-game currency used in Idle Army Base. Apart from buying real money, there’s no way to get stars. In most games, the premium currency is earned by completing tasks. Unfortunately, you cannot make free stars by engaging in the game. There are a variety of packs available on the game store you can buy using real money and earn stars. We recommend reading out the Idle Army Base tutorial and guidelines for beginner players. This article will discuss how to use the Idle Army Base Stars and Epic Upgrades.

Idle Army Base: Stars & Epic Upgrades –

  • Training Value – Increases value of the areas for training
  • Training Speed – Improves the training speed of civilians in training areas by over 5 per cent.
  • Marching Speed – Increases the civil army’s recruitment speed to more than five per cent.
  • The Bonus Bus Speed will increase the number of seats on the bus.
  • Bonus Rate Bus Rate: Increases frequency
  • Gate Speed – More speedier the process of checking-in speed at the gate
  • Pass Out Bonus: After training, civilians will be released and will give them gold dollars. With this fantastic upgrade, you will get more gold coins each time they leave the army base.
  • Investor Bonus – Earn more gold coins as part of the investor offer(watching video advertisements)
  • Bonus Boat Speeds – Increases the number of seats on the boat

Do You Need To Buy These Epic Upgrades?

No! These incredible upgrades are available for purchase, and you can play the game without upgrading these fantastic upgrades. If you’re a f2p player, you only need to concentrate on basic improvements.

What’s The Benefit Of Epic Upgrades?

These epic upgrades are similar to regular promotions. They can be upgraded quickly when you activate or upgrade these unique upgrades within Idle Army Base. Each upgrade comes with its own bonus boost. For instance – Training Speed. You can improve every training location’s efficiency by investing in gold coins. With the massive upgrade, you can get this bonus with just one click across all training zones.

So this would be all in this post on Idle Army Base Stars and Epic Upgrades.


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