Idle Airport Tycoon Guide, Tips, Cheats & Strategy

Idle Airport Tycoon is a new and innovative game on mobile devices by Codigames. Explore the Idle Airport Tycoon guide, cheats, tips, and strategies

Codigames recently launched a brand new incremental game designed for mobile devices. The game’s title is Idle Airport Tycoon. The player playing the game is responsible for the airport and flights. The goal is to expand it to a higher level, and to earn more cash. You’ll build, and enhance the terminals, and cars. In addition, to raise the cost of tickets, you must discover and improve the flight. If you need help understanding the game’s mechanics , or need some advice and strategies, we’re here to assist you. In this article, we’ve covered everything about the game you need to know: Idle Airport Tycoon guide and Idle Airport Tycoon tricks, cheats, strategy and cheats.

Learn the Essentials Idle Airport Tycoon

Before you get deep into the main tutorial, cheats, tips and strategy, we’ll review the basics first. Its gameplay is very similar to previous games like Super Idle Cats. All you need do is tap the road to take the players into the airfield. Visitors will then move towards the terminals and, after that, they’ll take off for the plane via the vehicle. As you advance in this game, the number of passengers will rise. To ensure the system is balanced, upgrading your terminal and transportation system is necessary.

Your goal is to locate every flight. This requires a large sum of cash. Another critical aspect of the Idle Airport Tycoon game is the prestige. If you are a celebrity in your business, you can attract investors. They will pay you, the investor, a +10% bonus. For instance, if you have 30 investors, the bonus amount is 30*10=300 per cent. In the guide below, we’ll dive into the section on prestige in the area.

A diamond is the most valuable currency available in the Idle Airport Tycoon game. It can be used to purchase boosters or upgrade or buy the game’s epic cards. We’ll take a look at the Idle Airport Tycoon to cheat sheet and then at our most popular Idle Airport Tycoon tricks, cheats and strategies to be a master of the game.

Idle Airport Tycoon guide

The Tapping System


When you tap on the road, the tapping bar appears on the top left edge of your screen. The green gauge on the bar shrinks as you tap on the road when it reaches the minimum level you can’t generate and the number of passengers.

Terminals And Transport

The Terminals, as well as Transportation facilities, are the two primary facilities. If you upgrade Terminals, you can boost the capacity of passengers. When it is at the maximum power, no passengers will be coming in, and the source of income is cut off. Transportation is the service that allows passengers to hire cars and travel to the airport. When the number of passengers grows, it is necessary to upgrade your vehicles.

Temporarily Research

Researching can improve the value of tickets, sales rate and the rate of passengers. These are, however, only for a short period. When you upgrade or prestige the flight, you’ll be required to upgrade them. In the primary screen, in the lower-right corner click the icon for the research lab. Upgrade the research lab and unlock new research of a higher tier.

Epic Cards Deck

The primary goal Since the buffs for research labs are only temporary, it is possible to make investments in cards. There are many cards in the deck, and each one gives an extra boost to the user. But, you will require diamonds to upgrade the cards. Instead of research lab upgrades, they will keep you from losing these bonuses even after you have developed or upgraded your the prestige. Click the headphone icon on the bottom right of the screen to open this feature.

Exploring and Designing

of the Idle Airport Tycoon game is to find and develop every flight. On the left side, click the plane icon, and then you can access the development options. The first step is to identify the flight. If you find out, you’ll have to pay more in order to further develop. In the process of discovering and creating, you will be able to increase the rate of ticket sales. Indirectly, this will boost the revenue.

When you design the flight, you are reset in your progress; cash, research lab upgrades and terminal upgrades, as well as improvements to transportation.

Prestige And Investors

The prestige feature is present in all Idle games. If you choose to use this option, you are able to get the investors. Each investor will provide a 10 per cent income bonus at the expense of the airport. It’s a forever bonus. Press the notebook icon on the main game screen in the upper-right corner next to the gear icon. You can view the progress. When you earn a certain prestige level, you will receive X amount of investors. You’ll be able to use this feature after you’ve attracted 30 investors.

How can you get investors? A higher amount of cash attracts investors. As you earn more cash investors will begin watching your business at the airport. Collect 30 investors to benefit from this feature.


Idle Airport Tycoon game features many boosters. You can utilize these boosters to accelerate the progression. What are they? In the main game screen in the lower left corner, click the shop icon and go into the booster section, where you can purchase boosters in exchange for diamonds. To access it, you can tap the volt icon right above the Research Lab icon, and you will view the advocates available.

So here’s this is the Idle Airport Tycoon guide for those new to the game. We’ll look at our most popular Idle Airport Tycoon cheating tips and strategies to get the most out of the game.

Idle Airport Tycoon Tips, Cheats & Strategy

1.) 2.) Build 2nd Tank To Earn Additional Offline Earnings


The time will come when you realize that driving around will not bring you profits. In that case, offline earnings could be the most crucial source of revenue. In default, the airport is equipped with one fuel tank(the tank is essential for keeping the system in operation even when it is not in). You can also build one additional one for the price of 10,000 cash. This will boost offline income since the second tank will be used to fly the planes while you’re not in the game.

2.) Start Powering Up and Receive Free Diamonds

As it’s an online-based game, and you’ll need access to the internet, it should be simple to boost your earnings. For the main display, click the power button near the bottom and then play the ads on the video. This free booster will increase the airport’s income twice over two hours. Repeat the video until you reach that 12H mark. Once you reach this point, you’ll receive diamonds for free.

3.) Upgrade Your Cards to Permanent Buffs

Instead of investing the diamonds in boosters, it is better to consider supporting in these cards. They offer a long-term bonus for the airport for life. Retaining this bonus, even if you use this feature, or re-designing the flights is possible.

4.) Hunt The Yellow Birds


Golden or yellow birds will appear on your screen every few minutes. By tapping it, you will receive the advertisement offer. Watch the video, and you may be able to win diamonds and a large amount of cash. Blackbirds also offer you money. Tap them also.

5.) Prestige to Get the attention of Investors

Prestige is among the most effective ways to elevate your airport to the next level. Each investor will offer you +10% in bonus revenue for the airport. But you’ll be losing the progress, cash and lab improvements, and airport upgrades(terminals transportation, terminals). In exchange, you receive investors. Be sure to utilize it frequently to get as much as a 300% of an increase in income.

6.) Don’t Hesitate To Develop

If you wish to increase the price of tickets, ensure that you find out, and develop as quickly as you can. But, it could also change the progress of the game. You will earn more money. As you’re aware, the more you make, the more you attract investors. This is one of the best ways to get 30 investors.

7.) Complete the Missions

Near the prestige, icon, Tap on the (i) icon to view the current mission. You can complete these missions for more rewards. In some tasks, you’ll earn diamonds.


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