Identity V Guide: Tips, Cheats & Startegies 2021

Identity V is an asymmetrical multiplayer mobile game available for Android and iOS created by NetEase. Check out Identity V Guide, Tips, Cheats & Strategy for Hunter and Survivor

Identity V Guide

NetEase’s Identity V is now officially available on Android and iOS across the globe and will challenge players to escape the mansion of the hunter and eliminate the remaining survivors before they can escape. Identity V game features a intriguing story about the detective, and you’ll assist him in restoring his memory. The game offers various options, such as events such as quick-match, rank-match and more. In this article we’ve provided everything you should know about: Identity V guide and Identity V cheats, tips and strategies for hunters and survivors.

Identity V Game Story Introduction⇓

The Identity V game, you follow the story of a detective seeking to resolve a crime. In the beginning, he is convinced that his memory is suffering from loss. However, he later realized that there was another soul in the body that was awakened. The first incident during the contest, the player recounts how he received an letter(commission note) to a stranger, and goes into the manor.

Once you have completed it is done, all you have to do is finish a few quests. At the top-right in the top-right corner of your screen right below the gear icon, you will be able to read the instructions. Follow the steps and press the icons that glow. When you turn on the lights, you’ll discover some diary pages as well as an open book shelf. Click on the “start restoration” button to begin the game. That’s the end of it.

The course teaches the fundamentals of the game, how to manage the player in the game as well as how to achieve the objectives , etc.

After you have completed the 1-14 portion in the tale, you can unlock a brand new mode(quick match) is unlocked). Identity V game features dozens of characters. All characters possess unique abilities. For example, the doctor is able to heal while a lawyer can find hunters and teammates in the maps. As you gain experience or progress through the game, more characters become unlocked, and you can select one of them to play.

Identity V Guide To Basics⇓

In the Identity V game, you play as a survivor or hunter. You can choose any role before you start the match. It would be 4 Vs 1. In the match, there would be one hunter and four survivors. If you play as a survivor, then your objective is to decode the cipher(s). And once you decode all the cipher(s), the exit door will appear. You will have to go there and enter the password(just tap the lock). After it, escape the manor.

If you play as a hunter in the Identity V game, then your objective would be to stop the survivors trying to escape the manor. You can hit them, but they can’t(except pallet trap).


After you complete the 1-14 story, quick match mode will get unlocked. Follow the footsteps on the floor(in manor’s room) and head to the bookshelf(Read Diary -> Start Game). After a certain level, the rank-match mode will also get unlocked, and playing it unlocks new story’s quests/events.

Upon victory, you earn logic points, talent points, and EXP + attribute points(Bravery, Friendliness, Persistence, and more).

So, this is the basic Identity V guide for beginners. Now, let’s start the Identity V Ultimate guide and after it, check out how to win as a hunter & survivor in our Identity V cheats & tips part below.

Identity V Guide For Survivors And Hunters⇓

In this section you will discover survivors, hunters, characteristics and talents as well as logic points match, objectives, and much more.

Identity V Survivors Guide|

As stated above, if you’re the survivor, then your goal is to get out of your manor prior to the time that the hunter can capture you(rocket chairs) and kills you. To get out of the manor, you must decode it’s cipher(s) and then unlock the exit door. Look around you and find antennas(cipher(s)location).

You can help your teammates to aid them to heal to earn rewards(EXP). On the left-hand side on the display, you’ll be able to look over the primary objectives; for example, if you’re being a medical professional this would be related to healing.

Identity V Hunters Guide|

A hunter will be able to determine the position that is an area marked by the cipher(S) and, for him, it’s simple to find that survivor(listening capability). If you’re playing as a hunter to win the game, you’ll need to take out the hunter. You can hit them and take them captive by using the rocket chair. After a specific period of time chair will transport the person who was able to survive back to the manor. However, keep in mind that they are able to help one another.

Identity V Guide To Traits⇓

Every hunter has unique traits. For example, Hell Ember’s hearing ability is able to determine the locations that survivors are on the map. It is possible to unlock new abilities Play the game, get enough EXP and win to level up and that’s it.

To change the trait, simply tap the book icon in the bottom left corner. The next screen will navigate to the menu for hunters -click on a hunter switch traits -> choose one trait you would like to apply in the match.

Identity V Guide To Talents|

You can boost the performance of players on the field by unlocking abilities. In order to unlock talent you require talent points. Make sure you win the games to earn points. You can make use of the points for unlocking new talent.

Click the book icon> Persona Web. The next page, you’ll get two pages: Hunters and survivors. In the lower corner on these pages, you can tap on the depict personas option. The next screen will tap the talent icon and click”unlock. It is possible to reset the device at any time and gain back the points you used up. You could even create the specific tree of talents to each hunter and survivor.

To create a new talent tree, visit the screen for talent points, in the lower corner, choose the default option, then select the + icon and create a separate talent tree.

After that, visit the profile of your character, select on the Settings icon beside the default choice, then select the talent tree you made before.

Identity V Special Ability Guide⇓

Each character has special capabilities. For example: Hell Ember can deploy puppets during a match. By using multiple puppets, he’s able to change to a point in a flash. The puppet can also alert him. The Doctor, too, is a survivor with the ability to heal. Go to their profile , and press long-press the icon for traits to learn about their capabilities.

The Logic Points and Clue Guide|

The logic point you earn is earned through wins in games. The points you earn are employed to rotate the game. The main screen of the game walk up to the chair, and then tap on the icon for login. Play the dice to gain clues, or the sphere or essence. These are used to purchase costumes and accessories for your character. To make use of these items, visit your main game screen. At the left move to the painting. Click the shop icon, and on the next screen you’ll be able to access the shop features. You can even purchase characters as well.

In-Game Items Guide|

  1. They can also be employed to buy characters, memory spheres and grocery Items
  2. Items of inspiration are a great way to buy the essence of the season
  3. The Echo card can be utilized to purchase costumes and characters
  4. Memory Spheres can be traded for costumes and other things. Shop in the shop to use the exchange feature. Visit the characters’ menu, and then tap on the character’s portrait to alter their behavior or style.

So here’s a quick and easy Identity V’s guide for newbies. Let’s go through this guide to learn identity V tips and cheats, as well as a guide for winning games Hunting and Survivor tips.

Identity V Survivor Tips & Tricks|

Choose A Character That Suits You|

In the past, we’ve described in our previous guide that the characters in the game possess different capabilities. This means that they are able to benefit. For instance, the Doctor is able to cure herself. Therefore, be sure to examine the abilities of your character and select the best one. What can you do to switch to a other character before starting the fight? When you select the survivor role On the left you will see an open book. Tap it, and then switch to a new character.

Play As A Team And Decode As A Team|

The participant’s primary job is to decode the machines. If you attempt to decode the machines on your own, it could take quite a while. However, if two players begin their journey together it’s going to be quick. Be sure to join with another player and discover with each other.

Don’t Alert The Hunter|

While decoding, it is essential to ensure that you calibrate the device correctly. The pointer will appear in the screen when decoding and you must end it when you are at the safe spot. When you do it right, it will award you with more points and points. However, if you fail to do so, it will alert the hunter and place you in trouble.

Hide Inside The Almirah/Wardrobe|

Hide Inside

On the ground, plenty of almirahs are located. If you walk close to it there will be an icon and tap it to cover you within the almirah.

Find The Chest For A Special Skill⇓

Find The Chest

As you are aware every character has standard special abilities. When playing, look for these chests and you’ll receive a different skill such as the rugby ball or healing technique and more. When you have it, tap it immediately to start it.

Rescue Team Members|

You will be informed if any of your players was taken prisoner from the survivor. After a set period of time, the player will be removed from the game. It is best to save him or her. Simply walk up to the chair that is rocket-like and press the button to activate.

Heal Injured Team Members⇓

On the upper-right side on the display, you will be able to assess the health of your team members. If any players is hurt, get close to it , and then heal [tap the action iconat the top-right of the screen.

Choose Talent Wisely|

You can get a unique bonus by unlocking a particular talent. Make sure you choose carefully and you could also make an entirely separate talent tree for each survivor. Check out the guide to talent above.

Here are some identity V cheats and suggestions to play players playing in the Survivor character. We’ll now go over the hunter’s cheats, tricks, and strategies.

Identity V Hunter Tips & Tricks|

Target And Eliminate One By One

Do not try to target several survivors at once because at the end of the day you’ll be left with nothing. Choose a single one to remain there until it is completely removed. Since if you take an escaped survivor using a rocket-chair the person will not be eliminated the person in a matter of minutes. If you decide to quit the area there are other survivors who can help him or her.

However, there is a drawback as it is time-consuming and other survivors may benefit. To avoid this issue, place the puppets in several places(near the rocket chair) and you’ll be able to transfer.

Use The Listening Skill|

There will be an ear icon to the left side. Tap it and you’ll be able to determine the exact location of the survivor. If they’re not or not talking, you won’t be able to.

Hit Them When They Are In-Range⇓

Don’t hit with blindness make sure you time your attack so that you strike when you are within the range. If they succeed in their dodge, you’ll be stuck for a couple of seconds.

Unlock Talents Wisely|

Based on the hunter(you select the hunter for the match) Find the talent. The guide to talent is listed in the previous paragraph. Tap on a talent icon to discover the benefit. Press on the reset icon to restart the tree of talent.

Here are some Identity V cheats, tips and a strategy guide for new players. Download the Identity V game – Here(Google Play Store). This guide was last updated on January 20, 2021


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