Hype City – Idle Tycoon Guide, Tips, Cheats & Strategies

Hype City – Idle Tycoon is a new city building game for mobile by Hypemasters, Inc. Check out our Hype City – Idle Tycoon guide, tips, cheats & strategies


Hype City Hype City Idle Tycoon is an easy Idle game in which you construct and develop the city by creating essential infrastructure. The most enjoyable and challenging aspect of the game is the task of solving the puzzle. You be required to solve a Tetris-like game to construct the buildings within the city. It is also unique that in most Idle games, you spend your Idle cash, and that’s all there is to it. The other aspects the game offers are comparable to other Idle games. You’re on the right page if you’re starting to enjoy the game. This Hype City Idle Tycoon guide will help you get started. The Idle Tycoon guide will help you learn the game’s basics. We also have provided several Hype City Idle Tycoon tips, cheats, and strategies. Idle Tycoon tips, tricks and techniques that will assist you in progressing quickly. Therefore, without further delay now, let’s begin.

Hype City Hype City Idle Tycoon Guide: –

The goal is to become rich and increase the size of the city. All you need to do is to build and enhance the buildings. There are numerous free slots available in the city that allow you to build buildings. The buildings earn you money over time . You can boost the profits of a specific structure by improving it and assigning managers. On the top of the screen for the gameplay, you will be able to see the total reserve and the quantity of Idle Gold Coins you are currently holding. Just below that will be the earning per second.

In the upper-left corner of your screen, you can look up the city’s population. The greater the number of people you can bring in, the higher the money you earn from your buildings. It is possible to increase the value of buildings by renovating buildings, such as Tennis Court.

Do I Get Buildings?

The buildings are obtained from briefcases, costing you coins, gems or even a video advertisement. In briefcases, you will receive random cards. This could represent a building , or manager. There are three briefcases: small, medium, large, and trim. The smaller one has the basics of the building(low earnings) and fundamental managers(expected benefits). Medium Size Briefcase is packed with rare managers and facilities that are rare. The last that is the Large Size Briefcase includes Legendary buildings.

Managers: –

Hype City Hype City: Idle Tycoon managers can be assigned to properties. All managers grant unique skills. Examples include reducing the cost of upgrading, boosting the revenue, earning more income in a shorter period, etc. To activate the manager’s ability, you must click the upgrade button on the footer menu menu -> start it, -> then tap the skill icon for activation.

Select a building where you wish to assign an employee, then, press the (i) button. To the screen next, click a trusted icon next to the manager to give them. Tap the unassign button to remove the manager.

Locations in Hype City – Idle Tycoon Locations In Hype City: –

As of the date of writing this article, The game has three locations where you can construct your own city; Sydney(starting location), New York, and Bali. Be aware of the balloon plane in the upper-right corner of your screen. It shows the progress toward the following location. In the lower-right corner, click the location option; there, you can view the number of coins you require to get there.

Hype City Hype City Idle Tycoon Tips, Cheats and Strategies Hype City:

1.) Learn to Reduce The Upgrade Cost


If you have an administrator who can lower the price of upgrades and save money, you can employ them to cut down on the cost of upgrading your building. As you know, as you boost your facility, the cost of upgrading is increasing with each. If you’re short of Idle cash, you can designate the manager(having the ability to reduce the cost of building upgrades) to the building you wish to upgrade and then activate their command and later upgrade the structure. The manager can be started abilities by going to the upgrade menu and then activating (tap the button in the footer menu menu -> activate).

If you’ve got an administrator who can lower the price of upgrades or reduce the cost of upgrading, you can utilize this manager to lower the cost of building upgrades. You know that every time you upgrade your facility, its price for upgrading gets more expensive each time. If you’re short of Idle cash, you can assign the manager(having the capability to lower the cost of building upgrades) to the building you wish to upgrade, activate their skill , and boost your installation. The manager can be activated abilities by going to the upgrade menu, then starting (tap the the footer menu and then activate).


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