Hotel Empire Tycoon – Angry And Annoying Customers

Are you aware of the angry and irritating guests in the hotel? Learn the best way to resolve this issue and stay away from angry and annoying responses from guests at Hotel Empire Tycoon

Hotel Empire

If you’ve played on the Hotel Empire Tycoon game for a while you may have noticed the angry and irritable players. The players would wear an angry or angry symbol above their heads. This indicates that the player experienced a negative experience at the hotel and will keep expressing this feeling until they leave the hotel. In this article we will show you how to eliminate angry and annoying customers of Hotel Empire Tycoon. Without further delay let’s get started!

Why Customers Get Angry In Hotel Empire Tycoon?

There are many reasons that cause a customer to be unhappy. For example , when there isn’t a rooms available at the hotel and customers are unable to stay, they are likely to leave the hotel right away and will be greeted with an unwelcome symbol above their heads. Another reason could be the in the slow service provided by the hotel. Customers aren’t keen on waiting too long to reserve the hotel or order lunch or dinner at the restaurant. If, for instance, there is only one person at the Front Desk, then he is able to only serve one customer at one time. Customers are expected to wait in line. The long line makes customers angry.

Hotel Empire Tycoon

Another example is the chef in the restaurant could cook or take care of two customers at once. The other customers must stand in line for a while for a long time. Too much time in the waiting line can make them angry . Initially, they’ll display the angry symbol. Then, an annoying character will pop up every time they quit the hotel.

Hire More Workers To Get Rid Of Angry And Annoying Customers

If you don’t want upset customers, you could hire more employees. The presence of more employees means that more customers will be served at one time. For instance, you can hire employees at the front desk to help more customers at the same time. You won’t get angry responses from customers who are at your front desk so long as rooms are open to them.

Hire additional chefs to the restaurant so that they can serve many more patrons simultaneously. Employ more bartenders at the bar. Remember that this can increase costs – so make sure to hire employees when needed. Click on a facility to see the number of customers who will be there at any one moment.

Annoying Customers

Upgrade The Parking Lot

Customers who come to the hotel via vehicles have to park their cars. If there’s no parking space, the guests will not arrive at the hotel, and there is no parking icon on their vehicle. Make sure to upgrade your parking area for those who want to avoid this issue.

Monitor the customer’s actions in the hotel and identify the location where you require more employees.

That’s the entire point of this article about how to avoid making customers angry at Hotel Empire Tycoon


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