Honkai Impact 3rd – Best Weapons And Stigmata For Characters

What’s the best weapon or Stigma to use with your Valkyries? Here’s a list of the top weapons and Stigmata to fit all the Valkyrie characters within Honkai Impact 3rd, a 3D Action Role Playing Game for Android devices, with adorable Valkyries

Honkai Impact 3rd game features 16 Valkyries(yet) Here’s the complete list of their ranks.

  1. Blood Rose – Ranking S
  2. Battle Storm – rank B
  3. Scarlet Fusion – Rank – A
  4. Valkyrie Triumph – Rank – A
  5. Dimensional Break Rank – Dimensional Break S
  6. Snowy Sniper – Rank A
  7. Yamabuki Armor-Rank A
  8. Lightning Empress – Rank – S
  9. Valkyrie – Bladestrike – Rank – A
  10. Shadow Dash – Rank – A
  11. The Divine Prayer: Rank A
  12. Knight Moonbeam – Rank – S
  13. Valkyrie Ranger – Rank – A
  14. Valkyrie Chariot – Rank – B
  15. Crimson Impulse Crimson Impulse – Rank – B
  16. White Comb Rank B

The features, the equipment, the attack style, and the features of the different Valkyrie differ. This article discusses the steps to acquire these Valkyries in depth. The most effective weapon and stigmatizing weapon for your Valkyrie characters from Honkai Impact 3D. Honkai Impact 3rd game;

1.) White Comet


Melee attacker who has continuous DPS. Great at stopping enemies’ attacks. Survivability is high. The best weapon. Stigma in the world. White Comet Valkyrie:

For the beginner;

The best weapon to Use is Water Spirit – Type – 1. ATK 51 CRT -11

the Best Stigma –

  • Attila(T) increases physical Damage
  • Attila(M) Critical Damage
  • Attila(B) Enhances Focus

For advanced players;

The best weapon to Defend YourselfThe Energy Leaper

the Best Stigma

  • Cleopatra(T) is a powerful shield that increases the number of damages to shields damaged
  • Cleopatra(M) – Defense-type stigma.
  • Attila(B) increases physical Damage

2.) Crimson Impulse


Characteristics: Melee, slash attacks, Stable ADE damage in a narrow area.

For Beginners

Best Weapon – Pulse Katana Type-19

the Best Stigma

  • Elizabeth Bathory(T) Enhance defense by 15 percent when HP is 80 or more
  • Elizabeth Bathory(M) The increase in physical injury
  • Elizabeth Bathory(B) Speed – Accelerate Movement Speed

for Advanced Players;

Best Weapon – Void Blade

The Best Stigma

  • Ekaterina(T) • Increase DEF
  • Ekaterina(M) Increase physical damage
  • Ekaterina(B) • Speed up movement by 15% after generating the combination for 10 or more hits.

3.) Valkyrie Chariot


Characteristics – Performs well in constant range DPS and has a low-cost final capability with a long duration.

For newbies;

Best Weapon – Markov Type A

The Best Stigma

  • Yodo Dono(T) increases the damage to the fire of allies to 10% when uninstalled.
  • Sakamoto Ryoma(M) Enhances the physical damage from Switch attacks by fifteen percent
  • Nikola Tesla(B) increases the the amount of damage dealt to stunned opponents by 25 percent

To be used by advanced Players;

Best Weapon – Quantum Destroyed Type-II

The Best Stigma

  • Jixuanyuan(T) Increase the physical damage of an attack on switches by 30 percent
  • Cleopatra(M) • Increase the damage to enemies who are stunned by 40 percent
  • Isaac Newton(B) – – Increase the damage

4.) Valkyrie Ranger

Make use of ranged gun attacks to ensure continuous DPS. Offers support and control. High solo combat power.

For those who are new to HTML0;

Best Weapon – Artemis’ Guardian

The Best Stigma

  • Wangzhaojun(T) + Increase the maximum HP
  • Wangzhaoujun(M) – – Increase DEF by 8 %
  • Wangzhaojun(B) – – Increase the max SP during the battle by 4 percent

for Advanced Players;

Best Weapon – Mjolnir

The Best Stigma

  • Cleopatra(T)
  • Cleopatra(M)
  • Cleopatra(B)

5.) Knight Moonbeam

Middle-to-close-ranged AOE attack with high DPS. It is easy to trigger time fractures. Great burst damage is achieved with the aid of buffing CC.

A great weapon for beginners. Fire Spirit Type – I.

The Best Stigma for Knight Moonbeam [Beginners)” Wangzhaojun(T)(M), Attila(B).

A weapon for the more advanced player Advanced players – Hyper Railgun. The best stigma for advanced players

  • Kepler(T) is a defender who deals AOE physical injury when it triggers critical attacks
  • Kepler(M) Inflicts Paralyzed on nearby enemies, when it triggers critical attacks
  • Cleopatra(B) – – Increase the damage dealt to enemies who are paralyzed by 40 percent

6.) Divine Prayer

  • Divine Prayer is another Valyrike in Honkai Impact’s 3rd game, rank A. Here’s the list of the top weapon and the best stigma in the game of Divine Prayer;
  • For those who are new to the field;
  • The Best Weapon Water Spirit Type I
  • Best Stigma Best Stigma
    • Yodo Dono(T)
    • Elizabeth Bathory (M)
    • Elizabeth Bathory (B)
  • For advanced players;
  • The Best Weapon 2nd Sacred Relic
  • Best Stigma Best Stigma
    • Zhugekongming(T) – Reduces the the duration of effects caused by Ultimate Evasions
    • Dark Jixuanyuan(M) • Enhance Critical Rate by 15% when Time Fracture is used.
    • Dark Jixuanyuan(B) The Dark Jixuanyuan (B) increases movement speed up to 150% and attack velocity by 10% when time fracture is in effect.

7.) Shadow Dash


This A Rank Valkyrie is in Honkai Impact’s 3rd game and is good at backstabbing, dealing quick damage , and summoning copies.

The best weapon for beginners is Crystal Edge. The best stigma for beginners: Attila(T), Elizabeth Bathory(M), along with Attila(B).

A recommended tool for experienced players is: the Raikir sword. The most effective stigma – is Ekaterina(T)(M)(B).

8.) Valkyrie Bladestrike

Causes massive damage to targets in the air, with a high DPS to thwart enemies. The best strategy is to focus on fighting the one adversary.

The best weapon for Valkyrie Bladestrike(beginners) – is Lightning Soul. Best Stigma – Attari series.

For advanced players, Weapon: 3RD Scared Relic sword. The best Stigma for Advanced Players : Ekaterina series.

9.) Lightning Express


The S rank Valkyrie during Honkai Impact’s 3rd game. Honkai Impact’s third game offers an enormous amount of SP for the entire team.

The most effective weapon for beginners – is Pulse Katana Type 17. Best Stigma – Nikola Tesla(T)(M)(B).

For experienced players Weapon – MagStorm. The best stigma –

  • Shakespeare(T) – – Increase the lightning damage by 30 percent
  • Fuxi(M) increases the elemental damage to paralyzed enemies by 50 percent
  • Cleopatra(B) + Increase the damage dealt to enemies who are paralyzed by 40 percent

10.) Yamabuki Armor


This Rank Valkyrie can defend the entire team by using the protection of a Mecha shield.

The most effective weapon for beginners – is Markov Type A. The best stigma –

  • Elizabeth Bathory(T) • Enhance DEF 15 percent when HP is 80 percent or greater
  • Charlemagne(M) – – Increase defense by 50 percent when the skill points exceed 70 percent
  • Rowland(B) – – Increase the DEF

The most effective weapon for advanced Players The best weapon for advanced players Quantum Destroyer Type-II

Best Stigma Best Stigma

  • Lier (T) Lier (T) – increase DEF to 50 percent when HP is at or above 80.
  • Charlemagne(M)
  • Zhugekongming (B) Increase DEF by 20%, 40, 60 percent and 20 percent upon producing a 20-hit, 50-hit, and 100-hit combination, respectively.

11.) Snowy Sniper

Her most powerful skill is to freeze all enemies for a long period.

The best weapon for beginners is Markov Type A. Best Stigma – Hannah(T), Nikola Tesla(M), Hannah(B).

Advanced players, best Weapon, Fifth Sacred Relic. The Best Stigma –

  • Schrodinger(T) – – Increase the damage from basic and charged attacks.
  • Planck – increases physical damage by 40 percent. Increase the physical damage for the next attack by 30 percent.
  • Planck(B) • Reduce the speed of movement by 20 percent.

12.) Dimensional Break

The S Rank Valkyrie from Honkai Impact 3rd has a range of abilities; switching ability causes Time Slow, slowing enemies within a distance. The ultimate ability of Project Bunny is to taunt enemies.

The best weapon for beginners is Cathode Type-09. The Best Stigma

  • Sakamoto Ryoma(T) Enhances the physical damage to the attack charged by 9.9%
  • Elizabeth Bathory(M)
  • Attila(B)

The best tool that is suitable for Advanced Players – is Quantum Destroyer Type-II

Best Stigma Best Stigma

  • Lier Scarlet – Reduce maximum HP in combat and boost the damage of basic attacks.
  • Planck
  • Lier Scarlet(B)

13.) Valkyrie Triumph


A Rank Valkyrie. The most effective weapons are Nitro Crystal(beginners) and Seventh The Scared Relic(advanced players).

The Best Stigma(Beginners) —

  • Cleopatra(T)
  • Planck(M)
  • Planck(B)

The Best Stigma(Advanced Players) Best Stigma(Advanced Players)

  • Cleopatra(T)
  • Plankc(M)
  • Planck(B)

14.) Scarlet Fusion

Weapons to equip [Beginners] King Cobra.

Best Stigma(Beginners) – Yodo Dono(T), Elizabeth Bathory (M), Elizabeth Bathory (B).

Advanced players(Weapon) For advanced players (weapon) Blood Dance. The best stigma for advanced players (weapon)

  • Kepler(T)
  • Kepler(M)
  • Cleopatra(B)

15.) Battle Storm

Middle-ranged High DPS and shield breaking. Effective in suffocating the enemy. High damage reduction when attacked with a charge.

The most effective weapon to have is Vanguard [BeginnersBeginners. The best stigma for beginners –

  • Sakamoto Ryoma(T) Enhances the physical damage caused by charged attacks by 9 percent
  • Elizabeth Bathory(M) – Increase physical damage by 10 percent when HP is percent or higher
  • Elizabeth Bathory (B) – Enhance Movement Speed by 20 percent when HP is 80 percent or higher

Highly Advanced Player – The Best Weapon Ghostslayer Nagamitsu

The best stain to use for Battle Storm Valkyrie – is Jixuanyuan(T)(M)(B).

16.) Blood Rose

The S Rank Valkyrie gains SP by avoiding attacks and evading common situations.

The most effective weapon to have [beginnersfor beginners] is a King Cobra

Best Stigma Best Stigma

  • Rowland(T) Recovers HP every 3.0 seconds.
  • Yodo Dono(M) Yodo Dono (M) – Increases fire damage by 15% and reduces the amount of fire damage by 20 percent.
  • Nikola Tesla(B)

The Best Weapon [Advanced Players] Blood Dance.

Best Stigma Best Stigma

  • Planck(T)
  • Shakespeare(M)
  • Fuxi(B) is a method to increase the damage caused to the ignited enemies by 30 percent.

These are the top weapons and the most infamous Stigmas for Valkyrie characters from Honkai Impact’s 3rd game.


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