Hotel Empire Tycoon – Angry And Annoying Customers

Have you noticed the annoying and angry customers at the hotel? Continue reading to learn how to resolve this problem and avoid annoying customers at Hotel Empire Tycoon.

Hotel Empire

You might have noticed annoying and angry customers if you’ve played Hotel Empire Tycoon for some time. This signifies that the customer has had a negative experience at the hotel. The angry or annoying symbol will be displayed on their heads until they leave the hotel. This article will show you how to deal with angry and annoying customers at Hotel Empire Tycoon. Let’s get started!

Why do customers get angry at Hotel Empire Tycoon

Customers can be angry for many reasons. Customers will often leave the hotel as soon as they find out there is no room. You will notice a red symbol above their heads. Slow service from the hotel is another reason. Customers want to book a hotel room or eat lunch/dinner at the restaurant immediately. If there is only one person at the Front Desk, he can only attend to one customer at a given time. All customers will be required to wait in line. Customers will become angry if they spend too much time in the queue.

Hotel Empire

Another example: The chef can serve two customers at once at the restaurant. Customers will need to wait in line. Too much time in the queue can make them mad. They will first show an angry symbol. After that, a character will be placed over their heads until they leave the hotel.

Employ More Workers to Get Rid of Angry and Annoying Customers

You can also hire more employees if you don’t want customers to be angry. There are more workers, which means that customers can be served faster. Hire workers to assist customers. As long as they have access to the rooms, you will avoid any angry reactions from customers at the front desk.

To serve more customers, hire more chefs to work at the restaurant. More bartenders can be employed. This will increase your expenses, so make sure you hire workers when they are needed. Tap on the facility to see how many customers can be served at once.

Upgrading the Parking Lot

Customers who arrive at the hotel by car must park their vehicles. Customers who arrive at the hotel by car will park their cars in a designated parking space. If you wish to end this situation, upgrade your parking lot.

To find a suitable facility, keep an eye on your customer.

This concludes my post about not making customers mad at Hotel Empire Tycoon.


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