Hello Hero Epic Battle Guide, Tips, Cheats & Strategy

Fincon has created Hello Hero Epic Battle, a new role-playing game for Android. In our Hello Hero Epic Battle guide, you can find our Hello Hero Epic Battle strategy, tips, and cheats.

Fincon’s Hello Hero Epic Battle soft-launched in select countries ten months ago. Hello, Hero Epic Battle has been officially launched worldwide after a lengthy soft launch. You can build your own deck and fight against bosses, enemies, and tyrants in the game for gold coins, weapons, and crafting material. Hello, Hero Epic Battle features more than 100 heroes and many game modes. Our Hello Hero Epic Battle guide, or Hello Hero, Epic Battle strategy, can help you understand the game’s mechanics. Let’s get started!



Battle mechanics in the game are simple. You can choose up to five heroes to fight in adventure mode and 10 for the expedition. Heroes in the queue can join the battle when a slot is empty in the 10 Vs. Mode. Heroes attack enemies automatically during a match; you have complete control over their abilities. Tap the skill icon to unlock the hero’s skills. Tap the icon to let the hero retreat or heal if they are not feeling well.
It may seem easy initially, but it will get more challenging as time progresses. The battles get more difficult as you advance in Hello Hero Epic Battle. This is where you need to power up the heroes on the deck. It is essential to power up the heroes. Practicing it regularly is also necessary, so you don’t feel the pain of battle. Let’s take a look at each step:



Each game mode has its own squad. Go to the hero menu and select the hero section. Tap the drop-down to choose the way: expedition, battlefield, or world boss. It is easy to build a deck. It would help if you were careful about the order of the deck—place defensive heroes in the first or second slot, followed by attackers and supporters. The party’s heroes will suffer more damage if they are placed in the first slot. Defense-type characters have high HP and defense stats, so putting them in the first slots can help a lot.

You can filter heroes in the available heroes section by type. Defenders, attackers, and supporters are all options. There are two types of attackers: melee or ranged. While melee attackers strike enemies at close range, went attackers attack enemies from a far greater distance. The supporter characters can assist allies by enhancing their skills, increasing resistance, shielding, and much more. You can find the details by going to the hero information page and tapping the skill info.

The critical point is the team formation – defenders+melee/ranged attackers+supporters.


Hello, Hero Epic Battle features four types of heroes: SS (Purple), S (Blue), A(Green), and B(Grey). You can find out the rarity of each hero on the hero information page. In the long term, B-rank heroes do not perform well. A-grade heroes can be considered average (not very good in a long time). Good S-grade heroes. SS-grade heroes can be an excellent choice for the long term. Don’t over-develop B-Rank heroes. Concentrate on heroes of high grades.


Equipment is classified into four grades: SS, B, and A. The background color of the equipment icon will help you identify which grade it is. Purple denotes SS. Blue denotes S. Green denotes A. Grey denotes B. To get crafting material or upgrading material, you can use low-grade equipment during the dismantling.


Free hero and hero cards can be obtained using gold or diamonds. Free – You can play the adventure mode to get your hero cards for free. You can also claim a free basic card deal in the shop menu and get B-SS grade heroes.

Spend gold coins or diamonds in the shop section to purchase heroes/heroes cards.


To upgrade the hero, you will need to use Hero Cards. The hero’s stats, star level, and maximum level can be upgraded by upgrading it. You can see the upgrade requirements on the hero profile page.


  1. Step up
  2. Upgrading
  3. Equipment
  4. Enhance Equipment
  5. Costumes
  6. Gems
  7. Enhance Gems
  8. Talent
  9. Upgrading skill

The above methods will help players increase the power of their heroes. Let’s get into the details.

Leveling up: You can either use EXP potions to level up your hero or play the game. Play the game to add the hero to your team and win the battles. The victory awards EXP to all heroes and allows you to level up. EXP Potions – The material can be used to make potions in the workshop. Tap the item to see how it can be obtained. Repeat/play any stages that are mentioned in the material source listing.

Upgrade – To upgrade a hero, you need hero cards.

Equipment -> You will find equipment in the adventure mode or the workshop. You can purchase equipment items such as weapons, accessories and armor. Go to the hero’s profile page and click equipment.

Tap the equipment to enhance it. Enhancement powder is required to improve your equipment. It can be purchased from Stargate or adventure stages. Find out more about Stargate.

Upgrade equipment -> You can upgrade a piece of equipment after enhancing it several times. Upgrades require material (harmonium, essence) which can be obtained by dismantling the equipment in the adventure mode Stargate.


These costume items include a helmet, wings, glasses, armor, and weapons. These items are available when you complete a story. To level up your heroes and gain talent points, you can equip them with costume items. These costume items can be found in the closet tab.


Gems can be found in many types and improve the resistance to specific enemy properties, such as poison, lightning, and burn. How do you get gems? The expedition mode can yield treasures.

How can you use gems? These gems can be bound with costumes in the closet tab. Go to the gem tab first and verify its type. This includes weapons, armor, wings, glasses, and a head. Depending on its type, you can bind it with the costume or the item. If the slot type of the gem is a weapon, you can wrap it with the weapon item from the hero’s wardrobe menu.


Stargate is a great way to farm many items, including crafting, enhancing, and upgrading materials. You can inspect it by going to the lobby (tap the hero tab at the bottom). You will be able to see the Stargate if it is open. Tap the Stargate and select a research option -> send heroes to purchase items. You can only send heroes once. It will open again, so you’ll need to wait.

Tyrants Guide – Hello Hero Epic Battle


After being defeated, Tyrants are potent enemies that drop valuable and rare items. How can you find them or spot them? You can detect tyrants by tapping on the objects in the adventure mode screen. You will see many things on either the left or right side of the adventure screen: trees, mushrooms, houses, light pole, and others. Once it is detected, you will see a monster icon near the daily chest bar. Tap it to start -> defeat in restricted counts.

As a Hello Hero Epic Battle guide, that’s it. Let’s take a look at our top Hello Hero Epic Battle strategies, cheats, and tips.

Hello Hero Epic Battle tips, cheats & strategy

1.) Get the Daily Chest from Each Region

You can divide the adventure mode into regions. You can switch between areas by scrolling up and down on the adventure mode screen. Below the region name, you will see a daily chest bar. To claim your daily chest, repeat the steps in the region. You can get gold coins, material, hero cards, and trunks from this chest.

2.) Tap The Suspicious Items For Rewards

Suspicious Items

There are many objects in the adventure mode. If an object is highlighted with a “???? Mark the sign, then tap it. Tap the thing if it is highlighted with a? Free diamonds, gold coins, and energy could be yours. Watching the video advertisement, you can get event rewards from the characters and double your prize.

3.) Spend the Talent Points

Talent points are earned when you upgrade a hero. These points can be used to improve your attack, defense, health, or other stats. Tap the menu under the hero tab and choose talent. Choose a type: defender, ranged attack, melee attacker, or supporter to spend points. Spending in the support section will increase the abilities of your supporter hero.

4.)Craft The Items In Workshop

In the workshop section, you can make EXP potions and weapons, armor, accessory, harmonium (equipment-upgrading material), and pike. You can gather the equipment for Stargate, adventure mode stage(repeat), tyrants, and expedition.

5.) Use Time Leap Feature For Instant Rewards

As a reward, you can get a Time Leap item and use it immediately to clear the stage. Tap on any location to activate time leap. To adjust the frequency, use the seek bar and confirm. You will be charged time, leap item energy, and money. Instantly you will reap the benefits.

6.) Participate in the Events, Episode Adventures

Hello, Hero Epic Battle offers a range of events and episodes. The event option can be found in the lobby. You can also participate in an episode adventure to earn episode points that you can spend in the costume shop for heroes’ costumes.

7.) Join A Squad ASAP

You can access another game mode by joining a squad: squad wars. The leader of the team can initiate squad wars. These are the rules:

Ten players should be ready to play with the deck. Each squad war lasts approximately 10 hours. All players can freely fight during this time. There is a maximum attack limit of 5 times. The battle will be won by the squad that has the most points. You can get free coins and other juicy rewards by joining a team.

These are the best Hello Hello Epic battle tips, cheats, and a beginner’s strategy guide. You can now share your information by commenting below.


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