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Hero Town Online is an entirely new RPG from SoftCone that transports players to the city of heroes. Check out the Hero Town Online guide, tips, cheats , and strategies.

Hero Town

The version for the world of Hero Town Online has just been made available to Android through SoftCone. It’s an easy RPG where you travel through the town of the heroes, and fight the enemies and bosses with various modes. There is also a prestige system known as reincarnation. This game is referred to as Reborn, which gives you skills points you can use on your hero. If you’re just starting to participate in the sport, you’re on the right track. Its Hero Town Online guide covers the basics that the game offers. Additionally, we’ve provided various Hero Town Online tips, strategies, and cheats that could interest you. In the meantime now, let’s get to the leading site.

Hero Town Online Guide, Tips:

Your game will aim to build the character stronger to be able to defeat powerful enemies when you are in hunting mode. The game starts in the hunting mode , where you hunt for creatures and then grind EXP, gold coins, and crafting materials. Additionally, as a first obvious reward in the game, it offers you free dimension stones. When you grind EXP, your character’s level rises – by the time you reach 50, you can revive and earn skill points. In addition, the game awards the player stat points each time you get to a level. Making use of them to help make your character stronger is among the primary tasks of the player. Learn everything thoroughly and look through all Hero Town Online tips, cheats, and techniques:

Spend the Stat Points

You can earn stat points as the character level up. Hero Town Online gives players stat points that they can use to increase the hero’s stats as a reward for leveling up. For instance, you could use these stats to boost the power of attack, which helps him deal more significant damage to foes in the fight. Navigate to the character menu , then navigate into the tab for stats. Then, you need to press the +10 or +1 button in the middle of a specific statistic;

Agility, Strength, Luck, and Life are the four major characteristics that make up the heroes. One means to spend one stat point. +10 is to spend ten stat points. You can change the stat tree at any time by pressing the reset button and assigning the stats at any time.

Find out more about the Stat Points.

When you spend the stat points to improve an individual hero’s characteristic, and you increase specific battle parameter statistics. We will discuss the following the following:

Strength – It enhances the power of attack of the hero. Damage is increased for each ten stat points.

Agility is related to the evasion statistics. The speed of attack increases for the Hero for every ten stat points invested in the agility attribute.

Luck increases CRIT/GOld acquisition rate – for every ten stat points, CRIT DMG increases.

Life – It boosts the strength/HP/health of the character. Each time you score 10 points on the health attribute in life, HP grows.

Let’s look into the attributes/battle parameter

  • HP HP Max Vitality/Health
  • DEF = Defense. The greater the defense of the hero is, the less damage can sustain from an attack by the enemy
  • ATK – DMG is the power of the hero
  • ATK SPD – Damage Per Second
  • Critical Rate – Possibility for unleashing an incredibly high speed during the fight in the Hero Town Online game
  • Critical DEF – Lowers CRIT trigger chance of the opponent
  • Accuracy – The greater the precision, the less chance of hitting a miss
  • Evasion – Dodge
  • Penetration – Defensor’s DEF down

Make yourself familiar with the Hero Town Online Hunting Mode.

Go to the Hunting mode, and there are a lot of areas; Novice Tower, Demon Forest, Fallen Dungeon, Orc Town, and various other game modes such as Challenge Tower, and Otherworldly Castle. It is possible to grind EXP or gold coins, crafting materials, and more by hunting or playing the areas; Novice Tower, Demon Forest, Fallen Dungeon, and Orc Town.

Select any region and select the appropriate level for the area; beat the boss to earn an entry for free. You will earn soulstones, rubies repairs tool, automatic entry tickets, scrolls for enhancement, and many other items in the game mode boss.

Every region is playable in five difficulty levels, typical hell, brutal hell, hellfire, and the other. In the screen for Hunting mode, located in the upper left corner, you can choose the difficulty level for your area.

Learn More About the process of leveling

On the upper-left side in the upper-left corner of the main display, you can see the current level and the EXP amount needed to reach the next milestone on Hero Town Online. You are grinding EXP in the hunting areas to gain levels quickly.

Upgrade your equipment

Go to the Blacksmith shop where you can create and buy equipment. Weapons and equipment are classified into three categories that are familiar, rare, and exclusive. Standard gears are not glowing or sparkle. Rarely used gears are blue in glow or color on the. Unique gears also have an ethereal glow/color or charm. Unique gears are more valuable than ordinary gears and rare ones. Rare gears are superior to standard gears.

Try crafting or acquiring the unique gears available in Hero Town Online. Weapons are of these types; one-handed/tow-handed/Axe/blunt-weapon/spear. Types of armor; helmet or armor and shield.

You can purchase these armors by using gold. Gold is an excellent ingredient to grind in hunting areas.

Grind Equipment Material

You can grind the crafting materials or equipment materials in hunting areas.

  • Zombie’s Nail Demon Forest
  • Skeleton Piece – Fallen Dungeon
  • Melted Armor Piece Novice Forest
  • Molar – Orc Town’s Molar — Orc Town
  • Fallen Heart – Demon Forest Hard Level
  • Sword Fragment – Fallen Dungeon Hard Level
  • Ores are Ores can be obtained by taking apart the equipment
  • Richie’s Scroll Richie’s Scroll Demon Forest Nightmare Level
  • Seal of the Dead – Fallen Dungeon Nightmare
  • Spoiled Meat Pieces Demon Forest
  • Bone Powder – Fallen Dungeon
  • Dead Eyeball Dead Eyeball Demon Forest
  • Holy Grail With Poison – Fallen Dungeon
  • Contaminated Water – Clean Water Contaminated Clean Water Demon Forest Nightmare
  • Magic Ring – Fallen Dungeon Nightmare

Head to the character tab -> equipment -> there; you equip/unequip/disassemble weapons, armors, and accessories.

Reborn, Activate, and Upgrade Skill

When playing Hero Town Online, you have to be reborn to earn skill points. You can use skill points to activate the skills or upgrade abilities. Navigate into the menu for your character> stats -> reborn and earn more SP by reaching the highest level. Click on the skill tab where you can use the points on activating or upgrading, or unlocking new skills like a potion, passive as well as assist, and active.

Take a look at the Hero Town.

  • Combat Arena Combat Arena PvE Area where you can fight against with other players
  • Potion Shop – Purchase potions that you can use in the fight to restore HP. Additionally, you can create skills and skill book pages that you can obtain when you hunt the boss.
  • Kingdom – Take a look at each day’s quests and kingdom missions. You can complete them to earn valuable rewards.
  • Blacksmithing – Buy and create equipment.
  • Pension – – Claim gold coins and EXP to be pension. Upgrade to earn more
  • Add Friend
  • Rankings – Check the PvP, event, and guild rankings
  • Mail – Pick up gifts or read the latest update notices.
  • Costumes – Use rubies to purchase a costumes
  • Shop – Find items, boosters, gold, or rubies at no cost by watching the videos, and random events/gear chests when you watch the video advertisements
  • Vouchers – Paid Items
  • Guild – Use guild money
  • PKG Shop – Paid items
  • The Guild: Join the guild
  • Character – Access to stats, equipment, equipment enhancement/enchantment, skills, costumes, and stamp
  • Temple – N/A
  • Pet Home – Adopt pets
  • The Guild: Join the guild or Form an organization
  • Mini-Game – Play mini-games and rank up to earn gold coins and soulstones

The temple mini-game, guild, or pet home by turning to the right of the hero town(slide to the right).
That’s the entire point of this article about Hero Town Online guide, suggestions for newbies.


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