Harbingers: Last Survival – List Of Harbingers & Their Roles, Skills

Harbingers: Last Survival game has over 50 characters, Warrior, Mage, Assassin and Shooter. Here’s the complete Harbingers listing of Harbingers included in the game.


In this article, we’ve provided the characters that are featured in the Harbingers: Last Survival game. The game has four classes of characters – your character’s strengths will be based on the particular class. For instance, Warrior class characters are the best on the first row, whereas shooter class characters are the best when they are in the back row. If you’re new to the game, we suggest you read our Harbingers’ guide for beginners. Then, let’s go to the main page.

Harbingers: Last Survival – List Of Characters/Harbingers In The Game: –

Shooters: –

  • Yi Sun0Sin – S-Grade – Magical damage to the players in the front row.
  • Morgan Le Fay – S-Grade – AoE Magic Damage
  • Alfred Nobel – A-Grade – PHY DMG to the rear row enemies
  • Nikola Tesla – A-Grade – Magical damage to the person who is the target
  • George Patton – A-Grade – PHY DMG to random enemies
  • Paris A-Grade : A-Grade Magic DMG for the Front Row adversary
  • Robin Hood Robin Hood – B-Grade Ph. DMG towards the row behind
  • Fox Winchester – C-Grade – PHY DMG to the desired target
  • Wood – C-Grade – Ph DMG for the object on the back row

Warriors: –

  • Zhao Yun – S-Grade – PHY DMG to the entire column of the desired target
  • Oda Nobunaga”Magic” Damage to a target AoE DMG
  • Julius Caesar – S-Grade – PHY DMG to the enemy with the lowest health bleeding effect
  • Hercules – S-Grade – Sleep Protection, PHY DMG
  • Cervantes S-Grade – DMG PHY to the random enemy, reduces the chance of getting hit.


  • Thomas Edison – A-Grade – PHY DMG towards the goal, and gains energy
  • Alexander The Great A-Grade – Magic DMG to the person in front of the target AoE DMG Damage + for each reduction in the target
  • Hector – A-Grade-Magic injury to the columns of a target. Decreases the DEF/PHY of the mark on the row behind
  • Jeanne d’Arc – A-Grade – PHY DMG to the target on the back row, and PHY DMG for three targets located in the back row
  • Li Bai – A-Grade – PHY DMG to the target, recovers ammo for the allies


  • Siegfried B-Grade – Physical DMG to the other target
  • Mordred B-Grade PHY AMG is delivered to his goal in the front row, and receives his block.
  • Leonidas – B-Grade – Phy DMG to the target. Creates a magic shield for the ally within the same row
  • Pythagoras B-Grade – Physical damage to the victim on the left weakness impact
  • James Watt – B-Grade – PHY DMG to the unit with the most significant attack, the Taunt effect


  • Lala -Magic DMG, Splash DMG
  • Maria Physical DMG to the opponent having the lowest HP

Harbingers Characters List: –

Mage(S-Grade): –

  • Solomon Solomon Magic DMG for the intended target AoE DMG
  • Dante Alighieri – Magic damage to enemies within the same column. Disples the debuffs
  • Nicolaus Copernicus – Magic DMG to the front of the enemy
  • Helen of Troy Helen of Troy – Magic DMG for the adversary with the most significant attack
  • Hugo – AoE Magic DMG

A-Grade: –

  • Florence Nightingale – Recovers the HP of the unit allied to it, who is the one with the lowest HP – Healing.
  • Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart – AoE Healing
  • Queen of Sheba Queen of Sheba Buff Allies attacks Self-healing.
  • Cleopatra Cleopatra Magic DMG towards the intended
  • Hohenheim Hohenheim – effect(debuff on the opponent) Magic DMG

B-Grade: –

  • Princess Sissi – AoE Magic DMG

Assassin Characters List: –

S-Grade: –

  • Elizabeth Bathory – Magic DMG to the opponent with the highest HP
  • Jack : PHY DMG, the opponent who has the most HP
  • Hasan Magic DMG for the unit that has the least amount of blood and also gains shadows

A-Grade: –

  • Hattori Hanzo – – PHY DMG for the enemy unit that has the least PHY DEF
  • Erwin Schrodinger – Magica DMG to the target on the back row
  • Marcus Junius Junius Brutus, PHY DMG for the team of the enemy which has the lowest HP left
  • Akechi Mitsuhide” Magic DMG” to the team of the enemy located to the left of the front row

B-Grade: –

  • Arsene Lupin PHY DMG is directed towards the person in the front of him.


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