Green Idle Tycoon – Guide, Tips & Cheats

Green Idle Tycoon is a brand new Android Idle game, published by Vesta Soft LLC. Find out more about Green Idle Tycoon guide, tricks, cheats, and strategies

Green Idle

Vesta Sof LLC, responsible for games such as Kush Tycoon, Weed Farm Tycoon, and more, has recently released a brand-new game for Android named Green Idle Tycoon. It’s a basic game featuring the classic idle system, where you control a flower empire and earn money. If you are beginning to start taking part in the sport, you’re on the right path. The Green Idle Tycoon guide covers the fundamentals of the game. Additionally, we’ve posted several Green Idle Tycoon tips, cheats, and strategies to master the game.

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The game is where you need to run an empire of flowers. Within the building, you can access several unlocked floors, and on every floor, you can cultivate a particular type of flower. For instance, when you begin this game, you’ll be on the very first floor; you will grow Aster and then Cornflower Gailarda, Gailarda, and other blooms on the following foundations. All you need to perform is touch the employees to let them begin working. On each floor, a worker is responsible for the flowers. Once the flowers bloom, they are sent to the person who moves them from the feet to the ground via the elevator. The flowers are then offered on the market for money that is not used. Learn everything thoroughly and discover all the Green Idle Tycoon tips & techniques.

Automate The Tasks

Once you have constructed an entirely new floor and begun developing the new breed of flowers, be sure to employ the managers to automate the cutting process. In default, you need to tap to cut the flowers – but with managers, there is no need to tap. Managers can be deployed in three areas: elevators, stores, and floors.

The floor manager can automate this task by plucking the bouquet of flowers and delivering them to the storage box. Elevator Manager – manages the transportation. The flowers are taken from the storage containers to the floor below, where the flower arrangements are made available—store manager – floor, where you sell flowers.


Merge The Manager

Tap on any manager and reveal the Manager menu. You can then hire managers. You can combine two managers who are of a similar level to create an upper-level manager. Tap hold, then moves the manager to the duplicate to join. This will result in an upper-level manager immediately.

Level Up Floor, Shop, And Elevator

To make more money on Green Idle Tycoon, you need to level the floors, shops, and elevator. Each floor can tap the button to level up. Click it to spend the idle coins. On the bottom of the building are two buttons to a level that are used for classes for elevators and shops.

Tips: Upgrade the top-ranking floors first, as they earn more money than the lower-rank floors. Also, you can move from the top floor to the lower floors.

Activate The Manager’s Skills

After you have appointed the manager to the floor, in the shop, or on an elevator, you’ll see the skill button above her head. Press it to start the ability.

Use The Skills Wisely In Green Idle Tycoon

Within Green Idle Tycoon, all the managers you recruit possess different abilities. Managers can reduce the cost of upgrades, boost work speed, and offer numerous buffs due to their expertise. Before you upgrade your shop or floor, make sure you have an upgrade manager. Upgrade managers are skilled enough to lower the price of upgrades. Utilize their abilities so that you pay less on upgrades to the shop/floor.

Reach Milestone Levels For Cash

Idle Cash, also known as Green Cash or Super Cash, is the most valuable currency in the game for Green Idle Tycoon. It can be earned by completing the shop, floor, and elevator milestones—for instance, levels 10, 20 to 50, and so on.

Activate The Boosters

On the bottom-right-hand corner of the game’s screen, or the footer menu, hit”boost” to boost the earnings.


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