Gravity Rider Cheats, Tips & Strategy Guide

Gravity Rider Gravity Rider Space Bike Racing Game Online is a brand-new racer based on physics for Android and iOS. Explore the Gravity Rider cheats, tips, and strategy guides to help you master the game.


Gravity Rider – Space Bike Racing Game Online – This is a new physics-based racing app for Android and iOS. To master Gravity Rider, you can check out our cheats, strategies and tips.

Vivid Games’ new game Gravity Rider is now available worldwide for Android or iOS. Gravity Rider features both a single-player and online multiplayer modes. The most prominent element of the game is Gravity Rider’s tracks. The game’s main challenge is maintaining balance as it’s physics-based. You cannot also pass the ramps because of those deadly traps. Gravity Rider is an exciting racing game that features stunning 3D graphics, a variety of excellent bikes, customization options, and many chapters. Today, we will cover everything you need to know about Gravity Rider . We also have Gravity Rider cheats, tips and tricks.

Get Started with Gravity Rider: The Basics

Let’s start with the basics before we get into the tips, tricks, and cheats section. You will be given a D-grade bicycle at the beginning of the game. Gravity Rider features a variety of bikes with different stats, including speed, grip, and many other attributes. In the guide section below, we will dive into the stats. There are four types of bikes: D, C and B. Grade bikes have higher stats than other grades. By increasing your player level, you can unlock bikes. You will need to spend coins once the bike is unlocked.

You can access the solo campaign mode at the beginning of the game. Here you will complete chapters and earn stars. To unlock the next chapter, you will need to make stars. Online mode allows you to compete against your rivals. The first-place player earns three points. The second placer gets 1-2 points, and the third gets zero points. You will gain more points and move into the successive league. You will receive a premium chest and coins for every jump in the company. You can also earn coins and XP. Gems are another in-game currency/item. Gems can be used to purchase premium chests from the shop. These premium chests include upgrade cards (epic, legendary and rare), and vehicle cards (paint, trial). This Gravity Rider guide is for beginners. Let’s now look at our Gravity Rider Guide before moving on to the Gravity Rider Cheats, Tips & Tricks section.

Gravity Rider Guide:

This section will cover the vehicle’s stats and cards, upgrades, and levelling up. Let’s ride: –

Vehicle Statistics

You will need to improve various vehicle stats to pass the difficult stages in solo campaign mode. These are the details:

  1. Acceleration – Increase it to achieve top speed faster (Engine).
  2. Speed – Improving the vehicle will increase its speed (Body).
  3. Rotation – Rotate fast in mid-air (Controls).
  4. Stability – Make the car more stable (Suspension).
  5. Grip – Reducing friction (ground and air) and increasing power (Wheels).
  6. Your vehicle’s overall horsepower is classified as A, B or C.

How to unlock new vehicles?

As you level up, new vehicles and bikes are unlocked. The garage menu has a list of all the bikes. You can switch bikes by going to the garage menu and swiping. In-game currency (i.e. To unlock the bikes, you will need to spend in-game money (i.e. To learn how to quickly level up in Gravity Rider, read the cheats and tips & tricks section.

Cards Guide – Upgrading the Vehicle Stats

You can improve the vehicle’s speed and acceleration by installing better gears. You will need to replace the engine, suspension, wheels, engine, and body. These gears are available in the chest or as cards. Once you have collected enough cards of a particular load (i.e. You can upgrade your engine after you have obtained enough cards of a specific gear(i.e. Premium chests like the champion, neutron, and quasar offer rare/legendary cards (bags), these rewards (chests) can be earned by advancing your rank in the online mode.

Guide to Leveling Up

You will need XP to increase your player level. To earn XP, you can play solo or online PvP. Once you have achieved a certain amount of XP, your group will be increased, and you will receive the level chest, which you can claim in the shop menu. Learn how to level up quickly by reading the tips section.

Online Mode Guide

Online mode allows players to compete against other players and earn ranking points. You will be promoted to a higher-level league, where you can compete with professional players, as you gain more ranking points. Each day ends the season. You will be awarded the premium chest and coins at the end of each season based on your rank.

This Gravity Rider guide is for beginners. Let’s now look at Gravity Rider cheats and tips to help you master the game.

1.) Tips, tricks, and cheats for Gravity Rider

As of now, Gravity Rider has two control options. Tap the gear icon in the upper-left corner of the main screen. You can toggle between the controls on the next screen. You can choose the default option if you feel comfortable maintaining balance using the left-side keys. Otherwise, you can switch to the second option, which has these controls on your right side.

2.) Master the Controls

Mastering Gravity Rider means mastering all aspects of the game. It’s easy. It can be hard to balance your bike if you run into traps or jumps, elevators, and puzzling tracks. As you progress through the campaign mode, the number of traps will increase. The only way to avoid these traps and to clear the confusing tracks is to master the controls. These are some tips:

  • Slow down when you pass through the jagged area (using the left gas key).
  • Turn your bike in the air while moving down.
  • Be aware of “stop” signs.

This means there’s an elevator or big trap ahead.

Backflip -> While in the air, hold down the left rotate icon. Frontflip – While in the air, hold down the right rotate icon.

3.) Grab Your XP Points To Level up Fast and More


When racing solo, you often receive the XP points/power-ups. These power-ups will give you more XP at the end of your race. You can repeat the stages in solo campaign mode to earn more XP. Online mode also offers XP.

 4.) Watch the Video Ads for Free Coins and Gems

You can always earn more coins or gems in the shop menu by watching the video advertisement. You can also upgrade your vehicle’s parts by simply watching the video advertisement. It’s a waste of time. You will have more fun completing the stages and getting XP and coins. It’s hard to have fun watching the same video over and over.

5.) Upgrade the Vehicles, but Wisley

Spending thousands of dollars on D-grade or C-grade coins would be a waste. If you do so, you will only get a long-term benefit from upgrading a low-grade bicycle; you can quickly level up by going through the campaign mode stages, unlocking high-grade bikes, and investing coins in them.


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