GOT Beyond The Wall Tips, Guide: How To Get Silver Stag?

How do I get Silver Stag in GOT Beyond The Wall? Check out this article to find Game of Thrones Beyond The Wall Silver Stag Farming Guide Tips and tips for novices.

Silver Stag is the premium in-game currency available in Game of Thrones Beyond The Wall. It can be used in the shop of merchants’ Carved Glyphs, Shifting decks, Copper Penny, and other sources. Because it’s a vital game currency, it takes work to find at no cost. Additionally, you should make wise use of it – best to use it for Carved Glyph when you wish to draw the heroes of Night’s Watch Recruitment. One Draw is one Carved Glyph.

Additionally, one Carved Glyph cost 300 silver Stag. If you are looking to collect all characters and heroes from Game of Thrones Beyond The Wall, it is necessary to have lots of Silver Stag so that you will be able to obtain more Carved Glyph for drawing more characters. In this post, we’ve provided every method to earn Silver Stag to play the game. We’ll save time and get to the main article.

Game of Thrones Beyond The Wall Silver Stag Farming Guide, Tips & Tricks: –

Use these methods for grinding Silver Stag for free in GOT Beyond The Wall –

Earn 300 Silver Stag By Completing All The Daily Quests

You could get 300 Silver Stags daily if you complete all daily tasks. Every daily quest earns you x25-x 50 activation points. You must earn x300 activity points per day. The game will give you three chests of activity if you have 100/200/300 points in your account.

  • 100 Points Activity Chest – x50 Silver Stag for free
  • 200 Points Activity Chest – x100 Silver Stag for free
  • 300 Points Activity Chest – x150 Silver Stag for free


Claim The Weekly Activity Chests

Weekly Activity chests will also grant you a free silver stag. You have to finish all the daily tasks and get the most activity points you can. Alongside the daily chests for activity, You can also get three additional weekly bins of activity:

  • 600 Pts – x100 Silver Stag
  • 1200 Pts – x200 Silver Stag
  • 2100 Pts – x300 Silver Stag

Complete The Achievements For Silver Stag

Apart from the regular quests, achievements will also grant you free silver stags. Visit the achievements part in Game of Thrones Beyond The Wall and look over the successes. The majority of them will award 100-300 silver stags.

Reach Milestones Level Of Lord Commander


Every level in Lord Commander grants you 600-1450 Silver Stag. When you reach 100, you’ll receive the 1450 silver Stag. Below is what the steps to take at milestone Lord commander levels. The following are the levels: The first is

  • Level 5, 10, 15, 20, 25, 30, 35, 40, 45, 50, 55, 60, 65, 70, 75, 80, 85, 90, 95, and 100.

Click on the Merchant Errands option located in the upper-left corner(treasure box that has the bird), then go to progression objectives. There you can redeem these rewards for milestones.

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Complete New Player Event Quests

 Player Event

If you are beginning to play this game, ensure that you complete every one of the new events for players. These quests are based on events and offer Silver Stag currency as a reward. Many of these quests offer 100 silver stags for free.

Redeem The Codes

Every now and then, the game’s developers game announce redeem codes via the social networks of their game. You can find the regulations by visiting their channels. If you use these codes, you can get a free silver stag.

Tap the avatar of the profile player in the upper-left corner to redeem a code, then enter the redemption code. That’s all there is to it.

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This article’s entire content is on Game of Thrones Beyond The Wall Silver Stag farming guide, tips, and techniques.


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