God Punch: Idle Defense Cheats: Guide, Tips & Tricks

God Punch: Idle Defense, a new mobile idle game in which you must save the Earth at all costs. Continue reading for God Punch: Idle Defense cheats and guide.

God Punch

Game, the mobile gaming company, is well-known for Dragon Project. Recently, a new mobile game called God Punch: Idle Defense was released. This is a challenging but straightforward game where you must build a squad of mini-gods to protect the earth from the monsters. Zero is the main character of this game. Help Zero to reach his goal. You are here if you’re starting to play it. This God Punch: Idle Defense guide explains the basics. We have also shared some God Punch: Idle Defense strategies, cheats, and tips that you might enjoy. Let’s get to the main content, which includes the walkthrough and tips & tricks.

God Punch: Idle Defence Cheats, Guides, Tips & Tricks:

First, zero and mini-gods automatically attack monsters. You can use their super-powerful mega abilities to do more damage or create other effects. The core will be gained as you defeat the evil creatures that infest the earth. A core is a core in God Punch: Idle Defense. It can be used to upgrade Zero, mini-gods, and land. You will move through the stages mode, facing endless enemies. The boss will appear at certain stages. The stage will be reset if the boss or enemies succeed in invading Earth. You won’t be able to advance further if you don’t kill the boss. Let’s get to the bottom of it all and discover all the God Punch Idle Defense tips, tricks, and cheats:

Tap The Core Planet For Core

 Core Planet

You will see the core planet pass if you keep your eyes on the combat screen. Tap on the core planets to get a pack. This will allow you to upgrade your team quickly. This reward can be doubled by watching the video advertisement – optional.

Mini-Gods Skills

All Mini-Gods of God Punch: Idle Defense possess unique abilities. First, you must understand their skills so you can activate them when you want. Wolly, for example, is a mini-god with the ability to inflict AoE damage. To check the skill of a mini-god, go to the tab mini-gods -> tap the hamburger menu at the top-right.

Inflicting damage is possible by using the Wolly’s skills, as shown in the above example. You will need to have a lot of DPS when fighting bosses. It is better to use your DPS skills when you are fighting bosses.

Watching the video advertisement, you can activate the auto-skill function if you are grinding. It is located on the upper left. You can also get this offer at the shop. You will need to tap on the skill button you see attached to the mini-god skill on the combat screen to activate it.

Promote Earth And Earth Era

Go to the earth tab in the footer menu. You can upgrade the earth by spending the core. You will promote the world as your upgrade level increases. You will eventually enable the earth’s new era as you continue to follow the upgrades.

Why is it essential to promote the earth, and the earth era (lava era), etc.? Upgrading the world will increase your core gain. This means that you can earn more core by fighting.

Get Stronger In God Punch: Idle Defense

There are many ways to become stronger.

  • To increase your DPS, upgrade Zero’s level
  • To improve DPS, upgrade Mini-gods
  • The divine essence enhances Zero
  • Mini-gods can be made more godly with the divine essence
  • Upgrade and equip seals

Find out How to Get More Mini-Gods

Mini-gods can be purchased at the shop that sells the treasure chest. You will need to have golden cores to acquire the treasure chests.

You might also get a mini-god when you rebirth.

Learn how to get seals in God Punch: Idle Defence

Seals provide bonuses and buff effects. Seals can be obtained from treasure chests that are found in the shop.

You might also get a seal if you were rebirth.

Increased Divine Tier

Rebirth can be used to increase Zero’s divine rank. You can also progress in stage mode to receive better rewards.

Rebirth in God Punch: Idle Defence

Rebirth allows you to obtain divine essence, which you can use for enhancing mini-gods Zero. Rebirth also increases your celestial tier. Rebirths start at the beginning. Tap the Zero tab and tap the rebirth button to get your freebies.

Praise Mini-Gods

With the 5-elements galaxy shards, you can praise mini-gods. You will need different types of chips for different mini-gods: green, yellow, yellow, and red.

For a more significant effect, upgrade seals.

Seals have bonus effects, as mentioned above. You can upgrade your seal to increase the bonus effect. Origin shards are required for this upgrade. They can be obtained from the 5-elements galaxy. You can also purchase more seals by purchasing the Proof of Pain item.

This concludes the God Punch: Idle Defense Guide for Beginners with a few tips. Comment below if you have any additional information or tricks.


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