Girls X Battle 2 Beginner’s Guide: Tips, Cheats & Strategies

Girls X Battle 2 is an Idle RPG for mobile by Carolgames. Let’s take a look at the Girls X Battle 2 guide for tips, cheats, tricks and strategies

Girls X Battle 2 Guide⇓

Our today’s Girls X Battle 2 guide will teach you the basic aspects of the game and some tips & strategies that you should follow to progress. Girls X Battle 2 game features a number of game modes; campaign, league, trials, guild raid. In all these game modes, you will send the best girls to strike the opponent’s team. Before we proceed further, you should know that there is an in-game guide which is quite good. We would recommend reading it as it gives you all the information about all the aspects. To check the in-game guide, tap the settings option at the upper-right corner -> info -> under the help category, you can check all the information. Let’s dive into our Girls X Battle 2 guide and after that, check out the top Girls X Battle 2 tips, cheats & strategies!

Getting Started With Girls X Battle 2 Basics⇓

Getting Started With Girls X Battle 2 Basics⇓


The primary goal would be unlocking all functions of the game. If you are playing the game on your first attempt you will only be able to play Campaign mode. To unlock additional features like trails modes guild, school’s enrollment functions, teams, and leagues, there is a minimum level you must fulfill.

To raise your Senpai(Player) level to increase your Senpai(Player) level, you must earn EXP. In the upper left corner, If you tap on the girl’s avatar icon and the game will display the EXP required to move to an additional level. Earn EXP through combats, or you can earn it automatically. Girls play Girls X Battle 2 fight opponents and reward you with various items in a way including gold players EXP, girls’ EXP, EXP.

Campaign BattlesThis is the game that players must participate in every time to earn player exp and gold, gears, and many other things. Then, at the lower left of the screen, click the campaign tab -> In this tab, there will see two screens. In the first you will see girls fighting against enemies at a time. When they defeat foes, they gain gold as well as girls XP, player EXP and loot. You can gather the items by pressing the collect button in right-hand corner.

On the second portion on the display, players are able to choose the stage. You can complete these stages to increase the amount of rewards from the auto-battles or advance further within the game. You can return to any stage you want and battle or stay on the current stage to reap the highest rewards. The rewards you earn from these stages increase when you progress. It is therefore recommended to move into the game mode as quickly as you can. This will boost the Idle earnings.

Girls X Battle 2 Guide To Characters⇓

Girls X Battle 2 Guide To Characters⇓

The game Girls X Battle 2, Girls are in five different classes: warrior mage, ranger assassin and priest. Warriors are used as a tank(these units have excellent HP stats but their attack stats aren’t as high). Mage, Assassin, and Ranger units function as attackers(these units have excellent attacking stats, but their armor and HP stats aren’t as good). In addition, there are priest units that have healing or other abilities that aid in healing.

You can find the type of unit on its profile.

In addition to the five classes, all of the Girls that play Girls X Battle 2 belong to one of the following factions: Devil(dark), Angel(light), Ghost(sky blue), Human(blue), Fairy(green) as well as Monster(red). You can find the faction in the upper-left corner of icons of the game.

How To Get Girls In Girls X Battle 2?

The most effective method to acquire the girls ‘ units playing would be drawing them with capsules. If you advance by a little within the game, you’ll be able to collect their shards. When you open the bag menu , select Shards, you can look up the unit’s shards. When you’ve got enough shards to summon the unit. The shards you earn are obtained through playing the game: trial battles, campaign battles slot machines, market enroll daily sign-in or play-time reward and by taking the girls’ test.

To earn girls units via the draw, visit the capsules menu and click where you can use the gems or capsules. You can earn gems when you complete challenges, trophies, or tasks. there are many other ways to earn them.

Powering Up Girls In GXB2

Making sure girls are powered up is crucial. If you’re looking to be successful in fights for the campaign and rise into the top leagues or even dominate all game modes it is essential to have a solid group of girls. Therefore, it is better to boost your girls.

Click on the girls tab and select the girl you would like to turn up and then tap the ” next to the level. This will raise the level. As the level grows the stats of their defense, attack, DMG, etc. will increase as well. As soon as a girl’s level attains the highest level that you can reach, you must upgrade your star that will cost lunch boxes. These lunch boxes in the trial mode(trails and tests) or through the loot of the campaign battles. you can get these lunch boxes randomly or via girls’ quiz.

The girl’s profile menu Go to the gear tab and click there you can choose to equip the gears to enhance her performance. The gears are obtained from the campaign mode, or from the trials mode, and by finishing the awards.

The third tab you can see is a skin. Sometimes, you will find skins of girls from the loot. The skins can also boost the odds of girls being able to play.

Powering Up Girls In GXB2

=Date – The dating feature lets you to enhance your relationship with your girlfriend and in exchange, you earn the bonus numbers. To utilize this feature, visit the the front page, tap date, then select one girl. On the right you will be able to see the present you’ve got. Select a gift and present the gift to your girlfriend. If you don’t have a present to give, you can make it. The gift boxes are available from the loot in battles and then open the gift boxes to find the gift fragments. These shards are needed to create a gift.

Another option you can utilize to charge your girls is the graduate. On the home screen, click school> graduate. If you have materials available, tap on the button for graduate. In the materials, you have to sacrifice certain girls.

This is this guide for you. Girls X Battle 2 guide for those who are new. Let’s look over this guide for Girls X Battle 2 tips and strategies, cheats, and strategies!

Girls X Battle 2 Tips & Tricks⇓

1.) Build The Best Formation⇓

Before you get into the battle it is possible to edit the team, by choosing the girls and changing their positions. The rows consist of two: the front and the back. The front row is where it is recommended to include the warriors since they are high-HP and aid the allies by soaking the damage. For the rear row you must include the rangers, mage and a priest with healing abilities. The rangers and the mage are excellent attackers. You can determine the units capability or ability on their profile menu located at the lower right part of their screen. Go through the guide below for girls for more information.

2.) Play The Quiz Battles⇓

On the left of your screen click the quiz option. There are three quiz games: coins, EXP, and girls. The coin quiz is where you can win loads of gold. The EXP quiz gives lunch boxes as well as Girl level EXP. Lunch boxes are required to upgrade the girls who are at the maximum level. In the quiz for girls you will be able to girls shreds.

3.) Complete The Tasks and Trophies⇓

There is a chance to earn a substantial amount of gold and gems when you complete the tasks. Also, by completing trophy challenges, you’ll be able to get top-quality gears, shards and honor coins, and more. Click the task option to the left of the main page screen. Then, on the right go to the trophies tab to see the contests.

4.) Send The Girls On Quests⇓

The internship feature lets players to earn a certain reward in a passive manner. All you have to accept the quest and then select the units. After a specific period of time, you’ll receive the reward. Go to the shop, then intern click the quest button -> choose the girls to begin.

5.) Level Up The Lab Skills⇓

You must join a guild for access to Lab features. Utilizing the lab feature you can increase the lab skills and increase the girl’s stats. If you switch guilds the buffs will continue to carry through. It’s a great method to boost the warrior mage, ranger, assassin and priest stats.

6.) Use the Faction Rivalry Advantage|

In close combat the strategy will definitely perform. In the Girls X Battle 2 guide All the girls belong in one or more of six groups. Similar rules apply to the enemies. In battles in the battle, on the top on the bar for HP of an enemy you can look up the faction of their opponent. If you choose to deploy strong faction girls, they’ll take on more damage.

  • Monster > Fairy
  • Ghost -> Fairy
  • Ghost > Human Human
  • Human -> Monster
  • Devil<>Angel

7.) Power-Up The Girls Forge The Gears

We’ve discussed the powering-up part in the previous guide. The girls should be maxed out and then upgrade, install gears, set dates and graduate, etc.

Forge The Gears

Forging gears: Tap the bag, then tap forge. If you’ve got a certain amount of duplicates, you are able to forge the gear to make the best one.

8.) Focus On High-Grade Girls⇓

gest you concentrate specifically on girls who are 4*, or better grade girls. If you have girls who are below four, you might not be able to survive over the long haul. Invite the girls to join or buy girl shards to make a group of elite girls. Do not invest your precious resources on retraining girls of low quality.

These are the top Girls X Battle 2 tips for novice players. If you have any additional tips to share, leave a comment below.


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