Funky Bay Tips: Cheats, And Strategy Guide

Funky Bay is an Android and iOS farming game by Belka Games. To make your progress quick, check out our Funky Bay guide. It includes tips, tricks, and strategy.

Funky Bay Tips: Cheats & Strategy Guide⇓

Funky Bay – Farm & Adventure is a mobile farming game that allows you to build a small town on a tropical island. You can plant crops, create factories, sell products, and make money. There are many things you can do to keep your hands busy. You can build a zoo or factories, farm, and trade. As you buy more land or grow, your workload will increase. You will need to spend more time on the game in order to keep it running smoothly. This post will cover everything you need to know about the game as a novice farmer.

Get Started with The Funky Bay Basics

Let’s start with the basics before we get into the strategy guide, cheats, and tips. The main goal of Funky Bay is to expand the farming area across the island. The game’s first phase lets you begin with a small area where you can cultivate crops like wheat, strawberries, and berries. As you progress or level up, you will be able to buy nearby lands, build more fields/mills/shops/factories, and much more. You will then be able add animals like cats, dogs and bees. You will earn more. You will make more money, but you must be patient as it takes time. You will find that your workload increases and you enjoy the process. To master the game, let’s take a look on our top Funky Bay cheats and strategies.

Build Confetteria To Get Energy

Conferreria is a facility in Funky Bay that unlocks at a certain level. This allows you to get energy free of charge from the goods you earn through farming activities. It can be purchased at the shop for 500 Coins.

Be on the lookout for objects floating in the water

Pay attention to the water and search for floating objects. Tap on them to get free rewards

Completing Season Tasks will earn you tokens

Season tasks (i.e. You can earn tokens from the regatta tasks that can be used to buy energy potion, saw or two-man saws, chainsaws, hammer and Viking Banners, leader’s helmet etc.

Funky Bay Game: Animals

  • Chicken – produces eggs
  • Cows give milk
  • Llama Yard – Provides wool
  • Flamingo Yard – Gives feather
  • Ostrich – ostrich eggs

Funky Bay Game: Insects

  • Silkworm – gives silk
  • Honey Beeworm

Don’t Use All The Resources

Don’t Use All The Resources

Funky Bay has magical garden beds. You will receive two if you place one. In the beginning, you get free berries, wheat, or other crops. You can sow more resources on the field to get more. In return, you will get double the number. You will receive two berries if you sow one berry. It is important to note that if you sell, spend, or use all of the crops (of a specific item), you will need diamonds to get it back. You will need to have at least one crop of each crop in your silo to be able produce duplicates in field.

Use Diamonds Wisely, Here’s How

Use Diamonds Wisely,

Funky Bay’s most valuable item is diamond. It is rare to find it in the quests, orders and chests. It is best to make wise use of it. But where should you spend it? To buy a sprinkler, first save at least 30 gems. You can grow grass with the sprinkler in Funky Bay’s game. You can usually collect the grass by tapping it on the ground. After a while, the grass will appear over and again on the ground. You also need berries and grass to make cow feed in the feed mill. You won’t be able produce cow food without grass. You will not get milk from cows. You will also not be able produce dairy products. The sprinkler is vital. To buy the sprinkler, you will need 30 gems. Once grass is purchased, it will grow quickly.

These gems can be used to increase your factory slots. You can have more items in your queue if you have more slots. This will help you save time.

Play The Shell Game To Get Tools And Items

Play The Shell Game To Get Tools And Items

To remove trees, stones, bushes and other obstacles, you will need tools such as a shovel, drill machine, and items like dynamite. Once you have cleared all obstacles, the chest will be yours. The key can be used to open the chest immediately or you’ll have to wait hours (without the key). These items are not easy to find through normal quests and orders. When you have the opportunity to play the Shell Game, make sure you keep your eye out for the cup containing the desired item. This shell game can be played twice daily for no cost. Keep an eye on the specific cup. How do you play it? A small ship will appear near the dock (randomly). Tap it to play the shell-game.

Focus On A Specific Character’s Order To Get Gift

Focus On A Specific Character’s Order To Get Gift

Funky Bay offers two kinds of order: from paddlers or from the ship. Tap the ship near the dock to verify the orders. Tap on the order to verify that it is correct. You will receive a gift if you fulfill seven orders for a customer. You can get rare items, keys, an enormous amount of EXP, which will allow you to level up quickly, as well as other valuable rewards.

Claim the 30 Second Production Boost

Every product, item, or crop takes time. When the time remaining is less than 30 seconds, the player can immediately complete production. Tap the item that is growing in the field or in the factory to see the remaining time. You will get 0 diamonds cost if it is below 30 seconds. Simply hit the diamond button to complete the process.

Sell Extra Items If You Need Coins

Once you reach a certain level in Funky Bay, you can build the market. By default, you get four slots for free. These slots can be used to store items and determine the price. You can also sell extra milk bottles on the market, for example. Your tropical island will be available to other players, who can then go to the market and buy items. Tap the coins to claim your reward. You can sell more items by trading for more diamonds.

Visit Your Neighborhood and Check Out Their Store

Other players are also able to set up products for sale. Don’t forget about the friends’ farm. Tap the friend’s icon in the bottom-right corner of the screen. Click on it -> select market -> grab the best deals. You must first create the market in your area to gain access to this feature.

Take a look at these Funky Markets

Tap Mia browsing the web from the deck chair on the main screen. You will be able to see all the deals made by other players around the globe on the next screen. You might be able to get valuable items such as tools, dynamite or shovels, or resources like animal food, bread and many other things.

Upgrading the Farm Warehouse

Crops can be kept in the silo, and other resources, such as tools, in the barn. These warehouses have a limited storage capacity. This limit cannot be exceeded; once you have reached it, you won’t be able to store more items. Upgrade it. Click on the building to upgrade it. These buildings can only be upgraded with the right tools. How do you get the tools? How to get?

For a new order, you can abandon the existing orders

Sometimes, you receive difficult orders from paddlers. These orders are not yours to fulfill. Tap the paddler to choose “no”. The paddler will then return with the new quest. You might get a simple order, such as wheat or berries. It can actually help you a lot. If you are asked to make cream, for example, first produce cow food, then give it the cow. Then, take the milk bottles and collect them from the cow.

These are our top Funky Bay tips and tricks, as well as a complete strategy guide to help beginners.


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