Forge Ahead Game – Ores, Best Sword & Rarity

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List Of Ores In Forge Ahead Game: –

1.) Steel

Ahead Game

Color – Pure Black. Value – 45. Rarity – Common.

2.) Gold


Color – Yellow. Value – 150. Rarity – Rare.

3.) Copper


Color – Orange. Value – 40. Rarity – Common

4.) Mithril


Color – Blue. Value – 105. Rarity – Uncommon

5.) Silver


Color – Pure White. Value – 75. Rarity – Uncommon

6.) Diamond


Color – Faded Blue. Value – 250. Rarity – Ultra Rare

7.) Adamantium


Color – Light Green. Value – 175. Rarity – Rare

8.) Iron


Color – Silver Grey. Value – 25. Rarity – Common

9.) Tin


The colour is Silver and White. Value 15. Rare – Common

10.) Tungsten

Colour – Grayish. Value: 795. Rare – Uncommon

11.) Titanium

Colour – silver-greyish-white colour. Value: 1275. Rare – Rarity

12.) Magnesium

Color – Red. It’s red, xD. The value is 305. Rare – Rarity

13.) Cobalt

Colour – Dark Blue. Value 946. Rare – Uncommon

14.) Zinc

We have no information as of now. If you do have any information, please leave a comment below.

 15.) Electrum

There is no information at present. If you do have any information, please leave a comment below.

16.) Iridium

We have no information as of now. If you do have any information, please post a comment below.

Press the book button in the upper left corner and then go to the materials; there, you can look over all the items that are available in the Forge Ahead game. It also displays their colour, price and the rarity. Materials or ore are randomly dropped!

How do you make the ordinary sword?

Utilize more than 50% of common materials such as Iron, Silver while forging.

How do you make an uncommon sword?

Combining ordinary materials and rare materials(rare, valuable ores) will give you a rare sword. Also, limit the rare quantities to less or equivalent to 33.4 per cent. For example – 33% copper, 16.7% Mithril, 16.7% Diamond, 16.7% Tin, 16.7% Silver. In this instance, the number of rare materials is mithril + diamond or 16.7 per cent plus 16.7 per cent = 33.4 3.4%. Other common ores include silver, copper, and tin. The amount or the number of ores you can use forging is contingent on the capacity of the crucible upgrade.

What is the best way to make an uncommon sword?

More than 50% of rare materials, metals or ores. The best rare metals or high-value minerals include diamond, mithril, Adamantium and gold.

How do you create a short sword?

You can create a short sword with all the high-quality ores and materials such as diamond and gold Adamantium. Do not use other ores like Tin, Iron, copper, etc. Diamond/Gold ore is the best choice.

This is all we have to say about the Forge Ahead game involving metals, ores and swords.
This article was updated last on the 29th of January 20th, 2020. Updated – Added new materials like Cobalt, Tungsten. Thanks!


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