Family Island Game Islands – List, Travel Points

Continue reading to learn more about the Family Island game Islands. List of Islands. How do you travel? Use travel points. You will find everything you need here

Family Island

Your journey begins on an unknown island that the stone-age families discovered. The game doesn’t limit you to one island. It has more than five islands to explore to find new things. Home Island is the first island. You will discover different quests on each Island. For example, a nearby Island gives you a search where you must find five hidden chests. To complete the Island quests, you will need to clear the fog and explore all of the islands. We’ll learn more about them by reading this Family Island Game Islands – List & Travel Points post.

Family Island Game Islands List:

  1. Home Island
  2. Nearby Island
  3. Sun Island
  4. Lilac Island
  5. Bouncy Island
  6. Red Island
  7. Forest Island
  8. Lost Island
  9. Island of Tears

What are the best ways to travel to these islands?

Tap the Island option in the lower-left corner of your game screen -> you can travel to or access different Islands. Pay the travel points and select an Island you wish to visit. These Islands can only be seen with Travel Points. These points are required to travel.

How do you get travel points?

Travel Points

Travel points are automatically restored. By opening the Island menu, you can see how many travel points you have at any given moment. In 3 minutes, one travel point can be restored.

Different Islands – Different Treasures – Each Island will have its own unique resources. These resources will be used to build and craft things on the home island. There are many quests that you can complete. Keep exploring and traveling for more rewarding rewards.


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