Evil Hunter Tycoon Materials Guide, Tips: Farming, Hunter Balance

Are you just beginning to play the game and are wondering where to find materials? Find out more here about the Evil Hunter Tycoon Materials guide and tips for new players.

Evil Hunter Tycoon features a remarkable trading feature that allows hunters to trade materials. The materials can be used for the production of other materials. For instance – to create a Linen Bandage, you need Linen Cloth. To make Cake for Cake, you will require Soggy Flour. Additionally, you need it to craft equipment and potions. In this article, we will discuss Evil Hunter Tycoon Materials. We won’t waste time and get to the main page.

The Evil Hunter The Tycoon Material Farming —

  • Make use of the trading post to request materials
  • Kill the monsters and gather items from the hunting grounds
  • Make use of the drop scroll for items to get additional material
  • Dismantle materials
  • Utilize Elementals to create the products
  • The trading post is a way to sell materials and can make hunters rich
  • Make the gears with materials
  • The gears can be sold to a hunter

Request materials from Trading Post

Request Materials

One of the best and most efficient ways to harvest the resources for Evil Hunter Tycoon is through the trading post. Click the trading post option in your town. Then, on the next screen that pops up will appear. Tap the request button and select the amount; utilize the +buttons to change the amount. For example, If you want to make 100 linen bandages, you’ll require 100 linen clothes. This means that you will need to request 100 linen clothes. Be aware of the price of items. Gold coins are required to buy materials from a hunter. Trading Post displays the list of all the items that you can obtain from hunters.

Tycoon Materials

If you want to purchase the material through hunters, you will need to wait until the hunters grind the material. For instance, if you want to request Zircon, you will not be able to get it right away – it won’t be available until hunters have the items by killing monsters. To find out what resources hunters possess, click the info button underneath the banner of hunters on the menu for hunters. Clicking the info button will open your profile for hunters. Visit the inventory tab to look through the contents of the bags of hunters. Hunters hunt down monsters and get random items. If they have the items in their bag that you require, you can get them to sell them via trade post. Tap hunter, then item and then sell the item. This will make hunters sell the materials from their inventory by trading posts. Remember that they can only sell when you’ve submitted the request and have sufficient gold coins.

Find and collect materials from Hunting Ground.

Sometimes, Hunters don’t gather all the items by killing the monsters . Often, these items fall in the hunter’s area. Be aware of the hunters who kill monsters to see the material items that have fallen. Tap it to collect.

Use The Item Drop Scroll

Drop Scroll

Item Drop Scroll is one of the best scrolls available in Evil Hunter Tycoon that helps you to gather more resources. If you already have it, Item Drop Scroll will be located inside the special tab for Town Storage. Tap it and then use it. In the upper-right corner of the screen, you’ll be able to see all active buffs(tap buttons to scroll to view buffs). You can find this drop scroll by opening reward chests and treasure chests.

Remove The Materials

If you’ve got materials in large quantities that you don’t require, then you can demolish them to make mana essence, and then make use of the magic essence available in the store to earn bonus chests. To remove materials, head to the town storage and tap the items you want to remove.

Utilize Elementals To Produce items

Making bandages in Infirmary, Small rooms in the hotel, food/cake in the restaurant, and juice/beer in the tavern costs materials. If you do not have the materials, then you can make use of elementals such as Zircon or gems. Zircon can be difficult to find since the item’s drop rate is relatively low. However, elementals appear occasionally in the lands of evil. Find them to use for making the items or materials. Buff/invitation chests are found within the shops.

Evil Hunter Tycoon Selling Materials

As mentioned above, hunter sells the items if they have them (they obtain the materials by taking out monsters). They offer to sell the materials to you via the trading post; if they receive a request, they will charge you gold coins in exchange for the material. This is what makes them wealthy. They spend the earned money in restaurants, and taverns, buying potions/weapons/armours/accessories from you. Click the hunter icon -> tap the (i) symbol on the right-hand side of their profile; you will see the number of gold coins they own.

Craft The Gears Using Materials

Materials are essential for making weapons in the blacksmith’s workshop, potions found in the alchemist’s house, tools for the jeweller, and armors made by the blacksmith. Press the craft button to look up the ingredients. Request them via trade post.
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