Evil Hunter Tycoon Elementals Quest Walkthrough

Please find out more about Evil Hunter Tycoon Elementals Quest’s guide on how to gather 500 elements and use them to create random hunter invitations.

In Novice Quest 30, Evil Hunter Tycoon challenges you to collect 500 elements. Elemental is the primary game money within Evil Hunter Tycoon that you can gather from the dark lands. Elementals appear randomly in these areas, and you must tap them to take the elementals. Also, The Novice Quest 31 requires you to purchase the random hunter invite using the elementals. This is how to play the Evil Hunter Tycoon Elementals Quest Walkthrough:

Evil Hunter Tycoon Elementals Quest Walkthrough:

Novice Quest 30.) Collect 500 Elementals

Elementals Quest

To finish this task, explore the lands of evil and look in the search for elementals. It is possible to use the II, I and and III buttons at the bottom of the right to see all the bad landmasses. The elementals, as mentioned above, are created randomly. Therefore, keep checking every now and then. Each elemental ball provides 25 elements. To get 500 elementals, you must find and tap on 20 balls in the dark lands.

Additionally, you can utilize elementals to make building materials. Additionally, if you shop, and click on bonus, you will be able to get 1000 elementals for free after watching the commercials on video.

Novice Quest 31.) Use Elementals to buy Random Hunter Invitation

Random Hunter Invitation

Random Hunter Invitation can be described as a package that costs 800 elementals. In the upper-left corner of the display, you can determine the number of elements you’ve got on your Evil Hunter Tycoon game. To use them for random hunter invitations, click the shop button at the lower-right corner, then click the bonus tab, and where you can purchase 800 elementals to purchase the Random Hunter Invitation box.

The Random Hunter Invitation package that is priced at 800 Elementals. In the upper-left corner of your screen, you’ll be able to see the number of elementals that you can get within your Evil Hunter Tycoon game. For use in random hunter invitations, click the shop button located in the lower-right corner, then select the bonus tab, and from there, you can buy 800 elements for the Random Hunter Invitation box.

To be able to complete the task, you have to construct a house within the city. Press the construction button> build a house. To build a home, it is necessary to have five Zircon x 1800 gold coins. Instruct the hunters in dark regions to take down the beasts in exchange for getting gold coins. Make use of the trading post and ask for five Zircon. After you request it, you must wait for the hunters too can collect Zircon from the evil land. If they do Zircon, they’ll offer Zircon to you at the trading post for exchange in exchange for gold coins. For more details, read the guide to hunter management for newcomers:

Novice Quest 33.) Town Storage – Use a Hunter Invitation at the Special Tab

Click the town storage button at the bottom of the screen. Select the tab for special. Click on the Advanced Hunter Invitation Scroll, then click the use button. This scroll is obtained when you complete your quest of 32.

Novice Quest 34.) Dispel the Hunter; you don’t really need

Click on the Hunter menu located in the lower left. Look for “N” Tier Hunter. There should have an “N” word beside your hunter’s title. Click the crosshair to interact with the hunter. Manage and exile.

Novice Quest 35.) Tap the sign that has an Orc on it in Invaded Land

Invaded Land

Tap the monster board outside the town to complete this quest. 

The Novice Quest.) Watch the Hunters Hunt

Kill 20 monsters with the aid of Hunters.

The Novice Quest.) Construct the Academy

To build an academy, you will require an x15 Heartwood Fragment. Make use of the trading post and ask for the x15 Heartwood Fragment. Wait for hunters to return the item they requested to the trading post. Visit the construct menu and build an Academy.

Notice Quest 38.) Speak to a hunter to help you learn a new technique

Click on any Hunter and learn> new skill.

The Novice Quest is a 39.) Train hunters.

The first step is to make it clear to a hunter that you want him to learn the ability. Tap the hunter’s name -> learn -> skill, then move the hunter towards the academy. Click the button for skill when they are next to the academy, then press on the teaching button. It will cost gold coins to teach a new skill to the hunter.

The Novice Quest is 40.) Ask a hunter to hunt through the Land of the Dead

Hit a hunting animal, then move to the Land of the Dead.

Active Quest 41.) Be observant as hunters hunt Skeleton Scouts

Skeleton Scouts typically show up within the Land of the Dead. Hunters must be sent there to take the x20 Skeleton Scouts to complete the mission.

This is the entirety of the Evil Hunter Tycoon Elementals Quest Walkthrough. Stuck on a quest? Leave a comment below; we’d be happy to assist.


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