Evil Hunter Tycoon Colosseum Guide & Tips: Gladiator Token, League

Are you new to Evil Hunter Tycoon? Do you want to learn how to play PvP Arena/Colosseum? For beginners, read the Evil Hunter Tycoon Colosseum guide.

Evil Hunter

Evil Hunter Tycoon Colosseum :

Evil Hunter Tycoon lets you participate in leagues up to 20 times per day. To improve your rank, you must win as many matches as possible. Your status will rise as you win more games. At the season reset, your final grade will determine the rewards you get. These rewards include gladiator tokens/seals you can buy in the shop -> gladiator Tab; you can use these gladiator tokens or gladiator seals/master for high-tier weapons, costumes, and dragon pets, among other things.

Final Rank: In Evil Hunter Tycoon, Colosseum’s rank will be finalized on the day of the season reset. Every Monday at Midnight, seasons are reset.

Colosseum Tips:

Register your best hunters first. You should audit all your hunters and check their stats, such as an attack, defense, HP, or skills. You can select up to five hunters in 5v5 battle mode. You must choose five hunters to form your team. (Out of 5 hunters, one should become an ACE player).

  • Berserkers (Melee) – Berserker class hunters can stun enemies and excel at taking damage – they have high defense and HP stats.
  • Ranger – Ranger class hunters, are skilled at inflicting injury.
  • Sorcerer – The mage class of Evil Hunter Tycoon, the Sorcerer has buff/debuff abilities.
  • Paladin – The Paladin class is self-healing and shield-wielding.

We recommend that you go with two Berserkers and two Rangers along with one Sorcerer, Paladin, or Sorcerer.

Select the best form:

  • Place 2 Berserkers at the front of the line
  • Place Rangers, Sorcerer, and Paladin in back-line

Wait for the Season to reset and receive rewards. Gladiator Seal, Master Seal. These seals can be used in the shop to purchase high-tier gear, pets, or costumes.

How to Get Ruby In Evil Hunter Tycoon

You can obtain Ruby and Tin Ore-like materials with normal difficulty from the Trading Post. Tap the skull avatar in the upper-left corner to change the difficulty level to normal. Normal difficulty monsters drop ruby when hunters kill them.

You must also upgrade your trading post to level 2. After you have upgraded the trading post, choose normal difficulty next to the request to buy message. Tap the drop-down button to select a common problem. Then request ruby to allow hunters to sell ruby via the trading post.

So this would be all in this post on Evil Hunter Tycoon Colosseum guide for beginners.


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