Evil Hunter Tycoon Buildings Guide: List & Functions

Have you just begun playing the Evil Hunter Tycoon game, and are you wondering what kind of buildings you could create? Find out more about the building tips for the Evil Hunter Tycoon game. Guide

Evil Hunter

There are over twelve buildings that can be found within the city. Each building is unique in its own way. You can unlock new buildings by increasing the level of your town hall. In this article, we’ve shared information on the Evil Hunter Tycoon Buildings guide and its list of functions. In the beginning, we’d suggest looking over this guide. Evil Hunter Tycoon Hunters’ management guide, as well as the walkthrough. Also, there are tips for beginners. We should not waste our time and go towards the main site.

Evil Hunter Tycoon Buildings Guide – List & Their Functions: –

There are nine kinds of buildings available in the Evil Hunter Tycoon game;

Trading Post

Trading Post is one of the structures that you can visit in Evil Hunter Tycoon, where you can make requests for resources. It is not possible to get the resources when you submit your requests. It is necessary to wait for the hunters to mine the resources out of the evil areas and sell them to trade posts. They will demand gold when the request is completed.


In this kitchen, you cook foods for the hunter to ensure they take a bite.


Here, you can prepare drinks for hunters to ensure they can regain their energy levels.


Here you can build rooms for hunters to rest and replenish their strength.


Through this construction, hunters can develop new skills and abilities.

Enhancement Forge

With this structure, hunters can improve gears, and upgrade or enhance the gears and equipment.


The hunters here can heal themselves. It is necessary to prepare the ingredients for healing for them.

Dungeon Raid

Here you can send hunter on a dungeon-based adventure and earn rewards.


Here you can create simple, durable, sophisticated, powerful and the most powerful types of gear, including glove, armor, weapon and shoes.

Weapon Shop

You can showcase your hand-crafted weapons(items are automatically displayed) and then sell these to hunting enthusiasts. Inside the Town Storage box, head to the equipment tab and check all the crafted items. You may need to upgrade your shop if they’re unavailable.

Bounty Hut

Bounty Hut It is the place from which you can take players on bounty hunts to grind EXP and gold coins. The progress of the bounty quest is visible on the right-bottom of the screen.

The Production Type of Buildings for the Evil Hunter Tycoon —

  • Blacksmith
  • Jeweler
  • The Home of the Alchemist

In these structures, there is the possibility of making tools, equipment and consumables.

Business Type Buildings of the Evil Hunter Tycoon to –

  • Training Ground
  • Tavern
  • Restaurant
  • Inn
  • Infirmary

Shops of Type Evil Hunter Tycoon Buildings

  • Weapon Shop
  • Armor Shop
  • Accessory Shop
  • Potion Show

You can also sell made weapons, armor, potions, and other accessories in these structures.

The Buff Tycoon Evil Hunter Constructions: –

  • Bank
  • Courage Headstone
  • Fountain of Life
  • Library of Wisdom

These structures make you buff, which makes you stronger.

Town Hall

The principal building within the city. It can be upgraded to open additional buildings.

How do I move buildings?

Then press the building’s long-press button until you can see the move options. If there’s no space, you can remove any objects like stones, trees or grass and other objects from their place by handing over a gold coin. Tap the building you would like to move> and then select reposition in the upper-right-hand part of the building information page that opens when you tap the building.

So this would be all in this post on Evil Hunter Tycoon buildings guide for beginners. 


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