Evil Hunter Tycoon Training Ground Guide

Are you just beginning to play the game and wondering how to utilize the training ground? Check out this guide for Evil Hunter Tycoon Training Ground guide for new players.

Training Ground Building unlocks when you get to town hall’s 5th level. At that point, you’ll be able to build the training area within the town. This will require material as well as a gold coin. Training Ground helps hunters level quickly. If there are hunters that didn’t have a reincarnation at the same level of difficulty, they’ll be able to utilize your training grounds. We will review everything within the following Evil Hunter Tycoon Training Ground guide for novices.

Evil Hunter Tycoon Training Ground: –

Evil Hunter

When you are building the training ground, you can create tactical books, advanced tactics, beginner strategies and more with the help of materials such as woollen cloth, linen fabric, leftover gem, orange elements, rotten fruit etc. Once the material is made, you must bring the hunters into the training field for instruction. Using techniques, they can level up quickly in just a few minutes. For instance, beginner tactics raise the level of the hunter by 40 within 30 minutes.

The first step is to tap on the hunter, who did not return to life until level. If you tap the hunter, you’ll get the training option. Tap it. The hunter will be sent to the training area. If you spot them entering the training area, Tap the building to select the tab for hunters. Here you can be able to see the progress of training.

training progress

It’s among the most effective methods to quickly increase the level of hunters within Evil Hunter Tycoon. But, it will not apply to hunters who reincarnate at the present difficulty.

That’s all that is in this article about Evil Hunter Tycoon Training Ground guide for novices.


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