Evil Hunter Tycoon Pet Guide – Pets & Fairy

Are you just beginning to play the game and wondering about pets and how they can be beneficial? Find out more in the Evil Hunter Tycoon Pet guide for those who are new to the game.

Evil Hunter

The animals you meet in Evil Hunter Tycoon help collect the items and give bonuses. Many pets are with the hunter, and some pets wander around the city and provide you with a permanent bonus. In this post, we’ll discuss the pets. Do you need to purchase them? We suggest looking over this guide if you’re new to the game. Evil Hunter Tycoon guide for those who are new to the game. Additionally, tips & tricks. So, we won’t spend any time going to the main page.

Evil Hunter Tycoon Pets: –

  • Baby Dragon
  • Dark Fox
  • Looting/Fairy Pig
  • Vampire Bat
  • Looting/Fairy Kitty

Looting Dragon/Baby Dragon

A Looting Dragon, also known as Baby Dragon, is one of the Evil Hunter Tycoon pets that can be bought with Gladiator Seals or through the gems available in the shop. The pet tracks the hunter and gathers the items. It also enhances the hunter’s attack and defence statistics by up to 2 per cent. Go to the shop> Gladiator, where you can purchase this pet along with the Gladiator’s Seals, x30. You can also go over to the gemstone tab> fairy, and there you can purchase its adoption paper using 360 gems. Once you’ve bought it, visit the town storage area and use the adoption papers to summon the pet.

Dark Fox

Dark Fox is a different pet that can be found in the game. In contrast to Dragon pet, Dark Fox is not a hunter’s companion. Instead, it passively gives the buff, and all hunters get the defence.

Vampire Bat

Vampire Bat is like Dark Fox. He does not follow hunters but gives them the buff in a passive manner. He grants all hunters a lifestyle effect; they receive 5% of their damages. Purchase his adoption form at the pet and fairy shop, using gems and summon him. After you have completed the purchase, you can find the upper-right corner; press the icons for buffs to see if the fan has been activated.

Fairy Pig

The fair Pig follows the hunter, and gathers items. Additionally, hunters earn more gold.

Fair Kitty

Fairy Kitty is a hunter’s companion and collects the items. The hunter also earns more gold.

The best pet?

We suggest getting pets, not pigs or fairy kitties. Vampire Bat, Dragon Pet, and Dark Fox – these three pets provide buffs to hunters of all kinds. Therefore, it’s best to put money into these animals.

So this would be all in this post on Evil Hunter Tycoon Pets. 


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