Eternal Senia Guide: Tips, Cheats & Strategy

Eternal Senia Hydrangea After The Rain is a brand new Idle game on mobile developed from Sanctum Games Co., Ltd. Explore Eternal Senia guide including cheats, tips, and strategies

Sanctum Games’ latest Idle game Eternal Senia Hydrangea After The Rain is now available for an international release and allows you to embark on an amazing journey that will see you be paired with your friend and battle the evil spirits in a variety of adventures in various locations. This Idle RPG Eternal Senia, features good plot, plenty of characters, their tales scenes, as well as exciting gameplay. If you’re one of the players who have fallen on the top of the ladder or the boss is trying to force your way out of the battle arena, then today’s Eternal Senia guide and Eternal Senia tricks, cheats and strategies will assist you to clear every stage.

Eternal Senia Guide To Basics⇓

Eternal Senia Guide

1.) Basics: The game has three modes for players to play: principal quests and the world of trials as well as platinum trial. When you play the primary quests you are faced with monsters of increasing difficulty, and collect crystals or cards. The main quests with three difficulty levels: normal or hard, as well as nightmare. In the realm of trials mode, you’ll fight against bosses and collect gears, upgrade materials, and companion cards. In to the Platinum Trials, you can earn platinum trial tokens which you can trade in the marketplace for a top-quality weapon.

2.) The Main Character In the game Eternal Senia Hydrangea Following The Rain Game, you are Senia. By increasing Senia’s level, you can unlock new features, skills runes as well as skills. It will also increase the stats of HP/ATK. You can upgrade Senia by using crystals. As the level grows the cost of leveling up will increase as well.

3.) The Companion 3.) The Companion Companion assists Senia during battle with their power of attack and ability. Companion skills can be improved by upgrading. More information is provided below.

4.) Crystal Amethyst Crystals are needed to level up Senia and gears. It is possible to farm crystals by defeating enemies in the main quests and the realm of trial modes. However, Amethyst is the most valuable item available in the game Eternal Senia Hydrangea After The Rain Game. It is earned through watching the video ads and completing the quest for the party.

This is the first step. Learn step-by-step, and then when you’re done, look over the best Eternal Senia tips to master the game!

Eternal Senia Guide – Skills, Skill Rune, Main Weapon, Side Weapon, Salvage

Senia is a threat to enemies when you tap on the battle screen. You can also use Senia’s abilities to cause devastating damage on your enemies. To make use of the skill, you must have mana points. Above the menu widget the blue bar displays the mana. Click the screen for battle to create mana. After using the skill the player must wait a couple of seconds until the skill recharges.

The four skills listed include: –

  1. Phantom Strike – You can activate it by pressing right(+) or by pressing the button for skill
  2. Lightning Tear – You can activate it by simply swiping to the right(|)
  3. Fairy Helper Swipe left (–) to let loose
  4. Eternal Awakening – Draw a circle on the screen to activate(O)

Phantom Strike SkillMore This skill could cause damage to the enemy’s shield

Lightning Tear ->This skill causes harm over the course of time using wind blades

Fairy HelperSummons the fairy that will help Senia and recover 30% of her HP.

Eternal Awakening Inflicts massive harm

Skill Runes In Eternal Senia

Skill Runes In Eternal Senia

You are able to equip at least one rune each ability. Tap the Char. option in the menu bar. hit the skill buttonThere you can look at the runes of skill, which are located just below the ability. Each skill rune affects differently. For instance, if you have the Fairy Strike rune with Fairy Helper ability, then fairy won’t help you heal. Instead , instead of healing you she’ll inflict injury. This is why you need to get the highest quality skill rune to every ability. Upgrade Senia to unlock even more skills runes.

Main Weapon, Sub-Weapon, Raw Material⇓

  1. Gears can be obtained from within the Domain of Trials mode
  2. Upgrade weapon with crystals
  3. Once you have reached the highest level, you’ll have to upgrade your weapon
  4. To upgrade your weapon, you will require material for upgrading the weapon
  5. Material for upgrading weapons is available from battles with bosses Domain of Trials
  6. You can salvage weapons to obtain the raw material(weapon upgrading material)

Salvage Click the Bag option on the menu bar navigate to the Salvage tab and then choose the weapon, then salvage. Remember that salvaging can destroy the weapon. However, you’ll still get the substance.


Companions can be found randomly in main quests mode, which is the area that is trial mode. 

If you repeatedly complete the zones of your main quest, or in boss fights in trails mode you will be able to collect the marked companion cards.

You can also get companions by purchasing amethyst from shops. Click the shop button on the menu bar to access the limited edition amethyst chest or.

The drop rate:

      • 5* Companion Card – 6%
      • 4* Companion Card – 35%
      • 3* Companion Card – 10%
      • 2* Companion Card – 49%

The odds may change in future updates. When you have selected a bannerthen tap the odds button to see the current drop rates. There is a full list of drop rates there.

Rank Up Companions In Eternal Senia

It is necessary to have a specific number of cards to rank up your companion. Visit the companion menu and under the portrait of the companion you will be able to see the required number of cards. If you’ve got them an active companion, tap the icon then click on the button to upgrade. Join up with your friends to unlock additional abilities.

Eternal Senia Companion Element|

The entire cast of characters in Eternal Senia Hydrangea After The Rain Game are part of the following elements

  1. Fire(Red)
  2. Wind(Green)
  3. Water(Blue)
  4. Light(Yellow)
  5. Dark(Purple)

You can verify the type or element by visiting the profile of your companion’s page.

This is the Eternal Senia guide for beginners. Let’s look at our best Eternal Senia tips, cheats and strategies!

Eternal Senia Tips & Tricks|

The Rock-Paper-Scissors Cheat Helps You In Elite Combats

In the last section in our tutorial, we’ve described the elements that are companions. As with friends, all enemies are part of an element. In the fight near the opponent’s HP counter, you are able to determine the enemy’s element. If you select the most powerful player, then you’ll cause bonus damage. Here’s how: –

  • The fire element is powerful against wind element
  • Wind element is strong in opposition to water element
  • The element of water is strong against fire
  • The light and Dark elements compete against one another.

If you choose the most powerful or best one, based on the characteristics of the element of the enemy you’ll deal extra damage. For instance, the element of fire is the enemy’s. As you are aware water element is strong against fire. Therefore, choosing a water-based partner would be advantageous.

Accept The Challenges

There are often challenges when playing the game. In the upper-right part of the display, press on the note icon. In these challenges, you’ll be able to acquire gears, gear material as well as companion cards. It is important to complete these challenges as quickly as you can, as these challenges end after a specific amount of time.

Grab The Chest and 5X Reward

While playing your game, you could find an item from a chest. The chest icon at the top left corner, if Senia is able to locate it. Click the chest icon to take the crystals. To earn the 5X bonus, you must view the video advertisement.

Make Changes In Skill Runes

You are aware that the game lets you have the same skill rune for each ability.It is important to select the rune that you want to use wisely since it will alter the effect of the skill.

For instance, Sena’s Fairy Helper ability summons the fairy that can restore Sena’s health up to 30 percent.

The same skill, when combined by Fairy Strike rune, summons the fairy, however she will not cure you.Instead of HP support the fairy can strike and cause the damage. 

This is a perfect example of how the skill rune can alter the performance of a skill. 

Therefore, it is more beneficial to pay attention to the runes that affect your skill.

Make Use Of BP

BP will be required in order to enjoy it in the Domain of Trials mode. This is among the most effective game modes that can earn a large amount of crystals in a single fight. Because BP is limitless, you’re not able to play it for a long time. BP regenerates over time. However, it is not a full capacity. Once you reach it, you’ll never gain BP. Therefore, it is better to earn BP as time passes and earn crystal, material or companion cards.

Exchange The Tokens In Marketplace

The tokens can be exchanged on the marketplace(earned through chests and game modes) to purchase the weapon or cards for companions.

Watch The Video Ad For Free Reward

Click the menu buttonthen you’ll see an option for ad reward. Tap it and then watch the video advertisement. Earn Amethyst.

The following are the best Eternal Senia tips for beginners. You can share your suggestions with other players by using the comments section below.


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