Epic Seven Guide, Tips, Cheats & Strategies

Epic Seven is a brand-new mobile RPG, released by Smilegate Megaport. Explore the Epic Seven guide, tips and tricks, cheats, strategies and more.

Smilegate Megaport released the Epic Seven game worldwide in November of 2018. It’s a turn-based game where the player creates a team of heroes and explores the enchanting world in story mode . They also battle with other players’ groups within the battle arena. Epic Seven game features over 100 heroes, more than 200 beasts, three guardians, and more than sixty artefacts (equipped for the hero to enable passive abilities). Alongside the arena and adventure modes, the Epic Seven game has methods allowing you to farm items like the Labyrinth Spirit altar challenge, abyss, hunt, and many more. If you’re having difficulty getting the game’s mechanics right or seeking tips, cheats or strategies, then the Epic Seven guide and Epic Seven tricks, cheats, and design can help you.

Start Here Start by identifying the Things To Learn In Epic Seven Game!


Playing the game’s battle mechanics should be no issue because it is simple and easy to comprehend. Players can choose for up to four characters as part of the team for the fight and the defence. In battle, the team members unleash their abilities to kill their foes. You can utilize the basic skills at any time. You’ll have to wait for a specific amount of time to use the advanced skills.
When you apply these skills, you’ll gain souls. They are required to call the guardian of the team. On the bottom of the screen for battle, you will see the bar of souls. When you have enough souls to play, you can tap on the guardian icon to summon him. The guardian from the Epic Seven game helps you during the fight by inflicting damage on the enemy. You can outfit the guardian within the settings for your team.

Soul Burn Effect – When you fight, you can see a burning button when there are enough souls. Visit the hero profile page and click the skill icon; you can examine the effect of soul burning there. It consumes souls and triggers the soul glow effects. For example, Mercedes’ soul burn effect increases the damage dealt.

Therefore, you could save souls from summoning guardians or unleashing the effect of soul burning.

As you advance through the game, you’ll encounter massive monsters during the battle. Then comes the upgrading aspect. To boost the hero’s strength, You will need to increase their abilities, upgrade their abilities, wake them up and then equip them with the new equipment. Let’s go through the steps:


There are many ways to get heroes in the Epic Seven game, from the adventure mode, to finishing chapters when you complete the connection by summoning. The most popular method is demanding, however. Press the tables in the lobby on the left to open the menu for links. Follow the connection progression to unlock a hero. Navigate into the summon menus Bookmarks for summoning. At the beginning of the game, you will have Covenant Summon, and Friendship Summon options. When playing Covenant Summon, you can choose to use Covenant Summon or Covenant Bookmarks. They can be acquired by completing quests or in exchange for a reward at the shop or hidden shop.

In the summoning of Friendship, you can use friendship bookmarks. Go to the menu for shops, then company friendship and where you can purchase friendship points to purchase these bookmarks or buy them through the hidden shop. The player earns points by having a friend’s hero act as an individual team supporter. Remember to add your friends. Also, you can call them at no cost every hour.

Heroes – Transmission – Silver Transmit Stone

When you transmit a hero, you can obtain share stones and gold. To acquire a transmit stone, you must send a grade 3 or more hero(3 stars or more). Click the hero button, then transmission, select the hero you want to sacrifice, and then confirm. You can purchase this stone at the shop for the ability-enhancing substance MolaGora.

Summon Mileage the Stone of Gold Transmit

When you repeatedly summon heroes, your mileage meter will hit the top level, and you’ll receive the golden transmit stone. Navigate towards the call, menu located in the lower-left corner, and you can check the progress. It is possible to use it to summon moonlight stones.

All Methods to Enhance The Strength Of Heroes In Epic Seven!

  1. It’s Time to Level Up
  2. Promotion
  3. Awakening
  4. Gears are Upgrading
  5. Skills Enhancing
  6. Equip Artifact
  7. Upgrade Artifact

Levelling upLeveling Up or improving a hero’s stats by levelling it up, we can increase the stats of the hero, such as attack defence, health and speed, as well as double attack chance, critical hit chance and much more. To upgrade a hero’s level, go towards the heroes menu. Press the enhance button, and select an ingredient. For the element, you could use penguins, creatures, and low-level heroes(2* or less). But, they will give you greater XP than the heroes. If you’re looking to increase the level of your character quickly, then go for creatures and penguins. In the Sanctuary, you can go towards The Forest of Souls. You can hatch the creature’s eggs for free(it takes the time) or use stigma to summon directly. Stigma can be earned through the completion of quests.

In the menu for adventure, On the right, you can tap the quest button to display all quests.

Option 2: If you do not have creatures or heroes to make an ingredient, Another method to upgrade heroes in the Epic Seven game is by repetition of the game’s phases. In battle, heroes get EXP by killing monsters. Repeat the steps to gain more EXP.

Method 3: In your Sanctuary, dispatch heroes to missions. Heroes who you transmit, will be rewarded with

PromotingOnce the hero has reached its maximum level, you’ll need to advertise it. Promoting a hero raises the top level, increases the stats, and boosts the level of stars. Utilize heroes of the same grade for a source of.

AwakeningWhen you awaken heroes, you can boost their strengths, including attack, health defence, attack, and many more. It is also possible to increase the hero’s performance during battle by awakening. Runes are required to bring the hero back to life. In Epic Seven, you can use the spirit altar to gain the runes you need.

Gears upgradingYou can get equipment or gear from chapter mode, labyrinth , or craft at the Steel workshop inside the Sanctuary. Because there isn’t an auto-equip option, it is necessary to manually equip these gears to your hero. Select the menu for heroes and select a hero press the equipment slot, then choose a pack, then train. After you have completed the process, tap the gear once more to increase. You can tap the bag icon at the top of the game’s display on the right-hand side, and tap the gear to improve. To upgrade equipment, you can utilize a less powerful weapons appeal item(complete the quests for it or buy from the shop). Additionally, you can use low-rank(normal) gears as part of the upgrade process to upgrade high-rank gears that are extremely rare and heroically excellent.

Improved Skillto To enhance the heroes’ abilities within Epic Seven, you need MolaGora. It can be obtained at the store to exchange stones to transmit or from the Sanctuary. Then, go to the Forest of Souls and Use stigma to summon and use MolaGora Seed to start the production. This seed can be obtained via the shops’ menu in exchange for conquest points. You can also get it from the arena.

ArtifactIt is possible to obtain this item by summoning it or as a reward. Go to the hero profile page and click on the empty slot, with the bolt at the top right, to equip the artefact. You can upgrade it with other artefacts that are available as materials.


In Sanctuary, unlocking some of the most beautiful buildings like the Forest of Souls, Hearts Of Orbis, Steel Workshop, and more is possible. As you progress, you will unlock more buildings when you play the game. Tap on any one of them, and then, at the bottom-left, tap the improve button. You can upgrade your existing structures or unlock new buildings by breathing Orbis. This item is scarce. It is necessary to explore every area on the map to get it.

Example A good example is: For example: Forest of Souls, you can find Soul Isle Extension, Time Blessing and Probability Blessing structures. With Soul Isle Extension, you can create items, creatures, and materials for skill improvement as well as others. Probability blessing buildings can increase the chance of obtaining high-rank animals or penguins. It is possible further to enhance these structures with the Breath of Orbis.


  1. Transmit Stones – Earn through summon distance or hero transmit
  2. Stigma is a result of Quest, missions – Use within the soul’s forest
  3. Gold is used in a variety of jobs; hero upgrade
  4. Runes – Earned from Abyss mode and spirit altars, quests, and quests. They are used to awaken
  5. Material for the steel workshop — Play Hunt mode to obtain
  6. Ancient Coins – Labyrinth mode Missions, Ancient Coins
  7. A proof of Courage Certificate of Courage Guild. It is available in the Captain shop. You can get it by completing guild missions.
  8. Brave Crest Brave Crest Guild. You can use it in the member shop. It is possible to purchase a catalyst chest to obtain catalyst items(gifts!) Check out the list here – Check out for the complete list below.
  9. Conquest Points – Arena, Missions can be used in the shop
  10. Skystone The Skystone standard shop
  11. Leif – Quests. Shop to purchase items, labyrinth compass
  12. Flag – For playing in an arena
  13. Energie – Play in adventure mode
  14. Catalyst – From adventure mode stages, events, chests, quest reward

Epic Seven Phantasma Guide


Phantasms come in three varieties they are Mega phantasma(2*), Giga phantasma(3*) and the terra phantasma(4*). In contrast to other characters in Epic Seven, they all have the highest level, so you don’t have to increase their level. The phantasms are a great tool to promote the primary heroes. For instance, to encourage an individual with three stars, it is necessary to sacrifice other heroes with three stars. In addition, promoting them will raise their star rating from 3* to 4*.

Instead of sacrificing heroes in the promotion process, these fantasies can be used. For instance, you want to highlight a hero with four stars. To promote your hero, you will require the four stars of your actors. There is a the Giga-Phantasma(comes with a maximum level of 3 stars). To begin, you must promote it using the bad unit with three stars. Later, increase the level and get to the highest level. Then, enable it until it is four stars. To improve the quality of these Phantasms(after the limit break), you can utilize penguins or join your team and repeat the phases. For any questions or concerns, leave a comment.

Do I Know How To Get Phantasms?

  1. Guild Shop for Members – Terra-Phantasma in trade for the 900 brave Crest
  2. From stories mode missions
  3. Exchange the event’s currency in exchange for Phantasma and participate in events to earn the event’s money.
  4. In the shop, click Transit Stone – Giga Phantasma to the business of transmitting stones

This concludes us as an Epic Seven guide. Let’s look at our most popular Epic Seven tips and tricks, cheats and techniques.

Epic Seven Tips, Cheats and Strategies

1.) It is required to include a hero who can heal.

In the Epic Seven game, all heroes possess unique abilities. Find a hero with healing abilities and then be included in the game. For instance, Aither can heal, and, you can utilize its power; the spirit’s call is to restore the health of all Allies. This skill should be used when all teammates are low in HP. Spend time examining all heroes’ abilities and identifying the best healer for your character.

2.) Utilize Elemental Advantages When You’re the Enemy Is Strong Enough

In the story of Epic Seven, all the heroes are part of any of five essential elements: flame, Ice, earth, dark, and light. The same is valid for monsters. Here’s how you can take advantage to take advantage of the monsters: –

  1. Fire beats earth
  2. Water beats the earth
  3. Fire beats water
  4. Characters of the Dark and Light element are not able to receive any bonus


Before you press the button to begin the fight, examine the enemies. Tap an opponent to find its element(top-left). Add powerful elemental heroes to the team. For example, the Enemy’s element is earth. This means that fire-type heroes cause more harm to the element. Visit the page for the hero’s profile -you can examine the character’s element in the upper-left corner.

3.) Create Creatures in the Forest Of Souls

In Sanctuary, go to this structure and expand the items or creatures—these creatures to enhance the heroes. In addition, MolaGora is also a very needed item.

4.) Complete the Quests and repeat the Stages

You can earn virtually all items from the quest. Make sure to complete them quickly for valuable items. Also, remember to complete the levels in chapter mode to get materials, gears and many other things, or even in-game currency.

5.) Participate in An Active Guild

You must join a guild, log in daily or donate money, help, and gain a brave crest point. Spend those points in the shop of members for products. Also, take part in guild missions to prove your bravery. You can redeem these points at the shop of the captain.

6.) Upgrade Your Heroes Often

If you’re having trouble taking a stage, ensure all your heroes have been upgraded. If not, you should upgrade them. Read all the methods in the guide section above. Also, don’t spend money on the game to create useless heroes. They should be 2* or lower.

You’ll find statues, chests and chests when you’re fighting in the battle. Make sure you tap the figures. That’s it for now in the form of Epic Seven tips, cheats and strategies.


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