Empire: Age of Knights Guide, Tips, Cheats & Strategies

Empire: Age of Knights is a brand-new Medieval MMO Strategy game for mobile developed by Goodgame Studios. Look at the Empire: Age of Knights guide for tips, cheats, and strategies.

Goodgame Studios, the publisher of the Skytopia game, is releasing its latest mobile game, Empire: Age of Knights, on the mobile app stores. It is a game where players are in charge of a medieval city, intending to turn its fortune into an empire. You’ll produce wood and stone products such as food items and bakery items in various structures. It’s your responsibility to sell these items or use them for other improvements or construction. The game gives the player plenty of opportunities, including building and upgrading trade tournaments, making materials, battles, etc. We should not waste time and go to the main page. Empire: Age of Knights guide and Empire: Age of Knights tips strategy, cheats and strategies.

Empire: Age of Knights Guide

The Basics

  • Let’s get the fundamentals first. The goal of Empire: Age of Knights is to expand or develop the medieval city into an empire. To expand the city’s territory, it is necessary to purchase an expansion(tap the expansion button outside the city’s boundary). To expand the territory, players need to be able to meet the minimum requirements, namely level, materials items, and level. To increase the level, you must have the player’s exp. To collect the items, you’ll require the construction of production facilities in the city, or fight or kill the Orc(s) in the area.
  • On the top in the centre of the screen, you’ll be able to see the current level and the number of experience points needed to get to the next level within Empire: Age of Knights. Also, to determine the number of resources you’re currently using, you need to tap the wooden box at the bottom of your city’s screen. Switching between tabs for materials, products, heroes, and the military is possible.
  • To construct buildings in your city, it is necessary to satisfy the minimum requirements, the level, and the dwellers’ number, and you should have enough space to build the construction. Click the hammer icon at the bottom-centre menu , and you will see all the buildings within the Age of Knights. Choose a building and click the(i) icon to view its information. Let’s look into the details of the building’s features: –

Empire: Age of Knights Buildings Guide:

    • Woodcutter: It makes a log. You also get exp. Could you upgrade it to boost the log production?
    • Sawmill In Sawmill, log(s) is processed. As a result, it is planks.
    • Carpenter – Turn to make furniture from the planks.
    • Stone Quarry – It produces the stone/boiler
    • Stonecutter – It turns the rocks into blocks
    • Mason – Mason transforms blocks into pillars.
    • Living space – Build it to attract workers. Workers are needed to upgrade or build the facilities within the city.
    • Farm Farm produces flour.
    • Bakery – The bakery turns flour into bread.
    • Iron Mine – Produces iron ore.
    • Forge – Turns the iron into bars.
    • Temple – Makes potions of energy and also blessings.
    • Hospital Heal the units.

These are economic buildings. Let’s learn about military buildings.


Military Buildings:

  • Training Ground – Train militia units
  • Barracks – Upgrade the units to the next level

Age of Knights Production Guide – Blessings and Enchanted Goods

Blessings Blessing(s) are available in three kinds: blessed, premium and immediate blessing. Daily blessings increase production. Premium blessings increase production(plus when compared to the traditional blessing). Finally, the instant blessing does not just increase the amount of production but also stops the production immediately. Install a temple within the city to bring blessings.

Use the Blessing during the Age of Knights: – After the production has started then, tap the building select a blessingand then press the hammer. For instance, tap the woodcutter, and then begin the production of logs. Once the production is started, tap the woodcutter building once more – and then choose the blessing.

Enchanted Goods


Suppose you choose a structure that produces a specific resource product, such as a stonecutter. You have several choices, including an enchanted boulder or magic boulder, as well as an instant boulder. Based on the quality of the boulder is, you will receive buffs. For instance, process immediate boulders to gain blocks right away, or process the magic boulder to gain extra exp or blocks. When you process the standard boulder, you will get the typical results.

How do you acquire the magical or enchanted raw materials instantly?

Spin the wheel at the fair to obtain these top high-quality rare materials. In the vicinity of the waterfall, you’ll discover this wheel. Two ticket options are available, regular tickets and premium tickets. It is possible to switch between these tabs. Click the Show All button to view how many drops you have experienced.

Or attack the Orc camps to get these materials.

Empire: Age Of Knights Guide To Heroes


Gladius is the very first character you can play within the gameplay. The heroes lead your army on their march and fight Orc. Their power statistics matter greatly – as to prevail in the battle, your strength must be higher than your opponent’s. In the menu at the bottom, you can tap Orc to go to the map. Select the hero option in the screen for maps in the lower-right-hand corner.

The new Heroes menu is going to be displayed in which you can update and unlock new heroes. To unlock the new hero, players require tokens for them – heroes’ tokens are obtained through overcoming their camps(for example , defeating Khan to upgrade or unlock a hero called Khan). You can also get tokens through chests – you can purchase the chests in the shop in tournaments.

Or fight the Orcs on the map to earn hero tokens.

To improve the hero’s performance, you will require battle banners. Get them by defeating Orc Camp.

Level Up Guide to Level Up

In the preceding section, you must earn EXP to advance up to the next step. There are a variety of ways to earn EXP during the Age of Knights: –

  • Finish the quest
  • Create the products
  • Improve and construct the building

This is the Empire: Age of Knights guide for new players. Let’s take a look at the Empire: Age of Knights tips, cheats and strategies!

Empire Age of Knights: Tips and Tricks:

1.) Create and upgrade Beautiful Buildings To Enhance Happiness


On the left-hand side on the left-hand side, you can see the level of happiness of people working within the urban area. The more satisfied the workers are, the lower the cost of production. To increase the happiness, you can build and improve the look of buildings that are in the city.

2.) Complete the Castle Quests

Press the quest book in the lower left corner to go through the quests. Completing these quests will earn you massive amounts of EXP and other rewards. This is the most effective way to boost your levels quickly. Additionally, you can get high-quality raw materials through certain quests like enchanted, magic, etc.

3.) Finish The Market Orders and Enhance The Market Level

In the bottom-left corner of the game’s screen, Tap the cargo cart to access the markets menu. Here you will see the contracts or orders. Completing these contracts or orders will grant you market EXP, coins, player EXP, and other items in the game.

Market Exp is necessary to get to the next level. On the bottom of the screen for the market, you will be able to check the current market price. As the market level increases, it will allow you access to additional contracts and other enhancements.

Then, go to the tab with the purple star where you can spend the money on items such as barrels and trading scales cartwheels(fulfil the market order to receive this item) to unlock and upgrade bonuses, such as coins, contract bonuses market XP bonus ancient scrolls bonus, etc.

4.) Do the same tasks

  • Create and upgrade the structures
  • Make improvements to the castle
  • Training the units in the training facilities
  • Invade the Orcs for a chance to win huge rewards
  • Build & upgrade decorative items
  • Expand the city’s boundaries
  • Spin the wheel

5.) Join An Alliance

In the lower-right corner at the bottom-right corner, press at the bottom-right corner, tap on the Alliance icon(hand) and then, in the search menu for alliances, there is a search option to sign up for the alliance. The alliance comes with a wealth of benefits, including rewards points for loyalty, a mission that you can complete to earn rewards, and more. You can redeem loyalty points at the shops.

On the menu to the left, click the option to add coins to your cart -> you will see four tabs for shopping: coins sale, tournament shop tickets shop, coin sale, and loyalty store.

6.) Participate in the Tournament

Just next to the wheel spinning, press on the trophy cart. From there, you will find the information regarding the tournaments. For instance, according to this tournament, you can earn tournament points when you collect market XP. At specific points, you’ll earn rewards.

Achieving the next level of play rewards an exclusive gift.

Then, here is the top Empire: Age of Knights strategies and tips for newcomers.


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