Dragon Up: Idle Adventure – Guide, Tips, Cheats & Strategies

Dragon Up: Idle Adventure is a brand-new game available for Android and iOS created by East Side Games Studio. Check out the dragon Up: Idle Adventure guide and cheating tips and tricks.

Dragon Up

East Side Games Studio recently released a stunning title, Dragon Up: Idle Adventure. It is a game where the player constructs the dragon’s nest, then upgrades the nest, collects hearts, and grows day-to-day. These adorable dragons need your help to rekindle their magical abilities, which were shut down by a wicked wizard long back. However, a dragon somehow remained protected from the evil wizard’s destruction. Now you, as the dragon saver together with Billy, the allies dragon Billy, make eggs to protect his dragon companions.
You’re on the right track if you’re just starting with the game. Its Dragon Up: Idle Adventure guide will teach you the fundamentals of the game. Additionally, we’ve provided a variety of Dragon Up: Idle Adventure tricks, cheats, and strategies you could enjoy. Therefore, without further delay, we’ll get to the main section.

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There are two kinds of Dragons in Dragon Up: Idle Adventure Green dragons and Nest dragons. Green Dragons are the most powerful dragons , able to increase the speed of their feeding. And Nest Dragons are the dragons that produce hearts and make you money. You’ll discover new nests, nests, or green dragons as you go through the day. After each day, you can buy food for the dragon. Meal time. Feeding the dragon earns you cards, and gems, and unlocks new items to play the game. Learn everything in depth and learn every single one of possible Dragon Up: Idle Adventure tips and tips.

Reach The Goals to Enter the next day

On top of the screen, the game shows the progress of the day’s goals on a bar. In the lower part of the progress bar, you will see the goals , such as getting 50 hearts to build nests, upgrading the dragon or automating the dragon’s nest, and more. Once you have completed all objectives, you’ll be eligible to play the next day. As stated above, each day, you’ll be able to be able to unlock new dragons’ nests, as well as get food.

Learn More About Feeding Time in Up: Dragon Up: Idle Adventure

Once you have completed all objectives of the day, you will be able to give the dragon food. The feeding Time label will show at the top right-hand corner of the screen once you have completed your current day’s goals. Click the bowl that feeds you at the upper-right corner, click the Go button, press the screen, and feed as many gold coins as you can. The bigger the quantity you offer the dragon, the more potions, gems, and rewards/cards that you’ll be able to receive.

One thing to be aware of is that the difficulty of feeding increases as you progress into the next game day. So you should increase the capacity of your feeding by upgrading your dragons.

Upgrade The Dragons

To improve the dragons in Dragon Up: Idle Adventure, You will require dragon cards. They can be purchased from chests you can get by completing the goals , or from the shop in exchange for purchasing gems or potions. In the menu at the bottom, press the dragon button. This will bring players to the Dragon card screen, where you can view every dragon.

Feeding Time Power: If you’re looking to boost the speed of feeding, it is necessary to upgrade the green dragons such as Billy, Alvin, and Puggles.

Nest Dragons: By updating to upgrade the Nest Dragons in the nest, players will be able to forever increase the gold earnings from the specific nest. For instance, Springles is one dragon from Dragon Up: Idle Adventure that lives in the Spring Nest. When you upgrade this dragon, you’ll earn greater gold out of the Spring chest

Nest Dragons

Upgrade The Nests

As with dragons, you can enhance the nests. The process is identical. Nest cards are required to improve the nests, such as Spring Nest, Pond Nest, Jungle Nest, Desert Nest, and so on. You can purchase the nest cards from chests, the complete goals, power for feeding, and shop. Click the next tab on the footer menu, then tap the nest to upgrade. Upgrades to the nest increase the gold earned.

Get Heart Bonus Cards For Card

By taking advantage of the heart bonus, you can also get additional cards such as dragon cards, nest cards, and more. Nests produce gold. You can use the gold to upgrade nests. When you get to the level currently of nests, you can look at your heart’s meter. If the heart fills fully, you earn the heart bonus. Also, as a bonus to your heart, it provides you with dragon or nest cards. We recommend completing the nests, and then claiming the heart bonus on cards before feeding the green dragons until your next morning. Feeding Time gives you cards and gems but resets your day’s current day(dragon nests and gold rewards).

Get More Cash In Dragon up: Idle Adventure

Watching video ads could be a great idea if you’re looking to make greater gold coinage. Within the bottom, menu, click the TV button to view the video advertisement. If you tap YES, you’ll be rewarded with an extra income for a couple of hours. You can prolong this boost duration by watching the advertisement over and over.

Participate in the Participate In The

You can earn potions, gems, nests, and gems. By taking part in time-bound events in Dragon Up: Idle Adventure. On the main screen on the right-hand side, click the event option to review the event. Then let’s go. The event is played according to the same rules followed throughout the game’s story. You can return to play the game any time you’d like.

That’s the entire article about Dragon Up: Idle Adventure guide, including cheats, tips, and strategies for those who are new to the game. If you have any additional tips and tips to share, please leave a comment below.


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