Dragon Knight: Realm Clash CDKEY & Codes List

You’ve started with Dragon Knight: Realm Clash, and you are wondering how to acquire and use CD Key. Find out more here. Dragon Knight: Realm Clash CDKEY Codes list

Dragon Knight

Dragon Knight: Realm Clash is a sweet small Idle RPG for mobile from the makers of the Yokai Tamer game. If you’re just starting playing, you may wonder about CDKEY and how to obtain and utilize it. The game’s creators game gives CDKEY or codes to players. The CDKEYS are used to redeem gift packs – may contain the hero shards and other premium items that can be extremely useful in developing the game. In this post, we’ve included all of possible Dragon Knight: Realm Clash CDKEY codes we’ve found so far. We have also included instructions on how to obtain more.

Dragon Knight: Realm Clash CDKEY Codes List: –

CD KEY 1 is “9AjYEmndO012”. Players can get four-star character shards by using the Dragon Knight: Realm Clash CDKEY. To redeem the CDKEY, you must tap on the avatar of the character profile on the screen’s left-hand side. This will bring up the player settings. For player settings, you will see the CDKEY button on the page. Tap it , and type in the code “9AjYEmndO012”. If you receive the shards, you will need to access the bag menu , tap the shards, and then craft. You will be given the random-tier character. There’s a vast selection of characters that you can play. We wish you the most popular character.

How To Get More CDKEY?

The above-mentioned CDKEY may expire any time soon. If you’re looking for the most current working CDKEY, you must contact the developers via their Facebook page. Log onto Facebook and look on the “Dragon Knight: Realm Clash” Facebook Page. Follow this FB page and request for a CDKEY. They will provide you with the code via the Messenger application, no matter if you’re on Android or iOS. Or

On the game’s screen, in the upper-right corner click the Facebook icon. You can invite your friends to join and earn gift cards from there. To ask a friend to join, you must click the invite button to open the FB window, where you can invite your Facebook friends.

That’s how you can earn more CDKEY or gift packs. If you have any other CDKEY, please share it in the comments section below. If you’re new to the game, you can read this article, cheat sheet and tips in this article(it’s precisely the same thing. However, it has a different name).

That’s the entire content of this article regarding Dragon Knight: Realm Clash CDKEY Cheats Guide Cheats information.


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