Divine Legends Game Guide, Tips, Cheats & Strategies

Divine Legends is a brand new tower defense game incorporating RPG elements developed by Bekko.com. Find out more about Divine Legends guide, tips, and cheats, as well as strategies

Divine Legends

Bekko.com is the creator of Three Kingdoms: Overlord and has recently released a brand new TD game dubbed Divine Legends. In this tower-defense title, you’ll need to find and collect all statues to make the museum worthwhile going to. As for gameplay, you’ll deploy your units on the field to defend God from the forces of evil. If you just start playing, you’re on the right track. In this guide, Divine Legend guide covers the fundamentals of the game. We also have posted several Divine Legends tips, cheats, and strategies you might appreciate. Without further delay now, let’s get to the main section.

Divine Legends Guide, Tips, Cheats & Strategies: –

In the game, Divine Legends, you will follow the story and finish the levels on the game’s map. Each stage is playable in four difficulty settings: simple, normal difficult, hard and infernal. When you start the game, you can choose to play the game in an easy mode. Other difficulty modes are unlocked when you complete the stages. For example, after clearing the 2-2 stage, you can play the standard stage mode. After clearing the stages, you’ll get the silver and chests. The chests are filled with unit cards that can be used inside the barracks to upgrade or unlock the units. After completing the 2-9 level, you can utilize the raid feature in previous stages to earn rewards immediately. Learn everything in depth and learn all Divine Legends game tips & techniques.

Use The Counter Units For Monsters

Counter Units For Monsters

When fighting, you’ll deploy units from all sides of the field to defend God from evil creatures. But, which are the most effective in the Divine Legends game? What are the best units that you should include in your team? It’s fairly easy to determine. First , you must know your opponent. In the exploration map, you can look up the opponents you’ll encounter on the stage after you tap the stage and select fight. They appear on the upper left corner of the screen to prepare for battle.

Click on any enemyand at the following screen, a monster’s codex will appear where you can see the specifics of monsters, their strength, stats, and target units. There will be an counter button, tap it to test the units that can be used against this kind of enemy. As such, you’ll need to look over all enemies and then get their counter units. For instance, The Goblin Juggernaut counter unit is Wizard.


Protect Your God At All Cost

The game is over if an enemy can take down the God persona. The entire point of the game is to defend the god at all costs, and you need to do your best to create the huge defense of troops.

All you have to do is keep the god away from the monster to the extent you can. You can move gods around the battlefield. This requires AP/Action-Points. For instance, if there are 3 AP The god-like character can move 3 steps. AP is gradually restored when you eliminate the enemy waves. You can monitor AP in the upper-left corner of the screen during battle. As far as you can, then deploy the troops on the route that takes you to him.

Know Your Units In Divine Legends Game

There are more than 20 units within the Divine Legends game. Each unit is unique in its play. For instance, Wizard is a single-target attacker and reduces the speed of movement of the targets. It is possible to deploy her first along the path leading to the god’s character to slow down the character. Then, you can deploy the ranged-fighters to cause huge damage. If your adversaries are fast, Wizard can help you slow them down to ensure that attackers can take them out without difficulty.

Another example: Herculean can stun his opponents. Archer is AoE. Go to the barracks and tap the unit. Review their stats, the type of damage; one or AoE, the cost of deploying the unit, attack, target; all ground units, air units range, close or long, attack speed; faster is more effective. You can tap the skill icon in the skills menu to check their abilities.

Being familiar with the units of Divine Legends is important – without understanding these units, you will not be able to formulate the plan. For instance, if you are looking to slow down swift enemies, use Wizard or another weapon that can slow them down or even stun them for a short time. To take down groups of adversaries, you can deploy AoE units that can inflict the attack over a large portion within the mass.

Manage The Gold In Battles

In the beginning of the combat, the game grants you a tiny amount of gold. You can use the gold to purchase the devices or even upgrade them. After deployment, you can tap the unit and then tap to upgrade it. It is also possible to sell deployed units for gold, however you won’t get the value you deserve. It is better to utilize the gold prudently, particularly in the beginning. Please choose the best units based on enemy weakness/counterpoint and deploy them.

Learn About The Museum

This is in which you can observe the profits. Museum visitors visit and pay for their admission with silver. Silver can be used in creating the equipment or for tech improvements. On the bottom-right side, on the screen for the museum, press the tech buttonthen you can pay the silver for several upgrades. For example, updating the leader tech will allow you to purchase an additional weapon to fight. Time Magic tech unlocks 4x speed. Upgrade your vault to store more silver when you’re on vacation.

Upgrade The Units In Barrack

You can purchase unit cards from chests. These unit cards will be used to upgrade. When you upgrade the unit, it unlocks new grades. For instance, If you wish to upgrade your unit to level 3 during battle, you’ll have to be able to access the level 3 inside the barracks. This unlocks at the time you reach level 6.

Learn About The God Characters

On the right-hand side of the screen that displays the exploration map, click the Pantheon button to open the god’s collection menu in the bottom-right corner of the screen. Click the summon menu, and you will find your God chest to unlock the new god character. The gods possess unique abilities that they can unleash when enemies are within their reach. You can improve them by using EXP books you can acquire through playing the game, completing quests, or purchasing from the store. Once they have reached a certain level, their abilities are unlockable. All god units possess unbeatable talents.

By using god cards, you’ll be able to summon the god-like character and gain access to the passive skill.

Complete The Quests & Challenges

In the upper left corner, click the upper-left corner, then tap the (i) sign book. This will access the main quests as well as daily quests. Concentrate on completing these quests to earn rewards such as gold, crystals(you can collect a lot of crystals doing quests), amethysts, and unit shards. There’s also lots more.

That’s the entire article about Divine Legends guide, tips, and tricks for beginners. If you have additional Divine Legends tips to share, Please leave a comment below!


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