Crypto Trillionaire Guide, Tips, Cheats & Strategy

Crypto Trillionaire is a brand new game that is an incremental release for mobile developed by Tapinator, Inc. Check out the Crypto Trillionaire guide, tips, cheats & strategies


Tapinator, Inc has just released a brand-new incremental game for the app store. It requires the player to discover all crypto coins and become a trillionaire in a matter of minutes. It is a game where players mine the coins using PCs and other technology to gain access to cryptocurrency coins that are brand new. However, the actual gameplay is different from this, however; mining machines run in an idle state. It is as simple as tapping the big crypto coin button in the main menu to create coins. Then you can either invest the cash in mining equipment or save to get a new crypto coin. If you’re beginning to play the game or are looking for an instructional guide or decent advice, our latest crypto Trillionaire Guide, along with Crypto Trillionaire tricks, cheats, and strategies, can help!

Things You Need to Learn About in Crypto Trillionaire Game

You can earn as much as 25, gems(purple gems) every day for free by tapping on the vehicles. Purple gems are the best game currency you can use to manage your offline earnings earned through mining machines. You can also spend these gems during the boost. If you want to avoid putting money into the game, we recommend keeping these gems and investing them in profitable miners. Watching videos can earn even more gems(after the daily limit).

The Basics Crypto Trillionaire Game

The main goal of this video game game is to unblock all crypto-coins by raising the level of tap and unlocking all miners. It sounds like a good idea, but it takes work. To reach this goal, it is necessary to have a lot of cash. Let’s begin with the coin production. There are two methods to earn coins in the game : mining and tapping.

At the bottom left corner, click the miners’ button, and you will instantly see all the mining equipment that generates the coins. Upgrade and unlock these machines and other tools for earning money without touching the screen. These mining devices work even when you’re not connected. However, you’ll need to handle offline functions.

In addition to this mining equipment, it is possible to create coins by pressing the large crypto coin button located on your main display. It records all your taps. You can make use of two fingers to generate coins quickly. The earnings per tap depend on your “crypto coin” and the tap level. For instance, the price of a cryptocurrency coin(Nuka Coin) is $298, and you’re at the top level 40(5 million per tap). Thus, you’ll earn 5 million times 298 = 1 Billion.

Note – Also, consider the hype level and ad bonus.

⇒Crypto Coins

Crypto Coins

In the previous paragraph, we noted that the amount of money per tap is based on the current tap level and the cryptocurrency coin. Visit the crypto-coin tab, and you will be able to examine the top level and coins/per tap as well as the cost of the cryptocurrency. It is possible to unlock a brand-new cryptocurrency by raising the level of a tap. Press the button to level up on the crypto tab to increase the tap level. When a certain tap level is reached is reached, a new cryptocurrency is unlocked, and the earnings per tap will grow by a considerable amount.

⇒Hype In Crypto Trillionaire Game


The player can invest coins in three ways; mining, tapping level, and the Hype source. Making a bet on the Hype source increases the amount of money earned by a specific percentage. Visit the Hype tab and examine the Hype bonuses. The three first bonuses are 15%(Write the book on the crypto industry), +25%(launch Airbourne advertisement), and +35%(give a talk on cryptocurrency).

Once you’ve activated all bonuses, you can gain access to the prestige feature of the Crypto Trillionaire game. When you have reached the desired level, you’ll be able to gain attain prestige. Prestige functions are through business wind-up. Selling the business will award an enormous hype bonus and open up a new set of hype upgrades. Try it risk-free. Once you have sold the business, it will be a new start starting from scratch, and you will get to the current growth within a matter of minutes. Here are some of the things you should know:

  1. You’ll lose actual cash/coins, miners’ cryptos and supercharges
  2. You’ll keep the hype bonus, progress towards a trophy as well as boosts and gems

That’s it for now as a Crypto Trillionaire’s guide. We’ll take a look at our most popular Crypto Trillionaire secrets and strategies, cheats, and tricks!

Crypto Trillionaire Tips & Tricks: –

1.) Control The Offline Revenue

It is only natural that you cannot play the game at all hours of the day. You must manage your offline earnings if you are looking to earn money even when not on the internet. The mining equipment and equipment can be used offline. However, there’s a caveat. You’ll have to pay for the diamonds.

Visit the Miners menu, manage your offline income, and use the purple gems to incorporate offline functions into the mining machine. However, make sure you do it with care. Tools or mining machines like USB drivers or computers, cloud crypto and the rest of the early technology need to generate a substantial income. Therefore, it is more beneficial to keep the precious stones and invest in the latest technologies that generate billions or millions per second. Examples include tools for the forward supercomputers, Data Centers, Mobile miners X, Crypto Satellite, Bitminer CO., and others.

 2.) Invest the Coins in Miners and HYPE Crypto

Crypto Trillionaire game lets the player to invest money in three different worlds: miners, HYPE and crypto. Each investment is unique and comes with different bonuses. In the end, you’ll be investing in all of these. However, in the beginning, it is more beneficial to invest your money strategically;

Refrain from upgrading your miner excessively. A level of 50 or 100 is sufficient for early technology. You should unlock the latest technology quickly, as every new tech earns more cash per second than the previous one.

Begin investing in the crypto coins to increase the number of taps you tap and earn more cash per tap. Get the new cryptocurrency as quickly as possible , as every new cryptocurrency coin can boost the earnings per tap by a considerable increase. “SAVE -> SPEND -> GET MORE”.

If the next milestone(at the crypto level) is far too high, consider investing in this bonus. HYPE Bonus.

3.) Sell Your Business To Progress Further

Progress Further

Many crypto coins can be found in the Crypto Trillionaire game. To access all of them, you require a massive amount of money. The moment will come when you realize the progress rate is prolonged. When you reach that point, it would be best if you sold your business to receive a HYPE Bonus. The HYPE Bonus dramatically increases your income and allows for a fresh batch of hype-related upgrades. This can assist you in progressing further into the game. Check out this HYPE Bonus guide for more information.

4.) Turn On The Ad-Booster

Press the crypto-coin icon on the top-right side in the upper-right corner, and then look at the video ad. The ad booster can increase the number of crypto coins, and you’ll make more money for each tap. For example, the crypto coin’s default value is $200. Activating the ad booster will raise the value to $400.

5.) Claim the Freebies to earn more rewards

In the top-left corner of the display, you’ll frequently see ads that offer wheels – spin the wheel to earn the reward. Text message – respond to message to earn the reward—daily Casino. Take advantage of these promotions to advance rapidly.

6.) Complete the Quests

On the left-hand side, below the miner’s button, you can view the active quest. Completing the quest will earn you the reward. Tap the quest to see the reward.

7.) Tap The Vehicles

At the beginning of this Crypto Trillionaire guide, we stated that you could get 25 gems for free by tapping on the vehicles. There are a lot of vehicles in the background; continue tapping them to collect gems boost your tap in exchange for cash, and many more.

These are the best Crypto Trillionaire tips for the newbies. If you have any additional tips, be sure to leave a post a comment below and share it with other trillionaires



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