Critter Clash Guide | Tips, & Strategies To Win Battles

Critter Clash is a real-time multiplayer strategy game on mobile devices developed by Lumi Studios. Please take a look at our Critter Clash guide with tips and strategies.

Critter Clash Guide & Tips|

Critter Clash is quite an entertaining game for mobiles that lets you play as cute animals that hang from branches of trees using ropes. Your goal is to take down the opposing team as quickly as it is possible. In the intense multiplayer battles, you can employ various tactical strategies to take on your opponent with only a few shots. As you advance through the game, you’ll be able to see more incredible animals with incredible abilities. In today’s guide to Critter Clash and Critter Clash tricks and cheats, strategies and tips post, you will be taught all the basics of. We’ll do it to be the best we can and will publish additional guides about the game very soon. Let’s get started: –

1.) Critter Clash Guide to Adjustment and Upgrades


The game has three different formations or line-ups: the standard line-up, the triangle line-up, and a wave lineup. By default, the initial lineup, which is the standard one, is not available, and you’ll use it at the beginning of fights. The other two formations unlock at levels 5 and 8. When you build your line-up, include animals, branches, and other animals.

Animals swing around on the tree using the help of branches. If the branches are destroyed, the animals that are swinging on the back of these branches could fall to the ground. First is the crucial branch, as it houses the whole animal group. If it’s destroyed, the game will end. If you want to upgrade the branches in these:

  1. Tap the team option in the game’s home screen before tapping the branch. The game will display your upgrade buttons if enough branches are available.
  2. Tap it, and confirm.
  3. Press the info button to determine the strength of the branch.

The higher the strength greater, the more difficult it is for the adversary.

Animals: As of the time of this post’s writing, Critter Clash features over 50 animals, and they all are different in stats. Some are skilled at cutting ropes, crushing the opponent animals, and slamming branches, while others are good at boosting HP. If you’d like to know your animal’s stats, go to the team menu , then select an animal to view the information. Upgrade the animals to increase the stats for HP, Hit, Smash, Cut Hit, Smash, Cut.

2.) How Do I Get Animals & Branches?


The duplicate animals and branches are needed to upgrade the animal or branch. For instance, If you wish to upgrade your cat’s appearance, it is necessary to have more cats. Suppose you can win the fight and get the chest. You will get the animals, bananas, and branches in the chests. Alongside these, you can purchase chests from the shop, or claim a daily chest, or buy animals in our daily deal section. Fire stones and diamonds to gain these chests. Fire stones can be obtained at the time of the event, as a mystic vision reward or achievement reward. When you complete the tasks, you can also earn animals.

3.) Choose Your Way to Take The Advantage In This Battle In Critter Clash

There are many strategies to win the fight. You break the branches and then drop the animals. You can also hit all animals, inflict harm, and win the battle. We suggest that you concentrate on one strategy; attack the branches, and take them away. You can also use AoE animals(the species that cause the most damage to multiple animals in one go) to take them down. Once you’ve set up your strategy, make sure you use the top animals under the strategy. Some animals are high-cut and can cut the ropes.

If you want to win without inflicting harm on your opponent’s animal team, These animals can aid you. Certain animals have high damage rates and can simultaneously inflict massive damage on several animals. If you opt for one of the strategies (strategy (hit all animals and be successful), it is recommended to include these animals in the team. In both strategies, it is essential to know the stats of animals. We suggest studying the stats of animals. It is beneficial and will allow you to use the animals when playing Critter Clash.

4.) How do I unlock New Animals?

In the game Critter Clash, new animals are unlocked when you advance to the top leagues while playing in the ranked mode. On the game’s main screen, tap the league(wood/silver/gold). Then, you’ll be able to slide the screen and access all the information about the new animals. You can unlock the requirements.

5.) Claim The Freebies

In the lobby, located on the left over the shop option, Tap to reveal the symbol for the gift. You could get diamonds, fire stones and other items by watching a brief video. Additionally, if you win the game and win, you’ll get bananas. The bananas you collect are used to improve the branch and animals in the Critter Clash game. When you return or move on to the next one, you can go through the commercials on the video to earn more bananas. Be sure to take advantage of this offer.

6.) Take a look at the Daily Deals

Shop in the shop and then click on the tab for daily deals. You will find time-bound deals and the chance to get animals for bananas. Be sure to visit this section every day and keep an eye out for daily deals. You might find the animal you’d like to own.

7.) Try the Practice Mode

The best team to build in Critter Clash is more complex for players if they know the animals they play with. We thank the creators for their practice mode, allowing you to test the animals’ skills and playing manners. You must play this practice mode to get familiar with their stats, skills, and playful manner. Target, effect, etc. For access to the training mode, navigate to the menu for teams. Within the menu for teams, in the upper-left corner, press the practice button.

8.) Critter Clash – Complete The Tasks

Tap your home screen(right), and you will see the task option. Tap it and look over the tasks. When you finish these tasks, you will earn animals. On this screen, you will be able to check the details of the event. As of the writing of this article, an event is happening; Hero Spotlight is going on. Through this event, you will earn Critter coins. You can use these coins to purchase many items, including Firestone fortune cookies, bananas, and many other items.

9.) Watch The TV

Make a left-hand turn to the home screen, and you’ll have the option to watch TV. Click it, and it will show the previous fights. Look at the previous matches, learn from your mistakes, and discover how your opponent defeated you.

So here are the top Critter Clash tips for a beginner. If you have any additional tips to share, post them in the comments below.


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