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CocoPPa Dolls is an all-new RPG developed on mobile devices by UNITED, Inc. Read here to get the CocoPPa Dolls guide, including tips, tricks, and cheats to earn S-Rank in stages, and complete outfit sets.
UNITED, Inc., the creator of the Star Girl Fashion CocoPPa Play game, has just launched an all-new game called CocoPPa Dolls, where you dress in cute dolls and play on the various stages across different worlds. The judge reviews the girl’s outfit and gives you points/stars when you play the Fashion Check stages. At each stage, you will earn S-Rank however it isn’t easy since at every stage, there’s an individual fashion test, and you have to modify the girl’s dress in line with it. You’re on the right track if you’re just starting to enjoy the game. In this CocoPPa Dolls guide covers the fundamentals of the game. Additionally, we’ve provided a variety of CocoPPa Dolls tricks, tips and tricks that you could enjoy. Without further delay, we’ll get to the main page.

CocoPPa Dolls Guide, Tips & Tricks: –

You begin the journey on the Aries planet. There are numerous planets within the game. It’s like the game’s worlds, each with a specific number of challenges. For example , the story mode begins on the Aries Planet, and after clearing all the story-related stages on the planet, you can move to the second planet, Cancer. It is possible to repeat the story stages at any time you wish. In the stories tab of the game, located on the left side of the bottom, pressing the planets button will bring you to the screen for maps, where you can view all planets. Learn everything in depth and learn all CocoPPa Dolls’ tips and tricks:

Get Familiar With The Fashion Check

Fashion Check

If you take part in the Fashion Check(the scenes you play in the story mode), The judge will give you points based on the style rating of your outfit. For example, Sexy, Cute, Girly, etc. If the attire that the girl wears is of a high grade(A B, S, et al.) If you can easily reach the goal score required to earn the stars. If you’re enough stars, you’ll be awarded the rank of S on that stage.

First, choose one of the scenes within the Story mode, then begin and then tap at the beginning button. Choose to skip or follow the Audition story. Then, the game will lead you to the customization screen. In the left-hand corner, you will be able to select 2 of five styles that the judge will have to look at during the fashion assessment.
For instance, if it’s cute, girly or cute, Dress the dress with these fashions.

CocoPPa Dolls

With the Fashion Check screen, on the right-hand side, you can see the score you want to achieve. In each performance style, the judge will award you points. For instance, if it’s a feminine style. The girly aspect of the dress comes into play. If the outfit is of top quality, S A, and S, You will receive all three stars. Are you still, confused? Let’s talk about CocoPPa Dolls Styles. CocoPPa Dolls Styles.

Learn About The Styles In CocoPPa Dolls Game

CocoPPa Dolls Game

When it comes to fashion checks, the fashion aspect of the dress is an essential factor. All clothes in CocoPPa Dolls CocoPPa Dolls game are available in five distinct styles. In default, there’s an overall of 10 designs. However, each one comes with five different styles. Therefore, the remaining five styles that are not depicted by the cloth would be rated 0 stars in the Fashion Check.

The total number of styles available –

  • Simple, Gorgeous
  • Casual, Elegant
  • Cute, Beauty
  • Pure, Sexy
  • Unisex, Girly

How do you check the five styles of the cloth? The five styles are: –

On the screen, for outfit customization, you can tap and hold an item of cloth, and under the style tab, you will see the five styles and their scores. The five styles not visible will affect scores if the judge decides to consider this style to be a fashion assessment.

In addition to the style, you can verify the style’s quality. The grade is the same as the style’s grade.

  • SS – Excellent
  • S – Very Good
  • A – Good
  • B – OK
  • C – Bad

If the style’s rating is very or excellent with SS, S and A, you’ll definitely be awarded all-stars by the judge if she can consider this style to be fashionable. Review.

How to earn S-Rank at every stage in CocoPPa Dolls: –

  • Make sure you check the style requirements on the Fashion Check

The two styles the judge will likely consider during the fashion check are shown on the stage’s customization screen. That’s the first hint. Begin the stage, and you’ll master all of them. Even if you get a score of 0, It doesn’t matter because you can go back and play the stage repeatedly.

If we assume that the five styles the judge will take into consideration during the fashion check are the following:

  1. Girly
  2. Sexy
  3. Cute
  4. Gorgeous
  5. Simple

Then, put on the clothes with these designs. Hold and tap on an item of clothing and look at the fashions; select stylish and high-quality clothes. Beware of clothes that do not feature those styles(greyed or soiled).

Use The Skills To Get More Points

Sometimes, judges ask you to show tricks. Tops, bottoms and hair and the hat. Your character is equipped with two of these abilities at the beginning: bottoms and tops. Hair and the hat skills can be obtained by finishing the story mode levels. If the judge requests you to do tops, you can use the Perform Tops skill by pressing the skill button located in the lower-right corner.

When the judge demands that you perform bottoms, use the skill of performing bottoms by pressing the skill button in the lower right corner. You can increase these skills by earning coins. On the character’s customize screen, tap the skill button at the top of the screen. Once there, you can equip or uninstall equipment or upgrade the skill.

Learn How To Get Better Clothes In CocoPPa Dolls

  • The clothes are divided into six stars levels;
    • 1-star
    • 2-star
    • 3-star
    • 4-star
    • 5-star
    • 6-star

The styles of low-grade clothes typically are not high-grade and are typically B and C. On the contrary, 5-star and 6-star clothing styles have excellent stats. S, A. S. The lower right side of the icon for cloth, you can see the level of stars. Hold and tap on the cloth item to see its characteristics and grade. There are clothes with 5-star and clothing styles with an advantage over those with lower stars.

How can I get better clothes?

You can buy better clothes by purchasing gacha.

Additionally, specific high-quality clothing can be designed or purchased by completing stories mission mode.

Start by opening the home screen, then press the index button to the right side, then choose an outfit set or clothing -> There, you can look through all the outfits and clothing sets.

Gacha To Get Better Clothes

In the menu at the bottom of CocoPPa Dolls’s footer menu, tap the gacha button. It will open the gacha menu. Here players can participate in gacha free , or by using coins or platinum. The free play is only available for a limited time. Click on the gacha screen to view various banners. Press the catalogue button on the left-hand side to see the rate of clothing drop. Press the Trade button on the top-right side to exchange high-end clothes with moonstones, or the event banner currency.

Learn How To Fill Up Tokimeki Bar

If Tokimeki isn’t enough, then you will not be able to participate in the next stage of the planet. To the right of the screen of the story mode on the planet, you will see for the Tokimeki bar. As an example, it is Tokimekin from Cancer.

To make this bar complete, it is necessary to please the crowd. Engage with the fans to complete the Tokimeki Bar.

Get Fans In CocoPPa Dolls

You can play the Story Mode stages(old ones or the latest ones; it doesn’t matter), and you might find fans. If the fan is attracted, you’ll be able to notice her image on the right-hand side of the planet’s screen in story mode—the stage tab. You can then select the fan you want to perform with and then refill with the Tokimeki Bar.

Learn About The Unit

In the tab for units within the game, you can examine your character’s information, rank, level, exp, and other details. Additionally, you can join with other players, and participate in the contest. You can participate in the judge game – however, only the sole leader and co-leader have the option of entering the contest. Click the primary button> > trade awards, review the mission, and donate. Click the info tab to view the members then you can decide to withdraw your team. Press the contest button – judge or enter the contest. Tap the button to tour the unit to the left to connect with others in the unit.

Earn Fan Medals And AP By Performing On Stage

If you’ve attracted a few supporters, you can perform on the stage. Visit the stage and choose an audience member to perform. There will be fan medals, which can be used to purchase recipes from the kitchen station. In the Atelier, you can design clothes using recipes and other objects.

Go to Atelier(store > Atelier). Click on the item you would like to design -> click next click on the item to see the procedure to purchase it.

Get The Freebies In CocoPPa Dolls – Dress Up Avatar

Press the menu button at the upper right corner of the screen -> mission. Complete weekly, daily and major missions to earn platinum, coins and more.

Auto-Clear – the stage you cleared with the A-rank option can be played back. You can also use the auto-clear feature to eliminate it right away to earn rewards.

That’s the entirety of this blog post in CocoPPa Dolls Guide Tips, tricks, cheats, and techniques.


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