M&M Heroes: Era of Chaos Roster & Faction Bonus Guide

This guide will help you understand the M&M Heroes Era of Chaos Roster and Faction Bonus function.

You can activate the roster bonus or faction bonus in Might and Magic Heroes: Era of Chaos by adding units to the appropriate faction slots in your roster menu. The roster bonus gives a boost to specific faction units. You can buff all Charge-type units by adding Charge-type units to the Charging Roster faction. This M&M Heroes Era of Chaos Units guide is for beginners. This M&M Heroes Era of Chaos Roster and Faction Bonus guide will teach you the basics of this function and how to use it. Let’s start, without further delay.

M&M Heroes: Era of Chaos Roster Bonus: –

Roster Bonus

At player level 24, the Roster function is available. To access the Roster menu, tap on the Roster building or the main screen. You can view all unit factions, such as Charging, Ramparts, Ranged, and Defensive. The player-level restrictions would lock most factions. You can raise your player level to unlock these factions.

Tap on any Roster faction, such as Castle.

The next screen (Castle Roster) allows you to add units belonging to the Castle Faction. You can add units such as Marksman and Swordsman to the Castle Faction. You can activate bonus effects by adding units to the roster menu. These bonuses apply to all units belonging to the faction. Castle Roster bonus effects, for example, mean that all units in the roster belong to Castle Faction.

To add units, tap the instant add button. Or, tap an empty slot to make a manual selection. You will get more benefits as the higher your unit score.

The game’s total score, power, and buff/bonus effects are displayed at the top of the roster menu. For example, All Castle Units Attack; +12% Health 12%.

How to Check the Roster Bonus Effect

Check Roster Bonus

You will notice an effect on all units if you add the units to either the roster menu or the roster faction. All castle faction units receive bonus stats when the castle roster faction effect is activated. You can find the roster bonus effect or faction bonus effect by going to the unit’s profile screen.

How to Upgrade Roster or Faction

Go to the Roster menu, and tap on the faction you wish to upgrade. – in the upper-left corner, tap the book -> Upgrade. Roster Runs are required.

  1. Castle Roster Runes for Castle Faction
  2. Charging Roster Runes to Charging Faction
  3. Rampart Roster Runes
  4. Ranged Roster Runes
  5. Stronghold Roster Runes for Stronghold Faction
  6. Runes of the Defensive Roster for Defensive Faction
  7. Necropolis Roster Runes
  8. Caster Roster Runes – Caster Faction
  9. Inferno Roster Runes for Inferno Faction
  10. Offensive Roster Runes
  11. Tower Roster Runes – Tower Faction

The Roster Runes can be purchased at the guild shop – in exchange for guild coins. Guild Coins are available by donating currency to the guild.

So this would be all in this Might and Magic Heroes: Era of Chaos Roster Bonus Guide.


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