Call Me Emperor Guide, Tips, Cheats & Strategies

Call Me Emperor is a strategy RPG that is available for Android and iOS and created by Clicktouch Co., Ltd. Explore the Call Me Emperor guide, tips, cheats and strategies.

Call Me Emperor

In the Call Me Emperor game, you are an empress or an emperor and manage the kingdom and its inhabitants. As an emperor/empress, you are responsible for the kingdom’s growth. The game is similar to Game of Sultans and is available from Mechanist Games, on Google Play Store, and on the iOS App Store. You’re in the right place if you’re just starting to play the game. In this article, we’ve shared a Call Me Emperor guide for new players. Additionally, we have provided various Call Me Emperor tips, tricks and strategies to rush. Without further delay, we’ll get going.

Call Me

Call Me Emperor Guide: –

In the Call Me Emperor, your goal is to increase the national power, manage all kinds of political/battle/education-related activities, and become the eternal emperor. The top-left corner of the main screen displays the total energy or national power figure. You can increase the national capacity by upgrading the ministers, and we will discuss plenty of ways in this guide. So let’s dive in!

national power

Governance Hall: –

Governance Hall Governance Hall is the main building in the Call Me Emperor game, where you can conduct exams and also levy taxes on grain, troops and other items. When you enter the governance structure, you have two options: examine and regulate. Select the governing option, and in the subsequent screen, you can tax the tax grains, troops, and taxes.

  • Tax – Pay tax to get Tael the in-game primary game currency. Call Me Emperor
  • Grain : Levy grains to procure food, this food that is needed to attract troops
  • Recruitment – Recruit troops. It is expensive to feed. You’ll need troops to fight combat.

It is possible to limit the time on how long you can be able to levy taxes as well as grain and recruit troops. If you exceed the limit, you’ll be required to wait until the cooldown time is over. You can, however, recover it immediately by using the Levy Tokens. Levy tokens can be purchased at the shops or through other sources of information in games like events, quests or missions, etc.

This is the entire Governing role in the sport. Let’s talk about the Exam.

Exam –

You are conducting an exam within Call Me Emperor to obtain new ministers. Also, if you want to acquire new ministers, you could complete the Imperial Examination. It’s one of the primary methods to gain new ministers. If it reads “No Imperial Exams at the moment, ” you have exhausted your opportunities to attempt it. To have another chance to increase the level of the lord or the emperor. Learn how to upgrade the lord and emperor.

How can you improve the lord or the emperor?

You require fame points to increase the level of the lord’s story in the Call Me Emperor game. In the upper-left corner, click on the avatar of the Lord to access the lord’s profile. On the screen, you are on, at the bottom left, be sure to look at the bar that shows the lord level. It displays the number of fame points you will need to earn to move up the ranks. For instance, to get to the 6th level, you require the equivalent of 650 fame points. Fame Points can be earned from the fights.

How can I get a fame point?

In the process of overcoming the waves of enemies, you’ll earn fame points. Go to the Kingdom Map by tapping the “Go Out” button in the lower-right corner. The map’s screen will appear. Select the stage option to complete the stage by defeating waves of enemies. After defeating waves of enemies, you will see the rewards you’ve earned, including fame, tael and fruits, books(Baijia Congshu), and more.

fame points

Call Me Emperor Battle Guide: –

For battles that are normal for regular matches, you will require troops. However, in fighting against the boss, you’ll need ministers. You can get troops through the Governance Hall or through the Tiger Tally coupons, or from the quests or missions. You can also get minsters by taking the test or by obtaining them from other sources. Additionally, you can make ministers more powerful. Read the complete guide for ministers below. Go toward the maps screen by pressing the button “Go Out” in the lower right corner. You will be in the stage battle area. Choose the stage.

On the screen for the stage, on the left and right sides of the monitor, the game shows the Military strength and troop number. You can win battles easily if you’ve more troops than your opponent. Tap the BTL. Button at the bottom of the right to begin the fight. Fame, Potential Fruit, Baijia Congshu, and many other treasures can be gained from battles. In addition, to unlock or gain access to new features like alliance, daily missions etc. You must finish the battle stage.

game displays

Harem: –

Harem is where you can play the consort feature that is part of the game. You can find a building and an event hall in the Harem. You can also build another one called Yonghe Palace. The player can upgrade Yonghe Palace by sending Palace Maidens. You can examine the prosperity information in the top-left corner of the Harem screen. As the prosperity grows, the new decorations will be removed. Learn about the fundamental functions that are available via Harem


Consort: –

Consort is a function of the Harem. Press the Consort button in the lower-right corner. In the following screen, you’ll find the Consort that you gained in the instruction. Press on the button for random summon at the lower right corner to call your consort. There are three energy points to use for the summoning; you can utilize an energy tablet to regain the energy. The consort who is summoned could be the mother of the Descendant. You can also earn Influence points.

Yonghe Palace: –

Yonghe Palace can be accessed through the Harem’s screen. You can interact with the consorts. Visit the palace. You will find information on consorts, the stats of consorts and influence points, among others. Click the check button to confirm your influence ministry. You can use your influence points by pressing the + button beside an effect bonus. Look at the effects: Com, Agr, Pol, Mil. The increase is Com Stats and impacts tax levies. Agr Stats: Impacts food/grain. Pol Stats – Impacts troops’ strength. Mil Stats — Impacts the losses of soldiers.

Intimacy and Intimacy Exp on the Yonghe Palace screen, tap the grant button to give items to the lady you love. This will boost your intimacy or grant an intimacy exp. Press the favour button to grant gold. It will provide you with intimacy EXP and influence points. Intimacy Level influences the traits of the descendant and their specialization in indirect ways.

Hit to open the Yonghe Palace -> upgrade and invite palace maidens to help upgrade the Palace. This increases the Crown Prince’s total potential, the Descendandt’s Total Potency Influence Points, Popularity of Banquet Visitors. On the Harem screen, click the maiden selection button in the bottom right corner. Three free trials are offered daily—Maiden Selection Tokens to recover your attempts in a flash.

Education Room: –

In the Call Me Emperor game, you can acquire the Descendant by summoning the consorts. If you receive the Descendant, the game will prompt you to place them in the educational room. In the room, you can increase the level of Descendants, tap the amuse button, and grant the player EXP. You require vitality points to entertain the child. The game offers vitality points each day that are free. You can also recover it by using Vitaliy Pilix. Vitaliy Pilix – tap the recover button , then click OK.

Once the Descendant or child attains a particular stage between the ages of Kid and Infancy, a new button dubbed Cast Lots will pop out. Click that button; this will be the decision maker for the Descendant’s specialization – press the complete fast button to pay vitality points. This will boost the power of the nation.

Marriage Hall: –

Inside the Marriage Hall building, the Descendant can get married. The marriage minister can be tapped and follow the on-screen instructions. Remember that the lowest level Descendant is not allowed to marry until they are adults or attain a certain level. Therefore, they must be educated in the education area to increase their story before they can match others’ Descendants.

The Imperial Academy: –

Ministers who participate in the Call Me Emperor game stay in this building. The Imperial Academy is located in the middle. You will find two buildings: The Imperial Academy and Grand Council. Within the Imperial Academy, you can find out the information about all ministers you are currently in the moment. You can improve them by investing in Tael. Additionally, you can train the minister with potential fruit to increase their skills through skill points, and then star-up to boost their potential.

Grand Council: Here, you can assign ministers to the available slots. In the Call Me Emperor game, ministers appointed to these slots learn and accumulate skill and growth points. Skill Points are used to boost the minister’s effectiveness. Growth Points to help advance the minister’s position; it increases the possibility of advancement.

How do you attract consorts?

Consorts can be obtained during the Cruise visit. Click the Go Out button in the lower right corner to visit your map. With the map display, you can tap cruise. Tap the dice on the right corner. There are a variety of locations you can go to depending on your cruise’s number. If you are lucky, you might get to meet a woman who you like, and she could get married. This is entirely dependent on luck. Stamina is needed to gamble or to explore on the Cruise. It can be recovered by taking your Stamina Pill.

This is all we have in this Call Me Emperor guide for novices. Let’s examine our most popular Call Me Emperor tips, cheats and strategies to master the game.

Call Me Emperor Tips, Cheats & Strategies: –

1.) Upgrade The Ministers To Increase National Power

One of the most effective ways to increase national ability to win during The Call Me Emperor game is by improving the ministers. Visit the academy, where you can upgrade ministers with Tael. Also, improve their abilities, and get them to start up, advance, and train. If you have books that you want to grant, make sure to utilize them. Click the Treasury button> books -> grant then select the minister> grant.

2.) Use Influence Points To Increase National Power

Another great way to increase your nation’s strength during this Call Me Emperor game is through the use of influence points. Influence points are earned through summoning consorts or choosing them. Go to the Harem’s Palace building, then check it and spend influence points to improve the attributes or stats of certain ministers. As ministers’ details grow, the nation’s power will also increase.

3.) Cast Lots To Increase National Power

If you have Descendants within the educational rooms, check them out regularly and make sure you cast them many times. This will enhance their capabilities and strengthen the national power.

4.) Visit Governance Hall Often

The tax was levied on Levy and grain, recruiting troops every now and then to continue expanding. Taxes provide Tael food, which helps you to recruit troops, and troops support your fight. If you want to earn more benefits from the hall of governance, you should improve the ministers’ COM/POL/AGR figures; enhance their influence and advancement.

5.) Follow The Quests

If you’re just starting to play the game, we recommend that you go through the quests. On the left-hand side of the screen, just above the world-chat box, click the banner of investigations to confirm the search. Complete these quests regularly for no-cost rewards. Also, they will help you learn the fundamentals to Call Me Emperor.

6.) Worship To Get Gold

Gold is the most valuable game currency available in Call Me Emperor. It can be used in the shop to purchase essential items, tokens, pills, Tael coupons, soldiers, etc. One of the most effective ways to earn gold is through worship. Go to the screen for Rankings in the lobby. Select the ranking you want to be in; stage, power and consort -> press the worship button in the lower-right corner.

7.) Complete The Daily Quests

To speedily progress to quickly progress in your progress in the Call Me Emperor game, we suggest completing everyday quests as fast as you can. They will earn you lots of fame points, as well as essential items like fruits, gifts for your consorts, books and troops.

Here are some of the most basic Call Me Emperor tips, cheats, and strategies for beginners. Do you have any additional tips and tricks you would like to share with fellow players? Leave a comment below!


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