Cats Are Cute Game Cheats: Friends List, Tips, Mating Guide, And More 2021

Are you new to the Cats Are Cute game? This Cats Are Cute game guide will help you get to grips with the mechanics of the Cats Are Cute game. It also contains tips, cheats, and strategies.

Cats Are Cute Game Cheats


Cats are Cute, the latest game from kkriuk studio, challenges players to find all cats in the cat village using catgrass and fish. These adorable cats manage small shops in the cat village and make money (that’s Fish-Cat Town currency). The fish can be used to draw more cats and level up their shops and buildings. You can also unlock hidden characters by completing certain conditions. You will find Racoon if you tap the tree at cat town (200 times). To get Peli, tap the pond (swipe a little, you’ll find a pond with some fish) – 200+ We don’t know everything, so please let us know in our comment section below if we have missed something.

Cats are Cute Game Cheats, Guide, Tips & Tricks⇓

This article will cover how to play Cats are Cute. It also covers friends (friends cheat lists), progression, mating and other topics such as cats toys and buildings. Let’s move on to the Cats Are Cute game guide, cheats, and tips!

 Game Cheats

The Cats Are Cute game has four main items/items: hearts, fish and Cat grass. You earn hearts by tapping the screen. To increase your meow level, you need to have hearts. You can see how many hearts you need to move up to the next level in the upper-left corner. These hearts can also be earned by interacting with cats, such as feeding, talking and watching.

The meow level is the limit on the number of cats that you can keep in a town. The highest level is 200.

Fish is the currency in the cat city. Fish can be earned by leveling up from buildings/shops as a reward for completing a mission or achieving an achievement. The fish can be used to draw new cats or to upgrade buildings and cats. Cats are Cute has a maximum level of 60 cats.

Catgrass is another item in the Cats are Cute video game. It is an uncommon item in the game, and you cannot buy it from stores or buildings. This item is rewarded when you complete achievements, level up (meow, cats), and complete missions. Catgrass is used by the player to draw new cats.

You can’t earn the toy by leveling up, but you can complete missions from shops or buildings. Toys are obtained when you draw a duplicate cat or play the game for 40 minutes. You can get five toys by playing the game. These toys can be used to teach cat skills or as decorations.

Cats are Cute Game Friends List⇓

Cats are Cute Game Friends List

Scroll down to see the text version Cats are Cute Friends List 2021. Comment below if you have more friends.

  • Racoon Friend You can unlock Racoon friends by tapping the tree x200 or more
  • Peli, the Pelican — You can unlock this friend by using x3 or more relaxation amenities
  • Corgi Puppy Unlock this Friend, by placing Fatty (Next Door Building) on the left side Tiny’s home
  • Chirpy the Sparrow– Make this friend by opening 3 or more restaurants around the village
  • Baby Chicken Level up to 50
  • Panda Unlock panda with Choco living right in Tiny’s house
  • Piggy– Get a piggy friend with x3 or more features

To check the friends list, tap the town button (we have included the complete list in the image above). These friend characters can be obtained in a variety of ways. You can get a Corgi puppy if you put Tiny’s house next Fatty’s (catname) house. A bird called Chirpy can be obtained if you have three or more restaurants. For more information, see the comments below.

comment below

Get Familiar With The Cats⇓

The Cats are Cute game has over 40 cats. Tap the town button in the lower-right corner to see the full list of cats. You won’t be able to see the image of a locked cat.

Let’s now discuss how cats can be useful and why we need more cats. It is important to find all cats. The only way to get cats is to spend fish and catgrass in the shop. You can also unlock a shop, building or cat when you unlock it.

Over time, these buildings and shops produce fish. Your earnings per hour will increase the more cats you own. It may seem easy at first, but it is not. The drop rate of epic cats means that you will not be able to complete the game within a few days or even days. The game will convert the cat into toys, and most of the times you get a duplicate.

Tap on any cat to see info. Here you can view the activities that earn you hearts. You will occasionally see a bubble message for the cats. To start the activity, tap it. Talk(message bubble), tap it to earn hearts. Hide and Seek: The cat will hide behind a tree to find its way through the forest. To earn hearts, catch the cat before it is too late. Feed the cat – Touch the screen to fill the bowl with food and give it a heart. Watch – The cat will be watching you for hearts.

These activities are rewarding hearts. The reward amount increases as the cat reaches higher levels.

Cats’ Skills In Cats are Cute Game⇓

To teach your cat new skills, you can spend fish and toys. You can only select one skill at a given time. Tap any cat to see the new emote.

Cats Are Cute Game Mating Guide|

In an update, Cats are Cute Game Mating guide: The mating function has been added to the cat’s level 30 and skill level 2. You must be at least 30 years old and have a skill level of 2. To begin the mating process you need to reach cat level 30. You can select a mate by discovering all cats, but mates are pre-determined in this game. You might not have found all the cats and mating may fail because the partner isn’t there.

Mating tab -> cat -> find a partner. You will have to wait several hours and pay toys. Answer the questions. For cheats, see this answers sheet. Reddit user u/TiredRockstar2425 shared this.

Guide To Buildings ⇓

Every hour, fish is produced in buildings and shops. It is difficult to store fish, so it is better to keep them in stock. Leveling up can help increase fish storage and production. Tap on any building to access information and upgrade the level. You can also decorate your building with toys and fish by clicking on the decorate tab.

Make Sure To Save The Progress⇓

Cloud save allows you to save your progress. Click the gear/settings icon in the upper-right corner to save your progress. Use the cloud load data to play Cats are Cute on an Android device. You can play Cats Are Cute on iOS by using the same feature to save your progress. It is not possible to transfer data from Android devices to iOS. (Android -> Android, iOS -> iOS).

Shops and buildings are the main source of fish. To increase fish storage and production, we recommend that you invest in shops and buildings first. Shops and buildings at level 1 have 200 fish storage capacity and a 200/hour fish production rate. Even if you’re not playing, the fish production continues. After a good night’s sleep, you might want to get lots of fish the next morning. You will need to upgrade because the level 1 shop/building doesn’t produce much.

The normal draw costs you 6000 fish. This is a lot more than the earnings. It’s crucial to increase the fish production department.

Be on the lookout for bubble messages!

Be attentive to your cats. They will often interact with you. Hearts will be rewarded for completing an activity. To start the activity, tap the bubble message. For more information, see the Cats Guide. You will gain more hearts if you level up your cats.

Grab The Freebies⇓

There are many ways to earn free stuff with Cats Are Cute. 1.) 1.) Go to the shop to see the video ad for some catgrass and fish. 2.) You must play at least an hour per day to earn 300 fish, 50 hearts and 5 toys. To get your reward, tap the clock icon at the top. 3.) 3.) Tap the meow button in the bottom-right corner to tap the screen to get fish. This mode can be activated every hour. 4.) 4.) Complete the missions

Claim Mileage Reward At The Right Time⇓

Claim Mileage Reward

Mileage points will be awarded to you for drawing cats. You can see the mileage bar at three checkpoints, just above the draw options. You will receive a normal draw ticket for free and 1500 fish if you claim the reward at checkpoint 1. Checkpoint 2 will give you a premium draw ticket with 3000 fish. At the third checkpoint, you’ll receive an event draw ticket, 200 catgrass, and a premium draw ticket. The reward at checkpoint 3 is worth the effort. It includes a 200-catgrass and an event draw ticket. Epic cats can be obtained from event draw and premium banners. Event draw tickets are more valuable than normal and premium tickets.

These are the top cats are cute game cheats, tips and guide that we have compiled. For fellow players, please share your tips in the comments section below!


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