Castle Defense King Guide – Tips, Tricks & Cheats

Castle Defense King is a brand new mobile game from Mobirix in which you construct and expand your army towers, and defend your castle from attacks.

Castle Defense

Mobirix’s Castle Defense King has just launched for Android and iOS. The game lets you have to upgrade the castle towers, use the heroes, strengthen them and take on all the enemies. Castle Defense King game features three game modes: campaign mode and conquest mode. In every way, you’ll be facing powerful waves of enemies and their master – and the goal is to defend the castle at all costs. If you’re just starting to play the game, then you’ve come to the right place. The Castle Defense King guide covers all the basics that the game requires. Additionally, we’ve provided various Castle Defense King tips, strategies, and cheats that could interest you. In the meantime, we’ll get to the main article.

Castle Defense King Guide, Tips and Cheats:

As a lord in Castle, this game requires you to take down enemies who want to take over the castle. The game offers players many ways to defend their castle. It includes the troops, heroes, towers, spells, and towers. The upper-right corner of the screen in-game it shows the current game stage. The two currencies in the game are rubies and gold coins. You’ll need rubies to hire more leaders, replenish mana during the battle, and make other improvements. Gold Coins are required to hire heroes, upgrade towers, improve skills, and make further improvements. We will go over everything in detail and discover every one of the Castle Defense King’s tips, cheats and tricks:

Mobirix’s Castle Defense King has just been released for Android and iOS. In the game, you upgrade the castle towers, deploy the heroes, make them powerful and fight against the waves of enemies. Castle Defense King game features a variety of game modes; campaign mode, endless mode, and conquest mode. In each mode, you will face powerful waves of enemies and their boss – and, your goal would be defending the castle at all costs. If you have just started playing this game, then you are on the right page. This Castle Defense King guide covers all the fundamentals of the game. Also, we have shared a bunch of Castle Defense King tips, cheats & strategies that you may like. So without further ado, let’s head to the main content.

Castle Defense King Guide, Tips & Cheats: –

As a lord of the castle, the game challenges you to slay down the enemy bosses who are trying to invade the castle. The game gives you a variety of options to defend the castle. This includes the army, heroes, skills, towers, and spells. At the top-center of the game screen, it displays the current stage. The two in-game currencies are gold coins and rubies. You will need rubies to recruit more leaders or recover mana in the battle and other upgrades. Gold Coins are required to hire heroes, upgrade towers, skills, and make other upgrades. Let’s learn everything in detail and explore all the Castle Defense King tips, cheats & tricks: –

Then, go to the section for monster media by pressing on the (?) symbol located in the lower-left corner. The bottom-left corner will show the element of the monsters. You can now deploy the strong element heroes – after having checked both the aspect and monsters.

Check out the Video Ads To Earn Rubies

You can earn 30 rubies when you watch the Ad. Under the spells upgrade area on your screen, you will be offered to watch an advertisement and earn the reward. Tap the offer and take advantage of the reward or offer by watching a video advertisement.

The rubies can be used to attract leaders.

Find the Leaders to defend Castle.

On the left-hand side of the Soldiers in the deployment area, Click on the leader barrack building to access the menu of information for the leader. You can view all the leaders that are featured on Castle Defense King. They provide passive benefits for the troops. For instance, a Lion King Leader can increase heroes’ strength and speed of attack. Save rubies, and then recruit leaders to gain passive benefits.

Make yourself familiar with The Combat.

When you fight, the army will fight automatically. All you need to perform is to cast spells at the appropriate time. In the beginning, you will have three attacks: Magic/Repair-Wall Mana Bomb, and Ice Storm repair-Wall while fixing the castle’s walls. Mana Bomb launches missiles at the foes. Also, Ice Storm freezes/slow-down the enemies.

You can improve these skills to improve their power. One important thing to remember is that you require mana points to cast spells. You’ll have 100MP or more at the beginning of the battle. It gradually increases as you cast spells.

Improve The Castle

Many things should upgrade every now and then to continue improving your skills in the Castle Defense King game: —

  • Heroes
  • Towers – There are four towers. Two are locked at the beginning
  • Wall Upgrade the wall to boost the MP cap and HP of the castle
  • Soldiers – upgrade them to increase their DMG power
  • Spells

Enjoy All Game Modes

In the endless mode, it is possible to earn money. You can play the conquest mode for rubies. On the upper-left corner, select the Conquest mode button -> In the Conquest mode, you advance by level. The difficulty level rises as you go. Keep on improving your skills by strengthening the castle’s defences through upgrades.

So this would be all in this post on Castle Defense King guide, tips for beginners.


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