Castle Bane: Guide, Tips, Cheats & Strategies

Castle Bane is a brand new RPG released for Android and iOS developed by UTPlus Interactive Inc. Read more to get the Castle Bane guide; tips, cheats, strategies, and cheats

Castle Bane

UTPlus Interactive Inc., the developer of the Cosmic Wars game, recently released the brand-new RPG Castle Bane. In the game, you will recruit powerful heroes who possess magical powers and run the castle. It is a good story and is packed with numerous game modes in which you have to fight the dark creatures with dark magic abilities.

You’re on the correct page if you’ve just begun playing the game. Its Castle Bane guide covers the fundamentals of the game. Additionally, we’ve provided a variety of Castle Bane tips, cheats and strategies that you could appreciate. Without further delay, Let’s begin!

Castle Bane Guide, Tips & Tricks: –

Within the Castle Bane game, the principal characters are called Guardians or Units who reside in the castle. The small fortress was floating on your screen . You can interact with them by tapping their icons , or gathering resources from structures that are built there. You aim to construct the ultimate group of guardians or characters that will easily defeat the monsters of darkness in battles.
The players begin their journey with the story mode in which you advance area-by-area, clearing the enemy waves. In each zone, you’ll confront myriad obstacles where the dark beasts will try to stop your team from moving further. As mentioned earlier, the main goal you must achieve is to build the most compelling characters team or the top guardians team, increasing CP and advance! We will go over everything in depth and learn all Castle Bane tips & tricks that will help you: —

Castle Bane

Discover More About The Castle Buildings and loyalty

Loyalty Points are awarded to the unit or player whenever you tap them on their castle screens. When you earn loyalty points for the teams, the new episode, Episode 2 will be removed from the game. Only the units you’ve gotten in the game will be displayed on the screen of your castle, and only those units’ quests are available for soul fragments.

Buildings – there are numerous structures in the castle which you can unlock through a thorough inspection of the facilities or units during the course of the game. Tap on a building’s name to see its specifics. You can zoom in on your castle’s details by pressing using two fingers placed on the screen. Click on a building and then> information. For instance, the Archer Guild building increases the number of hits. As the value of these buildings rises, you’ll get more tremendous advantages. Gold Mine produces gold. Elixir Mine has elixir.

Castle Buildings

Be familiar with the Guardian’s Characters.

Select your Unit tab. Select one of the guardians. Press the info button on the right-hand side of the character. This will open a brand new screen that allows you to view every detail about the character, including class/tier; SS, S A tier and so on. Role; Tanker, Mage Attacker, PHY Attacker, Healer, etc.

  • SS, as well as S class/tier characters, are best for the late game.
  • Mage attackers can inflict damage with magic and possess special CC/Buff/Debuff abilities.
  • Physical attackers can cause PHY damage.
  • Tankers are great for soaking the damage.
  • Healing herbs are adequate for the healing of allies.

Get Stronger In Castle Bane Game

It is essential to strengthening yourself in the storyline or the other quests. These are the best ways to grow stronger in the Castle Bane game: –

  • Unlock Abilities – Improve the abilities of the character. It will use up the power to unlock items you can use in the story quest or invasion mode.
  • Level Up Utilize to read the XP Tome book to increase your character’s status, or play stage or mission in the story mode to give XP to the characters that are part of the team.
  • Increase Skill – improve your abilities using the skill scrolls
  • Equipment – give the gears of the characters to boost their stats.
  • Grade Up – advancing your grades requires soul fragments which you can get by completing the unit’s quest summoning, or in Chapter 

Go to the Unit menu, select the character, then details, and you’ll find all these options.

Repeat the Stages To Get Instant Rewards

In the game Castle Bane, the stages you can complete with three stars during the primary story mode can be repeated. Click the location you end with three stars. Then, just below the button for invasion, click on the button for a repeat. Select the number of times you would like to repeat, then spend AP to invade. You will receive the reward immediately. It’s also one of the most efficient methods to grind EXP Gold, gold and Unit EXP and to unlock items.

Create The Most Successful Team in Castle Bane Game

We suggest that you include at minimum three attackers, one tank and one healer on the team. Including as many as five characters in the group is possible, so creating an evenly-balanced team is ideal. The healer will help allies. Tank characters will absorb injuries while attackers cause the harm. This is the perfect team setup or formation.

Summon to get Soul Fragments, Characters and Souls

Go to the summon menu of the game. You can use gold and crystals to obtain soul fragments or characters. If you purchase the unit that is already in your inventory, Castle Bane will convert it into soul fragments you’ll need to upgrade up the team.

Gold Summon is five times per day for free. Through the summon of equipment, you will get top-quality equipment.

Bind the Account To Keep Progress

It is necessary to bind your account to Facebook, Google, Apple, or Game Center according to the OS you’re running. Press the menu button in the upper right corner of the screen -> settings -> account> connect.

That’s the entire content of this article on Castle Bane : strategies, tricks, and tips for new players.


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