BTS World – How To Upgrade Cards In BTS World?

Learn how to upgrade your cards with BTS World – Wondering how you can upgrade your account in BTS World? Find out more in today’s post.

BTS World

Steps To Follow To Upgrade Cards In BTS World: –

  • It is necessary to upgrade the card until it reaches its highest level
  • When you get the highest degree, you can upgrade the game.
  • Card with upgrade costs exclusive to upgrade stones
  • Upgrade stones can be purchased at the exchange center as well as DNA Shop

These are the simple steps you must take to upgrade your card. Let’s now discover how you can do these tasks quickly – here are some helpful tips from us.

Reaching The Maximum Level

The most important thing is to achieve the maximum amount as soon as possible to be eligible for an upgrade to the card, as you are aware that you require EXP items like blooms, flowers, and bouquets. If you’re out of these items, you’ll have to grind the EXP things by clearing missions. All you have to do is go to the screen for the story mode in the upper-left corner, click the chapter selection drop-down Select any chapter and then clear the mission. Even if you’ve completed the task before, you can go back and play for a reward of EXP items, gold gifts, and other prizes.

Card Exclusive Upgrade Stones

The other requirement for upgrading the cards within BTS World is to have sufficient upgrade stones for your card. For instance, if you are looking to upgrade the RM credit card to a higher level, then you need to attain the maximum level(level 30,) and then you’ll require the upgrade stones of RM. By”exclusive card stones, ” you cannot utilize any BTS member’s upgrade stones for upgrading your card.

  • RM’s Upgrade Stones
  • Jin’s Upgrade Stones
  • Suga’s Upgrade Stones
  • J-Hope’s Upgrade Stones
  • V’s Upgrade Stones
  • Jimin’s Upgrade Stones
  • Jung Kook’s Upgrade Stones

What Happens When You Upgrade A Card In BTS World?

First , you can upgrade only the 3*- 5* card. If the card is in a lower tier, 1*-2*, you cannot upgrade it. What is the reason you should upgrade your card? The primary reason for upgrading the card is to raise the maximum amount of levels it can be. The highest level for an individual card is 30. To increase the level of this cap(from grades 30 up to 50), it is necessary to upgrade the card. Remember that this is only applicable to (3*-5*) cards. It is impossible to raise the maximum level cap on an entry-level card(1* up to two*).

Do You Get Any Reward On These Upgrades?

The rules for rewards are pretty straightforward when it comes down to upgrades for cards. Gold coins are awarded to the cardholder gemstones, upgrade gemstones, stones, present items, and more when the card reaches the milestone levels: levels 5, 30, and 50.

That’s the entirety of the BTS World upgrading your cards. For any questions you have, please leave a leave a comment here!


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