BTS World Guide, Tips, Cheats & Strategy For Rookies

BTS World, a new mobile game from Netmarble, allows you to progress through the stories and characters of BTS members. Check out our BTS World cheats and strategies guide. It includes tips, tricks, cheats, and strategies. Cards, affinity, level. Get unstuck!


BTS World Guide


This is a BTS Management Game where you manage BTS members and support them in their pursuit to be a successful artist. You can interact with members via text, call, social media, and many other means. As you progress through the story mode missions, you will unlock new stories and videos. The game has a lot of content. There are stories, videos and photos as well as missions. You have to find all of the content and make members successful. Let’s go to the BTS World guide, and BTS World cheats & strategies so we can complete all missions without getting stuck.

BTS World Guide

The Basics – BTS cards, Stats and Raising The Stats. Mission Details And More

BTS World includes all seven members: RM, Jin Suga, JHope, Jimin and Jimin. As you go through the story mode missions, you will be able to collect all the members cards. Here’s how to get cards:

  • The Draws: Gems Draw, Gold Draw.

Gold Draw – Tap on the draw button at bottom of screen to open the gold draw options. Gold draw summons low-tier cards, 1* through 3*.

Gem Draw – You will need to spend gems in this draw. This draw will give you high-tier cards, 3*-5*.

  • To view event details, tap the banner at the lobby’s bottom. These events are required for the cards.
  • You can progress through the story mode

What’s Cards’ tier?

The quality of a card is determined by its tier. The card’s stats will improve the higher the tier. BTS World’s cards can be divided into five tiers: (1)* to (2)*; (3)* to (4)*; (5)* to (5)*. To clear the chapters you will need to have high-tier cards. Save the gems, don’t waste it on energy and other stuff, and use them to draw better cards.

BTS World Cards Guide: The Stats and DNA of Missions, Types, And More

=The Stats All members’ cards have four stats: empathy, passion and stamina. All cards excel in one attribute. If the card’s type is wisdom, the wisdom attribute will be more valuable than empathy, passion and stamina. You can now check the card type by going to the main interface.

The cards you choose must reach the required score to clear a mission. Before you begin the missions, make sure you have the necessary stats. If empathy and passion are required stats, you can choose cards that have high passion/empathy scores.

How can you improve the card’s attributes?

Level up – As mentioned, higher-level cards are required. You should choose cards with high stats. You don’t just need to get a high-tier card. Every now and again, you will need to increase the stats of your card. To grant extra EXP for a specific card, go to the manage cards interface. These EXP items can be obtained by clearing missions. You can go back to the beginning and grind flowers if you get stuck. To get immediate rewards, you can use the auto-clear feature.

Upgrade –Upgrade allows you to increase your card stats. It allows you to level up even more than the previous cap. Upgrade stones are required to upgrade your cards. The BTS World game allows you to exchange DNA for upgrade stones and duplicate cards. The BTS World guide below will explain the differences between duplicate cards and DNA.

DNA and Exchange Guide

How to obtain and use DNA in BTS World

Exchanging duplicates can give you the card’s DNA. Navigate to manage cards and then to the exchange tab. Here you can exchange duplicate cards for upgrades, bouquets, or DNA. Tap the shop button at the top-right of the card profile interface to use the DNA. The DNA can be exchanged for upgrade stones.

Crafting Guide

=How to make member cards?

The pieces or fragments of the card must be collected through other story stages. Tap the floating (=) icon on the left to navigate to other story mode stages. All members of the BTS will be found there. Raise your affinity to unlock chapters and complete missions in another story mode to get card pieces.

You cannot craft all cards. You can only make a handful of cards. The Professional card of RM can be crafted. However, the Red Carpet RM card cannot be crafted.

How to get free wings?

This energy function can now be found in nearly all games. It’s called the wings in this game. You will need wings to play the story or missions. You will soon be able to fly as you advance. How do you get free wings, then? The friends can give you free wings. So, add as many friends as possible. Below is a guide for friends. You can also use the gems. In exchange for gems, you can purchase wings at the shop. We don’t recommend that you spend the gems on wings. You can wait for the game to recover it.

How to get free gold?

Another currency in this game is gold. You will need gold to complete agency tasks and draws. The gold can be obtained by completing missions, achievements and quests.

How to get free gems?

  • Completion of the quests
  • Sign in daily to get 100 gems every day.
  • Daily tasks
  • Completion of the achievements
  • Complete training missions (event).
  • Get chapter rewards if you finish all chapters with 3-stars
  • Training missions – The game displays the current event at the bottom of your lobby. At the moment, the BTS World Launch Celebration event is being held. Click on the banner to navigate to the event/training mission. These missions will allow you to obtain high-tier cards and gold as well as gems.

Friends Guide

Go to the lobby and tap the + button. Then go to friends. To search for the code, use the search box. You can check the code by going back to the lobby and tapping the profile avatar in the top-left.

To send wings to friends, go to the friend list by tapping the wings share button

BTS World Agency Guide & Tips

You can view all members’ conditions and their daily schedule in the agency menu screen. The group stats will rise as you complete the daily schedule missions. The combination of all stats, including empathy, wisdom and stamina, is called the group stat. Tap on any daily schedule banner to select members (you can choose multiple members) and then start training. The training will end and the stat you selected will get EXP. Your level will also increase.

This group score is used to calculate the mission score. To clear a mission, for example, you will need 4K points. With the cards you can reach 3.9K point. The game will now automatically apply the group stats (suppose it’s 300) and mission score. The total score would then be 3.9K+300=4.2K. We recommend that you improve your group stats score as it will help you in future missions.

Tap the icons of members in poor health to give them gifts.

Do not get stuck and make progress in BTS World – Tips

  • You can always go back to the beginning and grind coins or EXP if you get stuck. To raise the highest cards, use the EXP/blooms
  • Pay attention to the necessary stats
  • Draw cards of high-tier; keep gems and gold
  • For better rewards, participate in the events
  • Completing daily missions, quests, and achievements
  • You can play another story mode to get your card pieces
  • Complete the photo album
  • Sign in daily
  • Instantly get instant rewards by auto-clearing the stage
  • Upgrade and level up your cards
  • Perform the daily schedule (Agency) and increase group stats
  • Make friends and give wings to one another

This concludes our BTS World guide. You can share more strategies, tricks, and tips in the comments section below.


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